8 Best Places In Singapore To Stargaze And Catch The Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse

If you didn’t already know, something big is happening this Saturday, 28 July 2018.

There’s going to be another LUNAR ECLIPSE happening! And not just any typical lunar eclipse.

Set to last 1 hour and 43 minutes from 3.30am to 5.13am Singapore time, this will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century and will be visible from Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe.

However, with Singapore being a well-developed city, our light pollution is intense, so it might be hard to find a good spot to get a good look and photo.

So here are some places that might be dark enough to enjoy the lunar eclipse (a.k.a blood moon) in all its scarlet glory.

1. Seletar Rocket Tower

[caption id="attachment_36095" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: Flickr Rain Stormz[/caption]

Located in Upper Seletar Reservoir, the Seletar Rocket Tower makes for a great spot to catch the lunar eclipse.

[caption id="attachment_36096" align="aligncenter" width="530"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: NParks[/caption]

The place is mostly secluded and it has 3 carparks a short walk away so it’s still accessible by car. Other than the lunar eclipse, it’s also a great place to catch amazing sunsets and stargaze too.

Address: Along Mandai Road Track 7, off Mandai Road

2. Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is one of the more popular spots for stargazing and other astronomy-related pursuits.

[caption id="attachment_1027" align="aligncenter" width="700"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: lunar eclipse Image Credit: NParks[/caption]

Stargazing parties are still being organised and held at Changi Beach.

It’ll be best to bring a party of people if you intend to go there for lunar eclipse because Changi Beach is infamous for being “dirty”, if you know what I mean.

4. Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

Another spot with great views of the moon and stars and a spook factor.

[caption id="attachment_36104" align="aligncenter" width="779"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: lunar eclipse Image Credit: TripAdvisor[/caption]

However, Labrador Nature Reserve comes with its own spooky tales so tread cautiously.

Labrador Park Nature Reserve
Address: Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119187

6. Lorong Halus Bridge

The Lorong Halus bridge stretches over the Punggol Waterway and offers amazing views of the sunrise. It’s also great for stargazing and moon-viewing.

[caption id="attachment_36100" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: Flickr Tze Ru Pang[/caption]

If you’re in the far north-east, this is your best spot for all your astronomy pursuits.

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the least light-polluted places in Singapore, along with the Labrador Park Nature Reserve.

[caption id="attachment_36105" align="aligncenter" width="500"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: Flickr pfong[/caption]

Open fields for stargazing and moon-viewing are aplenty here. These include the spaces near the Eco Lake, Symphony Lake, Swan Lake, and the Bandstand.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Eco Lake:
Enter via Bukit Timah Gate
Symphony Lake: Enter via Nassim Gate
Swan Lake and Bandstand: Enter via Tanglin Gate
Opening Hours: Daily: 5am – 12am
Admission: Free

8. Springleaf Nature Park

The Springleaf Nature Park is one of the top 3 least light-polluted spots in Singapore.

[caption id="attachment_36106" align="aligncenter" width="960"]lunar eclipse Image Credit: NParks[/caption]

It is popular among astronomy groups that organise stargazing parties.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to observe the lunar eclipse in the North, this is it.

Springleaf Nature Park
Address: 1230 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 787129

So there you have it, 8 of the best places in Singapore to stargaze or observe the lunar eclipse. Remember to pack your cameras and telescopes!

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A&W And Shake Shack Are Set To Open At Jewel Changi Airport In 2019

a&w singapore

Once again, the East side beats the West, with 2 major fast food chains opening next year in Jewel Changi Airport.

New Fast Food Chains In The East

A&W Singapore

First on the list, is A&W Singapore. Since their announcement of their impending return to Singapore, they’ve remained very quiet with little to no details given.

[caption id="attachment_35877" align="aligncenter" width="547"]a&w singapore Image Credit: A&W Singapore[/caption]

All we knew was that the A&W Singapore outlet will be its flagship outlet and it will be halal-certified, so that’s great news for our Muslim friends.

But now, it has been announced that they will open in Jewel Changi Airport, when it’s completed in 2019!

A&W used to have 5 outlets in Singapore before closing them all in 2003, much to the dismay of my parents.

Since the closure of all Singapore outlets, the only way Singaporeans could get their A&W fix was in Malaysia, where there are over 36 A&W outlets still serving their classic frothy root beer, curly fries, and the Beef Coney hot dog.

