6 Best Places For A Customised Burger So You Can Really Have It Your Way

Have you ever pulled out a certain ingredient from your burger because you didn’t like it? Or felt disappointed because the burger didn’t match up to your expectations or was just different from the description? Well, these are legit burger woes and we identify with you. For that, we’ve found the prefect solution: our own customised burger!

Everyone has preferences and we will always want our food to be done to our liking. So, here’s a list of 6 places where we can enjoy a customised burger. Hurray to picking and choosing our own buns, vegetables (if any), meat or fish, toppings, and sauce!

1. The Burger Joint

Come try what some people call the ‘Best Burger in New York City’ in Singapore.

Image Credit: Six and Seven

Tucked away at the back in Gemmill Lane, this burger joint is literally what it is: The Burger Joint.

Do it like the Americans and chug down some milkshakes while you have a taste of your very own customised burger. You’ll be able to choose the level of doneness for your patty, toppings like lettuce or pickles, and sauces like mustard or ketchup, and more!

Credit: alexischeong.com

Do note that the restaurant is a little hard to find so do look out for a neon burger sign that’s right beside the entrance at the back alley. Also, be ready to order or you’ll have to go to the back of the line!

The Burger Joint
115 Amoy Street #01-03 (Entrance at the back on Gemmill Lane), Singapore 069935
Tel: 6221 8648
Prince range: $20 – $40
Website here

2. Brewerkz

Unique hand-made craft beer and awesome burgers. Need we say more?

Image Credit: Hungry Go Where

Here at Brewerkz, beer goes hand in hand with almost everything on their menu.

Try your hand at the Bistro and Brewhouse Build Your Own Burger and pair it with a beer of your choice. Choose from a variety of toppings like Blue Cheese, Sauteed Onions, Bacon or Beer Chilli to name a few for your very own customised burger.

Image Credit: LifeStyleAsia

Known for their home brewed beer, Brewerkz serves up beer that you’ll surely enjoy with your food. If you’re looking to create a spicy customised burger for example, the Iguana Lager will be splendid with it.

Prince range: $20- $50
Website here
Outlets here 

3. Roadhouse

Wagyu beef burger? Cue Roadhouse, a burger joint at Dempsey that you’ll be desperate to try once we tell you what’s on the menu.

Beef lovers can rejoice as Roadhouse offers premium Japanese Wagyu Beef as one of their three patty options. Non-beef eaters need not fret as Roadhouse also offers two equally good alternatives: Cajun-Spiced Chicken and Chunky Pork Belly.

Credit: Roadhouse

There are rules when it comes to ordering at Roadhouse and that is to keep your toppings below $6. Choose from a variety like Jalapeno Peppers, Caramalised Onions, Garlic Mayonnaise and the odd Baconnaise to name a few.

13 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674
Tel: 6476 2922
Website here

4. Burger Up

If you dislike conveying all your food preferences to the service staff and like to keep your customised burger simple, this is your place.

Credit: hungrygowhere

Burger Up takes ordering to the next level with their easy to use self-service kiosk. You will only need to pick your bun, choose your meat, sauce, add-ons and viola, your very own customised burger!

Image Credit: Smitthankyou

Only 3 kinds of meat are offered at Burger Up and they are beef, chicken and fish. Like the meat, three types of buns are available. The joint though, offers interesting sauces. Think oriental, citrus and black pepper mayonnaise to slather on your burger.

Not keen on customising? Burger Up also serves up their own house burgers along with rice sets.

Image Credit: Smitthankyou

We wouldn’t suggest picky eaters to visit due to the limited choice of meat and bun types. However, if you’re a fan of simplicity then Burger Up is definitely up your street.

Burger Up
Price range: $6- $13 (Depending on what you order)
Website here
Outlets here 

5. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

Head back to the days of retro dining with a modern twist.

At Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customising your burger. The burger joint offers 4 different types of buns and patties for customers.

Image Credit: Cavin Teo

Trust us when we say you’re going to have a hard time deciding exactly what you want because Fat Boy’s has a whopping 25 toppings and 11 sauces for you to choose from. There are 4400 possible combinations so customise away!

Image Credit: Cavin Teo

Not in the mood to DIY? Fret not as Fatboy’s also offers great mains. Take on the Fat Basterd which comes with 2 beef chuck patties or Maholo which comes with a bacon stuffed pork patty. Sides like Beer Battered Onion Rings and Jalapeno Poppers are also some unique offerings by the burger joint.

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar
Price range: $30 – $50
Website here
Outlets here

6. The Burger Bar

If you’re looking for anything other than you own creation, good luck.

Image Credit: Burpple

If this joint sounds really familiar, it’s probably because it has the same name as Fatboy’s. Started by The Muttons (DJs on Class 95FM) and co-owner of Fatboy’s is The Burger Bar where only whatever you want matters.

Despite being touted as the cheaper version of Fatboy’s due to the fact that only yours and a few basic burgers are on the menu, The Burger Bar doesn’t skimp on quality. It provides the same number of toppings (25), sauces (11), and types of buns and patties you can choose from. A cheaper alternative with equally good standards? Yes please!

Ordering is absolutely fuss-free with iPads made available at the counter.

The Burger Bar
Price range: $10- $30
Website here
Outlets here

Some things, like your own customised burger, are worth the carbs. Grab your pitchforks, put on a bib, hunt down these places and stuff yourself silly with your own wacky burgers! No more picking out unwanted ingredients from a burger.

Image Credit: Odyssey

Header Image Source: The Garden Mall

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