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5 Best No Fuss Lightweight Foundation Every Singaporean Gal Should Know

  • The New Chanel Pop-Up Cafe Will Serve Not Just Food, But Also Lip Glosses On A Silver Platter

    Chanel lovers, you’re in for a real treat this April! For a limited time only, between 8 – 16 April, beauty meets leisure at Chanel’s Coco Café, the latest spark of brilliance to come from the luxury French fashion house. A pop-up concept at the Visual Arts Centre, Chanel’s Coco Café is a Parisian style café where you […]

  • Healing Touch Is The Busy Millennial’s Solution To Stubborn Fat And Difficult Skin

    We millennials are a busy bunch. Between sitting on our butts all day, balancing school, work, our social lives and the 101 other commitments we keep these days, there are definitely some things that fall by the wayside, including our fitness, skin health, and sometimes, even our general well-being. Who has the time to hit […]

  • 8 Awesome Valentine’s Day Dinner And Gift Ideas For A Truly Special Date

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes another opportunity to appreciate our partners—after all, we can never do it enough. It’s a time to celebrate love, to forgive past quarrels, to thank, and to simply enjoy the presence of one another. Every couple has their own Valentine’s day traditions. Some of […]

  • dress rental in Singapore covetella

    Dress To Impress: Dress Rental Below $200 So You Look Good All Day, Every Day!

    A special occasion is around the corner and you open your wardrobe to decide what to wear to impress your other half, your colleagues, or your friends. Looking at the array of clothes in different colours and lengths, you can’t help but wail “I have nothing to wear!” Sounds familiar? Before you think of stepping out to buy another […]

  • Hair-d Enough Of Bad Hair Days? These DIY Treatments Are Cheap And They Really Work!

    Let’s be honest, hair is crazy important. The right haircut can make you look younger, fresher and compliment your features. For most of us, our hair is literally our crowning glory and when your hair refuses to look good it can be pretty annoying! To help your hair be just a little more cooperative, we’ve […]

  • Ambassador Highlights #4: Flight School, Alter Ego and Riverside Grilled Fish!

    Another month has just gone by so quickly (time really does fly at this time of the year)! We’re back for another monthly round-up of the events our ambassadors had the chance of dropping in on! From food tastings to ‘do not miss’ events our ambassadors were there to witness the fun and indulge in […]