Stars Of The West End – Catch London’s Biggest Stars As They Showcase Hits From Musical Favourites Like Les Miserables

Calling all theatre geeks and broadway enthusiasts, we’ve found the perfect show that will have your inner musical fanboy (or fangirl) squealing with excitement!

Stars Of The West End 

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Stars Of The West End is bringing together four leading broadway stars to present a collection of songs from some of the best musicals to ever be staged at London’s West End. From Phantom of The Opera to Miss Saigon, Stars Of The West End is set to be the highlight of this year’s theatre calendar.

Organised by The British Theatre Playhouse in conjunction with One Farrer Hotel, Stars Of The West End has toured extensively through venues across the UK and Europe.

[caption id="attachment_26687" align="aligncenter" width="748"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Image Credit: Goodbye Gong Cha, LiHo Is Taking Over – We Tried Their New Cheese Bubble Tea To See If They’re Worth It

The Team Behind OverEasy Is Hosting A Festival – Expect A Riverdale-Themed Party And Food Fights!

The Lo & Behold group is no stranger when it comes to decadent foods and extravagant parties.

A Singapore-based hospitality group, Lo & Behold runs a slew of esteemed establishments. From beach-goer favourite Tanjong Beach Club to swanky The Warehouse Hotel, Lo & Behold truly knows the way to our hearts.

Next month, Lo & Behold is throwing a month-long festival to show us Singaporeans how to party with class, style and panache. Happening 29 May – 25 June, Lo & Behold will be hosting specially curated shindigs at 7 of their establishments.

Lo & Behold Festival 

[caption id="attachment_26251" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Credit: The Black Swan Facebook Page[/caption]

Looking for a party that will have you feeling like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn?

You’re in luck. Lo & Behold will be pulling out all the stops for its Electroball: The Golden Age of Hollywood. Happening at swanky bistro-cum-bar The Black Swan, this 1930s-inspired get-together is spread over three floors. Get ready to rub shoulders with party guests dressed to the nines as you immerse yourself in electric jazz and cirque coquetry.

A definite ‘do not miss’ for party-goers looking for an event worth every penny.

Electroball: The Golden Age of Hollywood
Where: The Black Swan
When: 10 June, 7pm – 10pm

[caption id="attachment_26252" align="alignnone" width="695"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Tanjong Beach Club Facebook Page[/caption]

Keen to work on that tan while indulging in tasty eats? Tanjong Beach Club is serving up an All You Can Eat Bottomless Brunch. Dig into plates stacked high with breakfast favourites as you soak in the sun, salt and sand!

All You Can Eat – Bottomless Brunch 
Where: Tanjong Beach Club
When: 17 June, 11.30am

[caption id="attachment_26255" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Credit: Website

[caption id="attachment_26256" align="alignnone" width="726"] Image Credit: Website

With a slew of curated events for every kind of partygoer in the month of June, there’s bound to be something that will tickle your fancy!

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We Found Out How We’ll Look Like In 30 Years’ Time – We Didn’t Like It

Apps that distort and enhance (some both, oddly) your face are aplenty, and it’s safe to say that we would have had fun with them at some point in the past.

AgingBooth, an app that been around for a few years now, is one that I’ve heard of, and seen photos of plastered on my Facebook feed.

Aimed to give an insight on how one will look when they’re older, the results usually see deep-set wrinkles and sagging jawlines added to a current photo of the user.

The good thing is that the results aren’t absolutely ridiculous, and while it’s impossible to confirm that the results are what we’ll look like 30, 40 years down the road, it still makes for good fun.

At our office, we’re always raring to try out interesting apps and services. So, we decided take a peek into the future, and tested it out ourselves!

The Results Were…

[caption id="attachment_26073" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Us in 2050?[/caption]

…but they definitely generated a lot of laughter in the office.

Ranging from too exaggerated to actually plausible, comments on the photos ranged from amused to pensive, and many were left wondering if this is the face they’d be seeing in the mirror down the road.

