Planning a staycation or just like looking at beautifully designed houses? Whether you are looking for a mad pretty apartment to stay in, a place for a family vacation, or even a luxurious space for a company retreat, this is the article to read. Here at Discover SG, we’ve compiled a super list of 9 amazing local Airbnb places to rent in Singapore!

1. Huge Loft at Bukit Batok

This loft at Bukit Batok is not your conventional Airbnb. It was previously an office space that was revamped into a rental home.

Image credit: Airbnb

Don’t expect your usual overnight rental though, this place charges by hour blocks.

Image credit: Airbnb

Fully equipped with all forms of entertainment, you can always be sure that your guests will never be bored.

This loft has a foosball table, pool table, large screen projector, dartboard, PS 4, Xbox Kinect, DJ console, KTV set and even a functional bar counter.

Image credit: Airbnb

Loud noises and music are actually permitted here, which is definitely great for parties and events. There is even a bedroom on the second floor. The only downside of this place is that it may be a little hard to find, so do make sure to get clear directions from the host!

Book at: Loft at Bukit Batok
Location: 10 minute bus ride from Bukit Batok MRT
Price: $450 for 5 hours, $650 for 8 hours (Weekdays)/ $850 for 8 hours, $1100 for 12 hours (Weekends)
Cleaning Fee: $80
Minimum Stay: 5 hours

2. Decadent Pool Villa in Tiong Bahru

Thought private pool villas can only be found in Bali? Think again.

This beautiful villa is located at Tiong Bahru and comes complete with its own private pool as well as sunbathing deck.

Image credit: Airbnb

With high ceilings and minimal furnishing, this place is clean, airy and spacious.

Image credit: Airbnb

At a little over $300 a night, this villa is really a steal for a large family.

Image credit: Airbnb

Book at: Decadent Pool Villa
Location: Within walking distance of Outram Park MRT and Tiong Bahru MRT
Price: $316 per night
Minimum Stay: 2 nights

3. Three-bedroom FERRETTI 630 YACHT

Fancy living it up in the middle of the sea and enjoying the waves?

Image credit: Airbnb

With a deck that gives you a bird’s eye view of the sea, you will see that Singapore’s scenery is actually quite awesome.

Image credit: Airbnb

As it goes, yacht rentals are expensive but worth every penny. Imagine the stories you can tell from hosting a yacht party!

Image credit: Airbnb

This yacht has 3 bedrooms and can house up to 16 people, which makes it perfect for a short family holiday or a party with friends.

If you are up for an adventure in the sea and do not want to settle for a cruise, this yacht might just be what you need.

Book at: Ferretti 630 Yacht
Price: $1299 per night
Cleaning Fee: $200
Minimum Stay: 1 night

4. Apartment Near Orchard Road

This modern double storey house is like a huge luxury hotel.

However, it comes at only a fraction of the price of a luxury hotel, and has a lot more space to boot.

Image credit: Airbnb

Besides the awesome location behind Paragon Shopping Centre, this Airbnb’s furnishing and decor will leave jaws hanging.

Image credit: Airbnb
Image credit: Airbnb

With plenty of good reviews from previous inhabitants, you can be assured of quality service and an awesome stay.

Book at: Orchard Road Apartment
Location: 2 minute walk to Orchard Road
Price: $899 per night
Cleaning Fee: $200
Minimum Stay: 3 nights

5. Singapore Hobby Studio

An ideal place for parties and events, this place does not even come equipped with your usual bedrooms or even a bed.

There are, however, many coaches and bean bags for you to rest on.

Image credit: Airbnb

This office-like space has almost all forms of entertainment. It has a pool table, a Playstation loaded with games and also many different board and card games. There are multiple TV screens and even a wide screen projector.

Image credit: Airbnb

Just a short walk away from the Alexandra IKEA building, you do not have to worry about being hungry as there are plenty of food options around the area.

Image credit: AirbnbIf a fun night of games and activities is what you want, this could just be the place for you.

Book at: Singapore Hobby Studio
Location: 5-7 minute walk from Alexandra IKEA
Price: $800 per night
Minimum Stay: 1 night

6. Designer Apartment near Orchard

This apartment has a live-in helper to maintain its cleanliness. She sleeps in a room separate from the main home to afford residents their privacy.

Image credit: Airbnb

Daily breakfast is cooked by the helper, which may be convenient for you if you are staying with a big family.

Image credit: Airbnb

Do note that this apartment is an extremely popular place that is often fully booked, so do try to book this place way in advance!

Book at: Orchard Designer Apartment
Location: 5 minute walk to Farrer Road MRT
Price: $601 per night
Minimum Stay: 3 nights

7. CBD Penthouse with Private Pool

Here’s another house with a private pool! This time though, the pool is a lot bigger and it is also open air.

Image credit: Airbnb

Located on the second floor of the penthouse, the pool is surrounded by many lounging chairs for suntanning purposes. It also boasts breathtaking views from its balcony.

Image credit: Airbnb

The interior of the house is very well received by guests, with many lauding its cleanliness as well as furnishing that were well maintained.

Image credit: Airbnb
Image credit: Airbnb

Book at: CBD Penthouse
Location: Near Chinatown MRT (5 minute walk)
Price: $589 per night
Cleaning Fee: $80
Minimum Stay: 2 nights

8. Central Business District (CBD) Skyline Loft

This skyline loft is located in the Central Business District (CBD) area overlooks a gorgeous view of the cityscape.

Image credit: Airbnb

With full length windows, the highlight of this loft is definitely the scenic views you can admire from anywhere in the home.

Image credit: Airbnb

The master bedroom is also designed such that you are able to enjoy the view from the bed.

Image credit: Airbnb

The downside of this place is that it requires a minimum stay of 7 nights. That being said, it didn’t deter us from featuring this pretty home that costs less than $300 a night!

Book at: CBD Skyline Loft
Location: Near Tanjong Pagar MRT (3 minute walk)
Price: $250 per night
Cleaning Fee: $80
Minimum Stay: 7 nights

9. Modern Asian Designer Terrace in Central Singapore

This is not your regular and affordable Airbnb, because it’s stunningly gorgeous.

If you’re organising an event or are ready to splurge some company cash on a team retreat, this will be the perfect house.

Image credit: Airbnb

There is a private elevated infinity pool on the second floor, 3 bedrooms, and tons of mad pretty furnishing.

Image credit: Airbnb

For slightly more than a thousand bucks a night, you get a huge and well equipped house with an enormous collection of books to feed your hungry soul. Best of all, these books are free of charge! Sounds like a built-in home library?

Image credit: Airbnb

Each bedroom looks like it was ripped right out from a resort, with balconies that offer beautiful views as well.

Image credit: Airbnb

Book at: Modern Designer Terrace
Location: Serangoon (within walking distance of Lorong Chuan MRT)
Price: $1249 per night
Cleaning Fee: $180
Minimum Stay: 2 nights

This list contains just some of the beautiful homes that owners rent out in Singapore. Depending on your budget and reason for stay in a local Airbnb, we guarantee that there are many more of such gems in Singapore just waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes, to satisfy that #wanderlust, you don’t even have to leave shore. Just look around you, and you will find that there are many homes you can stay in that will make you feel like you’re on a holiday.

Disclaimer: All prices and surcharge fees are correct at time of publication.

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