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  • Hide & Seek: Find These Hidden Books In Your Neighbourhood And You’ll Get To Keep Them.

    Fancy playing hide and seek with books? Starting from today to 24 February, there’ll be 50 published books hidden all across Singapore’s 5 heartland areas! Placed in public spaces such as walkways, benches, parks and void decks, you will get to keep a book if you find it. What’s this all about? A project supported by the National Arts […]

  • Healing Touch Is The Busy Millennial’s Solution To Stubborn Fat And Difficult Skin

    We millennials are a busy bunch. Between sitting on our butts all day, balancing school, work, our social lives and the 101 other commitments we keep these days, there are definitely some things that fall by the wayside, including our fitness, skin health, and sometimes, even our general well-being. Who has the time to hit […]

  • This Chinese New Year, Let’s Not Forget About The Less Fortunate

    With Chinese New Year (CNY) on the horizon, what comes to mind is the abundance of food, the new clothes, and the joyous gatherings – all a display of wealth and fortune. Every year, we sit around a table with family and close friends, and dig into costly delicacies. These are but expected routines and traditions. However, […]

  • Ultimate Guide To Dog-Friendly Places: Hang Out With Your Doggy All Day, Every Day!

    Have you had your little pooch begging you with those innocent puppy eyes hoping that you’d bring them along with you? Well, you are not the only one. We too, spend at least 5 minutes every single day at the door assuring them that we’d be back in a few hours. However, that doesn’t mean that we […]

  • Hello, December: 13 Fun Activities To End Your Year With A Bang [1-15 Dec]

    December is finally here! If 2016 was an average year for you, here are 13 fun activities to help you wrap up the year with a bang! Play & Discover 1. ZoukOut Party people, it’s time for ZoukOut again!! Woohoo. And the lineup for this year’s beach blowout is mega exciting, with more activities to keep you […]

  • 9 New Desserts So Wacky, You Need To Try Them At Least Once!

    Desserts are sinful because they pile excess calories on you and make you fat. Hence, you’ve been trying to shun these sweet “harmful” delights because you seriously need to diet. But wait, desserts is STRESSED spelled backwards. With so much stress everyday, surely you need some relief from it all? After all, a bite into […]