Be MAD this Chinese New Year – Visitations to the Elderly in Redhill!

Chinese New Year is just over a week away, and everyone is getting ready. Bak kwa queues are snaking around the block and shopping malls are packed with chatty shoppers looking for CNY clothes.

For most of us, this festive period is one of great joy – spending time with beloved family members by gambling, laughing and drinking over delicious snacks. It is possibly one of the most awaited holidays of the year!

…Well, not for everyone though.

(Image credits: MAD)

For some elderly folks, this time of the year is filled with dread. Many of them live alone, and the happy celebrations only serve to remind them of their loneliness.

In fact, elderly suicide rates increase during the festive period – not before, not after.

Well, this is a problem that MAD aims to resolve.

Never heard of MAD before? Well, it is a young non-for-profit company that helps youths unlock their fullest potential through a fusion of volunteering and leadership training. They carry out regular visitations to elderly folks as well as enriching training programmes for volunteers.

The brains and hearts behind MAD (Image credits: MAD)

Meet the founders – Benjamin Low, Justine Lee, Caroline Tham and Joshua Tan. Besides havingThe assembly point for visitations – Redhill MRT (Image credits: MAD)

Every year, MAD organises Chinese New Year visitations to elderly folks staying in Redhill Estate. This year, the visitations will be held on 初一 (Day 1) and 初二 (Day 2), from 2pm – 4pm each day.

People of all ages from all walks of life are welcome to join! All you’ll need is some mandarins, friendliness and a desire to bring some joy into someone else’s life.

(Image credits: MAD)

Volunteers will set off in groups to cover as many units as possible. If you are rather shy, fear not – conducting the visitations with fellow volunteers will help to alleviate your nervousness!

(Image credits: MAD)

Elderly people are often stigmatised for being cold and mean, but don’t let that false belief deter you. You’ll be surprised to see how delighted many of them are to receive a CNY visit!

(Image credits: MAD)

There is simply nothing like putting a smile on someone else’s face. (Image credits: MAD)

And who knows, you might just make a friend along the way! (Image credits: MAD)

(Image credits: MAD)

Also, don’t be too envious of the MAD crew’s awesome and uniquely Singaporean t-shirts. You can purchase one So this Chinese New Year, instead of making money at the mahjong table, why not make someone’s day with this meaningful and unforgettable experience?

Here are more details:

(Do note that the year in the poster should be 2016, not 2015.)

We hope to see you there!

One Piece Run Singapore 2016 – Anime Fans, Here’s A Giveaway For You!

Attention all anime lovers: There’s a One Piece Run coming up in March, right here in sunny Singapore, and we want you to be a part of it!

Taking after the massively popular Japanese manga and anime series One Piece, One Piece Run 2016 is the first anime themed fun run that will take place in Singapore on 6 March 2016. During the run, you will be able to to enter the world of Luffy, the anime’s anchor character, as you embark on an exciting journey in search of the ultimate treasure “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King!

Along the race route, there will be three checkpoints created based on One Piece’s storyline filled with interactive experiences and photo taking opportunities for you to enjoy whilst completing the fun run!

The minimum participant age is 4 years old, so the young ones are more then welcome to join!

Regardless of whether you are an anime fan or just a normal runner, everyone will be united over an exciting race track that takes them through different experiential zones before finishing at an amazing One Piece themed village.

Singapore will be the 2nd Asian country to host the One Piece Run, after the immensely successful 2015 edition in Taiwan that welcomed over 12,000 participants. The run will continue in Okinawa, Japan, on 20 March 2016.

Expect to see lots of familiar characters around!

There will be plenty of photo taking opportunities for you and your friends!

What’s more, every runner will be presented with exclusive runner’s entitlements to wear and keep for memento’s sake!

Event details:

Date: 6 March, Sunday

Venue: Kallang Practice Track

Race Distance: 5KM

Race Categories: Individual

Event site:

Event Fee: SGD$68

In partnership with One Piece Run Singapore, Discover SG will be giving away 1 pair of tickets for free! Here’s how:

9 Must-Know Laneway Festival 2016 Survival Tips

Everyone’s counting down the days to Singapore’s most anticipated event in January – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival on 30 January (commonly referred to as Laneway).