“I just look sad. Makes me wonder if anyone would want me when I’m older…”

“I look like an amiable grandma! But I wish I could do something about those wrinkles.”

“Actually, if I cross the road it looks like people will help me.”

With most of us in our mid to late 20s, the concept of ageing can sometimes seem far away, but there’s no need for the simulation from this app to know that our skin, hair and bodies would not be as young and healthy as before.

With most of us also spending most of our waking hours in the office, and the stress that comes with it, a stringent skincare routine and regular exercise can be challenging (albeit not impossible).

To add on, factors like a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, the glare from the screen and ceiling lights, as well as the drying effect of the air conditioning aren’t your friends when it comes to looking youthful.

How Working In An Office Ages You

It’s common knowledge that people in manual labour, and those constantly out in the sun are more prone to ageing prematurely. Dirty air and relentless sunshine plague their days, giving rise to sunspots, dry skin, and clogged pores. But did you know that working in a cushy office isn’t that great a deal either?

Here are 2 of the main ways that office life ages you.

Stress At Work, Lack Of Sleep

[caption id="attachment_26074" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image Credit: Confessions Of A Someday Somebody[/caption]

First of all, one of the most obvious factors – stress and exhaustion.

As we all know, the frowning and poring over our screens can induce the formation of wrinkles, but did you know that our workload can also affect our DNA negatively?

During a anticipation of stress can bring about negative effects. Researchers found that those who felt most affected by the anticipation of stress “exhibited greater signs of aging on the cellular level”.

And not to mention, having a heavy workload also usually leads to less downtime to pamper ourselves. This leads to sloppy (or no) skincare, no time for proper sleep or exercise (which Image Credit: The Prospect[/caption]

Yes – while being under the blazing hot sun exposes you to UV Rays, you’re no safer under the fluorescent lights of your office.

Most lights are relatively harmless but there are some which, according to a study by the European Commission, emit blue light and ultraviolet radiation. In the long run, study by Stony Brook University also found that compact fluorescent lights, aka energy-saving lights, also have the potential to damage skin cells and make you look older than you are.

Ageing Is Unavoidable, But Looking Haggard Isn’t

[caption id="attachment_26076" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image Credit: Beautyhaven[/caption]

While stumbling across a fountain of youth is clearly an impossible feat, there are definitely steps you can take to make your age actually look good on you.

For those with the luxury of time, investing in good skincare and maybe even a gym membership can help alleviate some effects, but what about problems like a sagging neckline, ageing skin, or deep set wrinkles?

This is where award-winning aesthetic clinic Amaris B. Clinic’s Dr. Ivan Puah[/caption]

Providing a wide range of treatments ranging from facelifts, to even a weight management programme for those struggling with weight issues, customers are assured the best in aesthetic treatments.

In the fight against the ravages of time, customers can get to choose from a , both of which utilise the latest FDA-approved ultrasound technology to reintegrate new collagen, which eventually tightens and lifts the skin in those areas.

Ageing is unavoidable, but looking haggard isn’t – so the best time to start preserving your youth is now!

This article was brought to you by Amaris B. Clinic and first appeared at Vulcan Post.
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This 15-Storey Glass Building Is A Super Car Vending Machine Hiding In Plain Sight

[Update: The location and opening hours of the showroom has been updated as the information reflected previously was incorrect.]

Love cars with a passion?

Nestled along the streets of Jalan Bukit Merah is a car enthusiast’s dream come to life. Spanning 15 floors and 4 columns, this glass structure looks like a larger than life Hot Wheels collection.

A Showroom Like No Other

Owned by Autobahn Motors, a luxury, sport, convertible and special interest automobile dealer, this decked out showroom is in a league of its own.

Boasting over 80 supercars on premise, in this showroom, the flashier the better. Mclarens, Bentleys and Porches line the glass windows of this automobile inventory-cum-showcase.

Also known as ‘The Largest Super Car Vending Machine’, the Autobahn Motors building is first and foremost a car storage facility with a built-in retrieval system. Car buyers are in for the royal–and technologically advanced–treatment when they go shopping at Autobahn Motors.

