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5 Best No Fuss Lightweight Foundation Every Singaporean Gal Should Know

  • Because Skydiving Is Expensive AF, iFly Singapore Lets You Enjoy The Flight Without Feeling The Burn

    Always wanted to try skydiving but don’t have the courage or funds to do so? Why not try indoor skydiving for a taste of the real thing! With a safe and controlled indoor environment, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. Plus, you will only need to pay a fraction of the price! Located a […]

  • Ambassador Highlights #5 – Yogurtland, Archery & Parkour!

    We’re back for another monthly-round up of the events we had the chance to drop it on. We ended the year with some amazing eats and some ‘Do Not Miss’ events. Looking back on 2016, we’ve had such an amazing year and our DiscoverSG family is getting bigger! We’re heading down to some AMAZING events in […]

  • Archery Battle Tag Is The Closest You’ll Get To A Legit ‘Hunger Games’

    Let’s be honest, as local Singaporeans who grew up in sunny Singapore, we’ve all been through our fair share of orientation games and bonding camps. Every CCA camp and school orientation would have been chock full of team building games that were suppose to bring you closer to your peers (let’s admit it, they did). […]

  • Late Night Gyms: Because You Build Muscles While Others Sleep

    Ever heard of the saying, “Treat your body like a shrine”? Besides ensuring that you have a nutritious diet, exercising is also a must. Late night gyms are on the surge in Singapore because there is definitely a demand for some of us nocturnal creatures. Sometimes we get that intense rush of adrenaline in the middle of the night (especially when […]

  • Always Wanted To Be A Pilot? Get Your Licence To Fly Without Emptying Your Bank Account!

    Always wanted to try flying a plane but never had a chance? You can now realise your dream to fly at Singapore’s very first private Flight School! Formed by a group of experienced private aviators, Flight School is the only private school in Singapore. Additionally, it provides realistic training with sophisticated full-motion flight simulator. Get Your Private Pilot […]

  • Singapore: The Wild Edition. Get Down & Dirty With These 6 Hidden Nature Activities!

    What?! Singapore has a wild side? Before thoughts of living like Bear Grylls start creeping into your mind, we are referring to living on the wild(er) side in Singapore – nature activities catered for the adventurous, nature-loving enthusiasts. Sounds like your type of thing? Step out of your comfort zone with these hidden nature activities. Start living on the […]