This iconic indie music festival came to Singapore from Australia in 2012, and this year’s festival, held at the picturesque Gardens By The Bay, is the biggest yet.

For the first-timers or those who not-so-pleasant experience last year, here are x crucial tips to help you survive Laneway 2016!

1. Collect your tickets in advance

Click (Image credits: 
At Laneway festivals, everyone dresses to impress. However, you’re probably not going to have a good time if you’re all decked out in leather or sky high heels, no matter how instaworthy you look!

Opt for light and breathable clothing (such as a beautiful sun dress or sheer mesh top pictured above) that you will be comfortable in the entire day. And since you’ll be sitting around quite a fair bit, make sure your bottoms are appropriate for sitting. You don’t want to be suffering in a pair of overly-stiff shorts or constantly pulling down your mini skirt!

(Image credits:

As for shoes, it really depends on you. Covered shoes like a stylish pair of Dr. Martens are recommended if you’re planning to be jumping around in the crowd so as to avoid ugly injuries, but sandals are perfect for those looking to chill on their mats for most of the day.

3. Plan your event wisely

(Image credits: Laneway Singapore website)

With close to 30 fantastic bands performing at 4 different stages spread over the festival area, you and your pals should get together beforehand and figure out who you want to catch. There will definitely be clashes, so some compromises will have to be made!

If you are not familiar with any of the acts (it’s alright, they are pretty obscure) and hence cannot create a plan, simply rotate between the stages or between acts from different countries to get a taste of everything and make your money’s worth. (Note: The 1975, Chvrches and Flume are pretty big acts, whereas Cashew Chemists and Riot !n Magenta hail from Singapore)

4. Portable chargers and phone cases

(Image credits:

A portable charger and cable is a must-bring – ’nuff said. Be it for contacting your friends, posting stuff on social media or googling the upcoming band, you will need your phone and your phone’s battery itself will not suffice. Try to choose one that can fit in your pocket or hand comfortably!

Also, for those who like their phones ‘naked’ (i.e. coverless), you might want to consider putting on a cover (preferably with a bumper) during the event. Just in case a careless festival-goer knocks it out of your hand whilst dancing to the fresh tunes, y’know.

5. Sensible hair options

(Image credits: Tumblr)

As much as we’d all like to look as hippie-chic as her, the unforgiving humidity will not be kind to your free flowing, carefully styled hair. On top of that, no one likes a sticky and sweaty neck! Perhaps start your day with a messy bun or creative braid, and then let down your freshly curled locks for that glamorous sunset look!

(P.S. Bring extra hair ties and pins – chances are you’ll lose some along the way, or your friend will need one)

6. Be prepared for rain or shine

The weather isn’t looking too great on Saturday, so please be wet-weather ready! A poncho will be given to every person upon entry (while stocks last) but we recommend bringing one more just in case.

Also, for the ladies, remember to use waterproof makeup so that you can look good all day long and avoid the hassle of dealing with smudged eyeliner! (But hey, even if that does happen, the gothic look can work too.)

Do note that umbrellas are NOT allowed as they block other people’s views.

On the other hand, there’s bound to be some killer sun too. Remember to slather on ample amounts of sunscreen and SPF lip balm. Check out our article,

(Image credits:

Everyone knows that picnic mats are a must for festivals, but they should still be carefully chosen. How many people can your mat fit? (Also, how many people in your group are bringing a mat?) Is your mat waterproof? Is it too thin or too heavy? Is it recognisable from a distance? Do you intend to keep it after Laneway and if so, can it be washed? These are some questions you may like to consider.

8. Stay hygienic

(Image credits:

Even though Gardens By The Bay is relatively clean, you don’t want to be eating your burgers and finger food with hands that touched grass, sweaty bodies or possibly mud. Bring along some hand sanitiser that will fit into the smallest of bags, and possibly some wet wipes too for accidental spills or messes.

(Image credits:

..And remember, keep some tissues handy for when you need to use the loo. There might not be any toilet paper left (or at all?) in the portable toilets after everyone starts going to empty their beer-filled bladders!

9. Finally, do not bring these things!

(Image credits: Laneway Singapore)

Leave the selfie sticks and foldable chairs at home, folks. As much as you’d like to bring them, spare a thought for the unfortunate people who will be sitting behind you and will have their view blocked!

