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  • 7 Places To Buy Whacky Games That Aren’t Monopoly: From Game Of Thrones To Cards Against Humanity

    What happened to the good old days when we sat around playing Monopoly with friends and family? That’s right, that game made or broke relationships with its ridiculous rules on land and property owning. If you’re looking for board, card or team games that don’t jeopardise your relationships, check out these 7 places to go game […]

  • Best Picnic Spots: Eat, Laugh, Talk, And Chill The Day Away With Your Friends!

    Clear skies, bright, sunny weather – Singapore is essentially the perfect place for a good picnic. Imagine tucking into a homemade and scrumptious spread of good food, with hearty conversations and peals of laughter filling the air. With numerous picnic spots to choose from, what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll out those picnic mats and […]

  • G’day Mate! 7 Australian Cafes In Singapore That Feel Just Like The Real Deal

    G’day mate! Our experiences tell us that some of the best coffee and food in the world comes from down-under – Australian cafes. As coffee lovers, we can’t help but fall in love with that fragrant, freshly roasted cuppa joe. Pair it with some delicious and wholesome food (especially breakfast!) and ta-da, your day is made. […]

  • 9 Places With Wholesome Good Food That Will Inspire You To Eat Clean!

    They say that you are what you eat. But, how many of us can keep eating healthy food, terrible vegetables, and plain food? Healthy eating seems like a tough choice. However, we’re here to prove that you can eat clean. What if we tell you that incorporating a mindful diet need not be that boring […]

  • New Hangout Spot, Chip Bee Gardens, Is Where All The Cool Things Are

    Situated opposite Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens is home to a few of our favourite hangouts. Located in a quieter, more peaceful, and relaxing district, Chip Bee Gardens is that perfect hideout for a little bit of me-time as well as a great choice for a laid back catch up session with friends. You can be sure […]

  • 7 Romantic Dessert Spots For Couples Who Love To Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes

    There’s nothing like ending a romantic date on a sweet note with some amazing dessert. Cue: warm dark lighting, soothing music, and decadent dessert to share. All while staring into your date’s eyes. Without further ado, we present a list of 7 Romantic Dessert Spots in Singapore! Because, the only way to her heart is dessert. 1. […]