[caption id="attachment_25891" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Autobahn Motors Instagram[/caption]

While most of us won’t be able to go anywhere near these luxurious speedsters, just admiring these beauties from afar is a treat for any car enthusiast!

Autobahn Motors
Address: 20 Jln Kilang, Singapore 159418
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am – 7pm; Sat-Sun: 12pm – 6pm

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*SCAPE Is Hosting An Open-Air Market Of The Future – All You Need For Payment Is Your Phone

If your idea of a perfect weekend involves browsing and exploring markets for cool, unique finds, there’s a new market coming to town you definitely want to check out: The DBS PayLah! X *SCAPE Palooza.

Happening on 5 – 7 May at *SCAPE, this weekend market will see over 100 vendors selling everything from fashion, food to lifestyle products, and more than a few social enterprises will also be there!

Shop the collection of chic, minimalist bags at ThreeOneTwoFive and and Sot n Wable; unusual bites from Risotto Chips; and many, many others!

[caption id="attachment_25611" align="alignnone" width="763"] Expect these goodies and more at the DBS PayLah! Palooza (Image Credit: DBS)[/caption]

And if shopping doesn’t do it for you, surely some exciting Virtual Reality games will. Step into the worlds of your favourite video games, as titles including Call of Duty and Star Wars will be available to play through VR headsets!

[caption id="attachment_25612" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Games like Star Wars will be available to play using VR headsets![/caption]

Singapore’s First Ever QR Code Bazaar

There’s just one thing—at this market, the only currency accepted is digital currency. That is, QR codes and payments made via the DBS PayLah! app!

Essentially, DBS PayLah! is a mobile app that functions as your personal digital wallet. Like a regular wallet, you can send and receive money instantly, but minus the inconvenience of not having enough cash, not having exact change, etc.

[caption id="attachment_25613" align="aligncenter" width="620"] DBS PayLah! app (Image Credit: DBS)[/caption]

If you don’t bank with DBS/POSB, no worries! Non-DBS/POSB customers can also use the app by simply linking it to a local bank account.

This first ever QR Code bazaar is jointly organized by DBS and *SCAPE, in support of Singapore’s move towards becoming a Smart Nation.

Excited to attend? Just be sure to have the DBS PayLah! app downloaded before heading out!

For those new to the app, make sure to download DBS PayLah! and enter the promo code “PAYLAH505”. This will give you S$5 cash credit to spend—and hey, we won’t say no to free money. Just make sure to do it quick because only the first 10,000 new sign-ups will get it. This promo is only valid until 30 May.

So, mark these dates in your calendar! Shop to your heart’s content and experience the convenience and lightness of going cash-free!

Download the DBS PayLah! app on Apple or on Android.

DBS PayLah! X *SCAPE Palooza
5 – 7 May 2017
Time: 1pm – 9pm
Address: *SCAPE Playspace

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Sample FREE Goodies From Food, Coffee And Even Whisky Subscription Services This Weekend!

How do free booze, coffee, and bites sound to you?

Indulge in all of that and more at Eat. Drink. Shop. Share this Friday and Saturday, 7 and 8 April!

With a mission to increase the visibility of startups, Startup Asia Women has partnered The Co. Singapore to bring you Eat. Drink. Shop. Share–a public showcase on subscription-based startups.

Vendors present include whisky subscription service Whisky ButlerBooksActually, a subscription box for books; StyleTheory, a clothing subscription box, and many more!

Sample booze, coffee, healthy bites, and fashion, and discover products and services you can subscribe to that you won’t find anywhere else!

[caption id="attachment_24676" align="alignnone" width="1893"] Image Credit: STYLETHEORY[/caption]

For aspiring startups, this is also a great opportunity to gain insightful tips and soak up the startup community spirit – meet startup founders in person and learn about their passion and journeys. From books to beauty to food to services, there’s a Image Credit: FITTHREE[/caption]

Make your way to the lovely laidback Duxton neighbourhood this weekend to show your support to local startups!