(Featured image credits: Today)

The Comprehensive 2016 Guide To Student Discounts In Singapore!


Apple Products

(Image credits: Apple)

Let’s start with the essential student tool  – Apple products. I mean, how many times have you entered a lecture theatre and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of glowing apples staring back at you? For those looking to buy an Apple product for the new school year, you’ll be glad to know that

(Image credits: TechOlac)

Here’s a no-effort yet super handy student discount: Microsoft Office 365. For free. (Congratulations on your very first 100% discount!) Simply go to this website, enter your school email and voilá. You’re welcome!

Adobe Creative Suite

(Image credits: B&H Photo and Video)

Calling all hip design students and aspiring graphic designers – this is the student deal for you! Head over to Mine Mall at Midview City to get your hands on Adobe CS6 Student and Teacher Edition for just $179. That’s almost an 85% off the price of Adobe CS6 Standard, which will set you back about $1100! Doesn’t it suddenly feel amazing to be a student?

Adobe CS6 Student and Teacher Edition for $179 nett

The Study Area

If you’re tired of wasting money on overpriced drinks just to study in Starbucks or jostling for a seat in overcrowded libraries,

Popular Bookstore

(Image credits: The Straits Times)

Ah, Popular – otherwise known as the one stop destination for splurging on pretty stationery and finding the best assessment books. If you don’t already have one, Popular offers a swanky student card for a ridiculously affordable price! Benefits include 10% off at all Popular stores, as well as 5% off all school textbooks. Massive savings right here, considering how often we Singaporeans patronise this beloved store!
$8 for 1 year membership
$20 for 3 year membership



If you’re looking for the BIGGEST student perk on this list, here it is.

(Image credits: Shaw Theatres)

This student discount is a no brainer – we’re pretty sure most Singaporean students know about this by now. Nonetheless, it’s still worth mentioning as $6.50 for 2 hours of entertainment is truly worth it! Do note that it is only applicable to movies before 6pm, so post-dinner movies are sadly not an option if you still want to save a few bucks.


(Image credits: Party World KTV)

Karaoke at $4 an hour. Need we say more? Or just pay a little bit more on the weekends to destress by belting out your favourite tunes with your friends. $14 for 3 hours of shameless and judgement-free singing to all the latest songs? We think it’s pretty worth it!

Resorts World Sentosa

(Image credits: Resorts World Sentosa)

Singaporeans’ relationship with RWS is truly love-hate – you’ll constantly hear complaints about long queue times and closed rides but people keep going back! If you’re one of those people and a student at that, the  for 7 reasons why you should purchase the pass today!

Universal Studios Singapore Season Pass – $88
Universal Studios Singapore Season Pass with Universal Express® Access – $188
Adventure Cove Waterpark Season Pass – $78
S.E.A Aquarium Season Pass – $78


Alive Museum

Good news: the largest 4D interactive museum in Singapore is having a  for those seeking a unique and memorable bonding activity with a big group of friends.
1 hour – $250
2 hours – $400
10 bubble Suits, red and blue bubbles, 2 facilitators, soccer ball and equipment, safety briefing and professional photography included!
(5 student passes needed for booking)

St. Games

Last but not least, the iconic video games cafe that is perfect for post exam relaxation or when you’ve got a few hours to kill in the city. Spend your afternoon/night laughing away at your friends’ terrible dance moves with Just Dance (Kinect) or channeling your inner rockstar with the latest version Rock Band or Guitar Hero. And this is just a tiny preview of all the games they have available!

Student Rate: $4.00 per hour @ any station (valid from Mon to Thu, excludes PH, eve of PH and school holidays)

Student Package: $10 for 2.5 hours @ any station with one free drink! (valid all day on Mon to Thus, and both Fri + Sun before 6pm. Not valid on Sat, eve of PH and PH)





Here’s an easy way to save the next time you’re impulse shopping on ASOS. Just take 2 minutes to verify that you’re a student (school details and email required) and you’ll be granted 20% discount off all future purchases! That’s a hell lot of savings if you’re a regular.

Click , non-profit thrift shop whose proceeds go to the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation?

With prices from as low as $1, you’re bound to find something you like amongst the array of clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac, books and more. Pre-loved branded goods are included too – so much better than pasar malam imitations, in our opinion!

