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  • Taste The Goodness Of Sarawak At Face To Face – An Eatery That Stays True To Its Roots

    There’s nothing like digging into a hearty bowl of noodles to soothe a hungry stomach and a tired soul. Here in Singapore, we’re lucky to have such a huge variety of cuisines that can be found (and indulged in!) on our very own shores. One such cuisine is Sarawakian. Part of East Malaysia, one thing Sawarak […]

  • This Tom Yam Hot Pot Lets You Dine Like Royalty With Its Premium Seafood

    Love the rich, unique flavours of Thai cuisine? Considering how much Singaporeans love their Thai food, there aren’t many places you can go for some good, authentic Thai fare. So, imagine our excitement when we found out about Soi Thai Soi Nice! After hearing about their Tom Yam hot pot, we knew we had to have a taste. As its […]

  • Healing Touch Is The Busy Millennial’s Solution To Stubborn Fat And Difficult Skin

    We millennials are a busy bunch. Between sitting on our butts all day, balancing school, work, our social lives and the 101 other commitments we keep these days, there are definitely some things that fall by the wayside, including our fitness, skin health, and sometimes, even our general well-being. Who has the time to hit […]

  • A #TBT To How S’pore Looked Like 20 Years Ago – We Felt A Wave Of Nostalgia Looking At #2!

    10 years ago, it was the year 2007. And the 90’s were 20 whole years ago. Does anyone else feel old? From the 1990s to the current day, Singapore has gone through a tremendous change. Take a trip down memory lane with us through these 20 pictures of 1990s Singapore. You’ll be surprised at how […]

  • Hello, December: 13 Fun Activities To End Your Year With A Bang [1-15 Dec]

    December is finally here! If 2016 was an average year for you, here are 13 fun activities to help you wrap up the year with a bang! Play & Discover 1. ZoukOut Party people, it’s time for ZoukOut again!! Woohoo. And the lineup for this year’s beach blowout is mega exciting, with more activities to keep you […]

  • New Hangout Spot, Chip Bee Gardens, Is Where All The Cool Things Are

    Situated opposite Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens is home to a few of our favourite hangouts. Located in a quieter, more peaceful, and relaxing district, Chip Bee Gardens is that perfect hideout for a little bit of me-time as well as a great choice for a laid back catch up session with friends. You can be sure […]