Grab your free ticket now by registering at Remember to pre-register, or you’ll be paying $5 at the door and be missing out on discount codes, cash vouchers, and lucky draw prizes!

Interested in more startup activities from StartUp Asia Women? Stay updated on their Facebook page!

Eat. Drink. Shop. Share.
Date: 7 April (Friday), 5pm – 9pm, 8 April (Saturday), 12pm – 8pm
Address: 99 Duxton Road

The New Starbucks X Paul & Joe Merch Is Beyond Cute, And Will Get You In The Mood For Spring!

Spring is here, and to kick off the season of neverending florals and bright, vibrant colours, Starbucks will be releasing its brand new merchandise collection by Paul & Joe + Starbucks.

The French fashion, house known for its pastel hues and ultra-feminine motifs has come together with Starbucks to release a–we have to admit–GORGEOUS collection. Only available in Asia, the collection features Paul & Joe’s iconic cat designs (of course), delicate florals and light hues.

Paul & Joe + Starbucks Merch Collection 

[caption id="attachment_24043" align="alignnone" width="840"] Paul & Joe + Starbucks Tumblers[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24038" align="alignnone" width="628"] Paul & Joe + Starbucks Collection Featuring Pink Pastels[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24039" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Paul & Joe + Starbucks Tumblers, Mugs and Tote Bags[/caption]

Fans of the Paul & Joe brand can pick up tumblers, mugs and tote bags priced between $19.90 to $49.90 at Starbucks outlets across the island from 21 March onwards! Us? We’ll have one of each please!

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The New Chanel Pop-Up Cafe Will Serve Not Just Food, But Also Lip Glosses On A Silver Platter

Chanel lovers, you’re in for a real treat this April!

For a limited time only, between 8 – 16 April, beauty meets leisure at Chanel’s Coco Café, the latest spark of brilliance to come from the luxury French fashion house.

A pop-up concept at the Visual Arts Centre, Chanel’s Coco Café is a Parisian style café where you can enjoy beauty, bubbles and dessert specially curated by Chanel.

Take in the laid-back atmosphere of Coco Café amidst Dhoby Ghaut Green’s lush surroundings, while enjoying full access to all 27 shades of Chanel’s latest Rouge Coco Gloss collection.

You’ll also get to play around with their upcoming Cruise makeup collection, Les Indispensables De L’été, which will be exclusively pre-launched here!

[caption id="attachment_24051" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss[/caption]

Be one of the very first to experience it all by registering

Get Ready, FENTY X PUMA SS2017 Drops In Singapore 9 March!

Fans of Rihanna, rejoice! The FENTY X PUMA collection you’ve all been waiting for will finally drop in Singapore on 9 March at PUMA stores and authorised retailers.

Described as “if Marie Antoinette went to the gym” by RiRi herself, the Spring-Summer 2017 collection blends the regality of 18th century French aristocracy with streetwear cool. With exaggerated, baggy silhouettes contrasted with romantic pieces in softer hues, each piece of the collection makes a statement on its own.

The collection will be released in stages, with new drops happening each month until June, which means you’ll have to wait to get your hands on some of the pieces.

In the meantime, here are the pieces you can shop starting 9 March!

Bow Slides

[caption id="attachment_23581" align="aligncenter" width="600"] FENTY X PUMA Bow Slides is available in olive branch and silver pink[/caption]

Bow Sneakers

[caption id="attachment_23583" align="aligncenter" width="600"] FENTY X PUMA Bow Sneakers is available in olive branch and silver pink[/caption]

Sneaker Boot Zip

[caption id="attachment_23584" align="aligncenter" width="600"] FENTY X PUMA Sneaker Boot Zip is available in silver, pink, aleutian and sesame[/caption]

Lace Up Heel

[caption id="attachment_23585" align="aligncenter" width="600"] FENTY X PUMA Lace Up Heel is available in silver, pink, aleutian and sesame[/caption]

You’ll want to cop these kicks while you can! We have a feeling they’ll sell like hotcakes–especially those bow slides!