And for students, New2U kindly offers a 50% discount on all goods – it’s on Tuesdays only though, so keep that day free!

50% discount for students on Tuesdays


Topshop – the must visit shop during every shopping trip. Its trendy and ever-changing pieces coupled with constant sales make up for the slightly hefty price tags. And students just need to flash their student card for a 10% discount. How easy is that?

10% discount upon flashing student card


Gymm Boxx

Singaporean fitness nuts will be familiar with

(Image credits: ActiveSG)

If you’re an ActiveSG member, you probably know about MyActiveGym. With 16 outlets all over the island and a dirt cheap rate of $18/month for students, it’s hard to say no to this deal. Even if not that young anymore, a rate of $30/month is still perfectly reasonable. Money is no longer an excuse for putting off your fitness goals, everybody!

Actfa Dance

Itching to get your salsa on? Want to learn those hip hop moves you see on viral Facebook videos? Never had the chance to learn ballet when you were younger? Well, offers more than 50% discount for students on all its prices! Massive savings for a healthier (and cooler) lifestyle – how can you say no? Perhaps you’ll be fighting like these dudes one day!

Unlimited sessions a month: $119/month
8 sessions a month: $105/month
4 sessions a month: $79/month
Visit the

7-11 Slurpee

(Image credits: 7-11 Singapore)

Ah, the Slurpee, a.k.a every student’s must buy during a 7-11 run. Although it’s not the healthiest option out there, there’s something quite addictive about the icy texture of this well-loved concoction. Furthermore, it’s the perfect cheap thrill.

From now till 23 February 2016, students enjoy Student price:
$1.20 for Large, $1.60 for Giant


(Image credits: KFC Singapore)

Finally, the fast food student deals – what you’ve secretly been looking for in this entire list. Despite all the talk about healthy living and eating, you and I both know that a little KFC every now and then won’t kill you.

And, well, just look at that crispy, juicy and thick slab of chicken spilling out of the tender buns. Look at it.

For just Yellow Submarines

Tired of the conventional fast food options? The newcomer on the block, And believe us when we say: the torpedo fries are life-changing. Seriously, opt for the set meal with fries. You will never get enough of their amazing cheese. (And if we’re not wrong, the cheese itself is available for takeaway too!)

Pizza Hut

(Image credits: SingPromos)

Needless to say, The Soup Spoon

For the slightly more atas diners, The Soup Spoon outlet at White Sands Mall has got your back with this buddy combo. Jio a fellow classmate for a late lunch (unfortunately, the time period is quite narrow) and try not to slurp down that delicious bowl of soup too quickly, eh?

Manhattan Fish Market

Seeking something fishier? You can always count on Fish & Co

If you’re not a fan of Manhattan Fish Market’s food or are simply seeking a bigger selection of meals, simply head over to Eighteen Chefs

(Image credits: Eighteen Chefs)

A student discounts list will not be complete without the popular Western chain restaurant,

(Image credits: Mad Jack)

Serangoon dwellers (or NYJC folks) will be all too familiar with This stall is definitely a favourite with the heartlanders, due to it’s delicious and hearty Western food in a nice restaurant setting. And it’s nice to know that you’re saving on the 10% service charge!

Hot Tomato

(Image credits: Hot Tomato)

Right across from Mad Jack in Nex is Cocoichibanya

Alright, enough of Western food. It’s time to move on to other favourites, starting off with the oh-so-heavenly Japanese curry by Cocoichibanya. This brand new 15% discount for all students on weekdays is another reason why you should gobble down that curry-drenched katsu pork cutlet!

Pepper Lunch

(Image credits: Pepper Lunch Singapore) 

Baja Fresh 

(Image credits: Baja Fresh)

Mexican food is not very common in Singapore, especially if you’re talking about affordable options. However, Montana Brew Bar

Not many cafés offer discounts for students, but Montana Brew Bar @ POMO is an exception. Although there is no promotional photo, we learnt 10% discount upon flashing student pass

We hope you enjoyed this massive compilation of the best student deals in town! Let us know if we missed out anything and we’ll be happy to add them in.

(Featured image credits: Today)

Singapore Coffee Festival 2016 – Coffee Lovers, Mark Your Calendars!

(Image credits: Singapore Coffee Festival)

Finally, the event all coffee lovers and casual drinkers alike have been waiting for – Singapore’s very first Coffee Festival!

As of now, there hasn’t been much information about this event released yet. After all, it’s still 5 months away! Here’s what we can tell you so far.

Singapore Coffee Festival 2016 will be a diverse and exciting event that caters to people of all ages and is definitely NOT exclusive to coffee-lovers only!

As you’ve guessed, visitors can taste coffee roasts from all around the world and sample specialty coffee and food from various cafés and restaurants.. all while overlooking the stunning Marina Bay area. Definitely a refreshing change from consuming your coffees in air-conditioned cafés!

We’re absolutely certain that local coffee heavyweights like Nylon Coffee Roasters will be there!

For those who aren’t too keen on this caffeinated drink, fret not – check out the live on-site barista challenge showcases to watch the best of the best battle it out to make the best cuppa (and to win the most number of hearts!)

Besides that, there’s so much more to do: perhaps attend some educational talk sessions by experts in the coffee industry, or enjoy some performances by local artistes (I smell a Gentle Bones appearance around the corner!)

And lastly, as a tribute to our unique and rich kopi heritage, there will be a local kopi showcase for all to enjoy!

Have you tried all the different kopis before? 

So mark your calendars and inform all of your friends, because the ultimate coffee bonanza is coming to town!

Date: June 9, 2016 – June 12, 2016

Venue: F1 Pit Building

Address: 1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975


(Featured image credits: YouTube)

Diamond Dash Run 2016 – Taking Love to Greater Heights!

It’s mid-January. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and memories of all the past overpriced bouquets and last minute gifts that now go unused still haunt you in your sleep. Every night you hide under the sheets googling “creative valentine’s day gifts”, and you always remember to clear your tabs in case your significant other finds out that *gasp* you have no idea what to give your partner for Valentine’s Day?!
Well, we’ve got the PERFECT solution for you: a 1.5 carat diamond ring!

 Your reaction right now.

No, we’re not telling you to buy it. Instead, you and your sweetheart just need to sign up for..

Diamond Dash Run 2016!

From the organisers of YOLO Run 2015 comes the first ever novelty vertical dash in celebration of White Day (14 March 2016)!

Event Details:

Date: 12th March 2016 (Singles) & 13th March 2016 (Couples)
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event will be postponed till 7th May 2016 (Singles) and 8th May 2016 (Couples)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: klapsons, The Boutique Hotel


Couple Non-Competitive Category (8th May 2016):

Bring your loved one and conquers the heights of klapsons together (all 17 floors of it… and back down) in the Diamond Dash Couple’s Category! Simply drop off your finishing tickets into the lucky draw at the end of the race and stand a chance to win a 1.50 carat diamond in an 18k white gold pendant setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $20,000)!

Male & Female Single Competitive Category (7th May 2016):

As for the single ladies and gentlemen out there, you are welcome to participate in the Diamond Dash Singles Category which is slightly more competitive – the fastest male and female runner will each win a 0.80 carat diamond in an 18k white gold pendant setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $8,000)!

Also, in the spirit of romance, you will also get to mingle with the other singles during an exciting get together session!

Time to brush up on your pick up lines.


Fastest Male Individual (Day 1)

  • 0.80 carat diamond in an 18k white gold ring setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $8,000)

Fastest Female Individual (Day 1)

  • 0.80 carat diamond in an 18k white gold ring setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $8,000)

Best Dressed Individual (Day 1)

  • 2D1N Staycation at klapsons, The Boutique Hotel

Best Dressed Couple (Day 2)

  • 2D1N Staycation at klapsons, The Boutique Hotel

Lucky draw for Couples (Day 2)

  •  1.50 carat diamond in an 18k white gold ring setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $20,000)


And of course, with every exciting race comes a comprehensive race pack to show off your athleticism!

Race Pack Contents:

  • Race T-shirt
  • Race Belt
  • Tote Bag
  • Medal
  • Race Bib (Competitive Category with Timing Chip)
  • Active Tights Shorts


Jean Yip Group is sponsoring almost half of the registration fee for all you interested dashers out there, which means that ticket prices come down to:

Individual: $29.50 per pax (u.p. $55.00)

Couples: $59.00 per couple (u.p. $110.00)

Remember to use the discount code “DISCOVERDD10” for a 10% discount (valid till 14/2/16, 2359 hours)

So now that we’ve shown you the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets NOW!

Visit Diamond Dash Run’s Facebook page for more details.

Featured image credits: H Samuel The Jeweller 

Migrant Workers’ Reactions To Singaporeans’ Comments Shows That They Are People Too

A common sore spot amongst Singaporeans is migrant workers, and we’re sure you have seen or heard unpleasant comments being made about them. Be it about stealing jobs, lowering local worker’s wages, diluting the “Singaporean identity” etc., these arguments are reiterated on a constant basis.

On the other hand, there are social justice advocates who encourage us to have some compassion as migrant workers are just like everyone else – simply trying to survive in a harsh world.

The debate about migrant workers just goes back and forth endlessly, with no end in sight.

But perhaps we’ve been looking through our lenses for too long. This debate has always been centred on what we think about them. But what about the other way around?

This video by a student-run project, Familiar Strangers, offers us a fresh perspective on this contentious issue by focusing on migrant workers themselves, and what they think about Singaporeans’ opinions towards migrant workers.

Migrant Workers Respond To Comments Made By Singaporeans


This video, which is quickly gaining traction on social media, drives home a simple yet poorly understood message: migrant workers are people too. 

Just like us, they are socially aware (“There are differences between China and Singapore”), have a strong sense of justice (“But if we cause no harm and are just here to work, then this statement is wrong”), and are emotionally affected by what others say about them.

Although this message makes sense, it remains immensely difficult to erase the negative stereotypes about migrant workers that have long solidified in our society.

So the next time you engage in a discussion about migrants workers, be it online or offline, keep in mind that your words have an impact.

They can negatively influence the opinions of a family member or friend. They can contribute to a greater movement of accepting and embracing migrant workers. And they can actually make or break a fellow migrant worker’s day.

By sparing a thought for their feelings and being more careful about what you say, you are slowly chipping away at the harmful prejudices that separate us and them.

And hey, Singapore is small enough – is there really space for such a divide?

Check out Familiar Stranger’s Facebook page and 

Katong Welcomes Its Newest Dog Cafe – And We Think You Will Love It!

Looking for a place to eat, chill and play with your beloved canine friends? Well, the newly opened 3 Barks Cafe has got you covered!

Finally, you can say goodbye to the pangs of guilt that strike as you walk out of the door and see your dog gazing up sadly at you..

Photo credits: Katong Kids Inc

 Located beside Scanteak in Joo Chiat, 3 Barks Cafe is situated beside an open car park and 200m away from a bus stop (Take Bus 16 from Bedok Interchange). So getting here is not difficult at all!

Photo credits: Katong Kids Inc

3 Barks Cafe was recently founded by 3 passionate dog lovers whose aim is to deliver the best dog cafe experience in Katong for you and your loved ones.

Photo credits: 3 Barks Cafe

Friendly staff are also on site to play with your furry friends and attend to their every need!

Upon entering, the homely decor and aroma of hot, tasty food making you feel welcome instantly.

Photo credits: Katong Kids Inc


The first floor is the cafe area for food, chilling and good times. Dig into hearty finger food with options such as sesame chicken wings, pepperoni pizza and even a mixed platter  for the indecisive folks.

Artisanal ice cream sandwiches, molten lava cake and waffles are also available to satisfy your post-meal sinful dessert cravings.

And don’t feel guilty about your pet going hungry while you dig into your food – there is a menu just for your beloved dogs! Options include a nutritious serving of chicken breast or salmon complete with brown rice, mashed sweet potato and steamed carrots!


Watch the pups play with each other as you savour your delicious food! / Photo credits: Katong Kids Inc

After a satisfying meal downstairs, head up to the Fun House on the 2nd floor and be greeted by…

Photo credits: Katong Kids Inc

…A wide collection of obstacles for your furry friend to train his/her agility and simply have a good time!

Watch in delight as your dogs repeatedly conquer the mini hill and race through the tunnels / Photo Credits: Katong Kids Inc 

And you know they will absolutely love this doggy slide! / Photo credits: 3 Barks Cafe

Photo credits: 3 Barks Cafe

The 3rd floor is the Sky Suite – 3 Barks Cafe’s event space. This is perfect for your dog’s birthday party or a gathering for friends with fellow pooches.

So if you’re thinking of what to do this weekend, why not take your four-legged friend and family out for a meaningful bonding experience?

327 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427584

12pm – 9pm (Mon – Thu), 12pm – 10pm (Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat), 10am – 9pm (Sun)

Featured image credits: Katong Kids Inc

Jalan Besar’s Hidden Secret – The Intricate Art Of Leather Crafting

Take a minute to think: When was the last time you made something?

In a day and age where most goods are mass produced, creating something with your own hands is truly memorable and worthwhile.

Hence, we were delighted to spend a Saturday afternoon attending a 2-hour long basic Leather Craft workshop at Lucky Apron Studio.

Photo Credits: Lucky Apron Studio

The cosy studio is tucked away on the 2nd floor of a shophouse along Jalan Besar. The unmistakable whiff of leather is the first thing you notice, followed by the neatly arranged tools on the table for students.

The tools you will be using: A metal ruler, a silver pen, a pen knife and a paper cutting board

Alongside with the tools, all the materials and hardware you need will be provided. And do not worry – no prior experience whatsoever is required!

During the workshop, you will make 3 functional and stylish items:

  • Envelope Cardholder – for name cards or credit cards.
  • Key Chain Strap – for hanging quick access keys off your belt.
  • Smartphone Wristlet – for use as a smartphone stand for movie playback or taking photos.

All of these will be made from premium quality leather – full-grain buffalo hide in vegetable tan or cow hide in crazy horse tan to be exact.

After a quick introduction to leather, enjoy a live demonstration by your facilitator on how to make each item that is interspersed with fundamental leather crafting techniques.

As we watched the demonstration, we realised the high level of conscientiousness required for an activity like this. Small mistakes like not holding your penknife straight or shifting your ruler whilst cutting will cause you to make an untidy cut. Making a cut in the wrong direction could cause an irreparable damage to your product. So attentiveness is a must during the demonstration!

Lawrence, our instructor and founder of Lucky Apron studios, demonstrating how to cut leather

If all this sounds too intimidating for you, fear not – your friendly facilitator will be there to guide and correct you if you are on the wrong track.

After the demonstration, it was our turn to start on our envelope cardholder and we were beyond excited to get our hands dirty.

A steady hand and precision is required for the perfect cut

The first few cuts were slightly awkward, but we quickly learned the amount of pressure and number of repetitions required to make a clean cut.

The product of a tedious yet oddly satisfying session of cutting

Before we knew it, our envelope cardholder template was ready for folding and hole-punching. There are bound to be some minor imperfections along the way, but take them as a testament of your handicraft and don’t get too caught up in it.

Do bring a packet of tissues along, as the leather dust can be slightly irritating to the nose. (You don’t want to be sneezing all over your precious leather goods!)

The finished product in all its handmade glory!

Next on the agenda was a smartphone wristlet, a functional yet stylish piece created by Lucky Apron Studio’s founder Lawrence himself.

Photo Credits: Lucky Apron Studio

After tracing the template out for the wristlet

More cutting ensued, but the simple template made for a much easier ride.

However, the cutout in the center of the wristlet was rather tricky to manoeuvre and required a certain level of delicacy.

Be sure to choose the correct size when punching any hole!

Bring a friend, sibling, significant other, etc.. – they will come in handy! 😉

The final item was a simple keychain strap, which was a breeze to make after more than an hour of experience with handling and cutting leather. Both the length of the strap and the colour of the keyring can be customised

Photo Credits: Lucky Apron Studio


After 2 hours of hard work, our 3 products were finished – all that was left was a good ol’ slab of leather conditioner. Free initial embossing (pictured above on the envelope cardholder) is also provided – say, any birthdays coming up?

Needless to say, the feeling of creating handmade and functional goods with your own hands from a single piece of leather is simply euphoric.

So if you are interested in creating some useful products to take home, are obsessed with leather goods or simply want to try something unique and memorable, why not head down to Lucky Apron Studio for a fun-filled afternoon?

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So what are you waiting for? Head over to to check out their classes today!


Lucky Apron Studio
141 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208859


+65 9863 2724

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