[caption id="attachment_35876" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]a&w singapore Image Credit: hip2save[/caption]

I’ve never eaten at A&W before though I do love their root beers, so I’m excited to see why my parents loved them so much.

Shake Shack Singapore

For the millennials and visiting New Yorkers, one of the most famous fast food chains in America, will be opening its first outlet in Singapore.

It’s Shake Shack!

The West Coast in the States has In-N-Out, while the East Coast held their own with Shake Shack.

Shake Shack first opened in New York serving up burgers and hand-spun frozen custard.

[caption id="attachment_35879" align="aligncenter" width="960"]shake shack singapore Image Credit: Shake Shack[/caption]

They’re well known for their simple yet delicious burgers, such as the classic Shackburger® – a single or double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, topped with their signature Shack Sauce™.

Here’s hoping that their Cheese Fries won’t devolve into the sad state of McDonald’s Cheese Fries.

[caption id="attachment_35880" align="aligncenter" width="640"]shake shack singapore Image Credit: Shake Shack[/caption]

Shake Shack has many outlets across the United States, and each outlet is said to have their very own exclusive menu items, and some Shake Shack outlets even have a breakfast menu!

Which makes me wonder if the Singapore outlet will be getting any exclusive menu items. Will we be getting a Singapore-inspired burger? Or maybe Rendang Fries?

Either way I’m excited to try Shake Shack.

Opening In 2019

These 2 fast food giants are set to open once the construction of Jewel Changi Airport is completed.

Jewel Changi Airport will be linked with Changi Airport Terminal 1, with Terminals 2 and 3 accessible via air-conditioned pedestrian linkways fitted with travelators.

The new Jewel Changi Airport will have 7 storeys and over 280 shops, with a good 30% of the shops being F&B outlets.

Find out more about Jewel Changi Airport P.S Cafe Launches Jypsy – New Japanese Dining Concept Featuring Sushi, Sashimi, And Unagi Fried Rice

(Header Image Source: Twitter and @shakeshack)

Instead Of The Zoo, Here Are 8 Wholesome Activities For Your Kids This June Holiday

One thing I miss the most about being a kid, is the school holidays.

They’ve at least 3 months of just, NOTHING. 3 months in a year of waking up late, and watching cartoons and playing. Why did I ever want to grow up?

That aside, it’s the June holidays now, which means kids events are out in full force.

Here’s a list of events this June holiday where your child, niece or nephew can learn and play!

June Holiday Fiesta

1. Cartoon Network Animate Your Life

Cartoon Network is bringing “Animate Your Life” to Singapore, featuring characters from hit shows –The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time and Ben 10!

[caption id="attachment_34172" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Image Credit: Cartoon Network[/caption]

From Saturday 26 May to Sunday 10 June, Cartoon Network Animate Your Life will transform Gardens by the Bay’s Bayfront Plaza into a thriving world of cartoons.

Expect a whole line up of exciting carnival games, interactive booths and workshops so you can learn how to draw your favourite cartoon characters and make sense of stop-motion.
So whether you’re a kid or just young at heart, there is something for everyone at Animate Your Life!
Cartoon Network Animate Your Life
Venue: Gardens By The Bay, Bayfront Plaza
Date: 26 May 2018 – 10 June 2018
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 3pm – 9pm, Fri – Sun: 3pm – 11pm
Price: From $12.50
Image Credit: Happy Rainbow[/caption]

It features an interactive bounce house and oversized plush sculptures that come together to create a multi-sensory experience, transporting participants to a world filled with colour, magic and happy characters.

From 30 May to 19 June, the installation will move across 3 different malls in the East.

Happy Rainbow starts at Tampines Mall from 30 May to 5 June, before moving to SingPost Centre from 6 to 12 June, and finally Bedok Mall, from 13 to 19 June.

To redeem an entry to the Happy Rainbow installation, simply spend a minimum of $30 in a single receipt at the particular mall. The installation is open daily from 11am to 9pm daily.

Happy Rainbow
Venue: Tampines Mall, SingPost Centre, Bedok Mall
Date: 30 May – 19 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
Price: Free entry with minimum spending of $30 in a single receipt

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Adventure

Fans of Jurassic Park can officially freak out because Plaza Singapura’s main atrium has been converted into a section of Isla Nubla, the fictional island that’s also home to Jurassic World.

Whether you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise or just a fan of dinosaurs in general, you can immerse yourself in the wonder and thrills of the JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM Adventure.

From 25 May to 17 June, enter the Gaming Zone and try your hands on the Jurassic World™ Pinball game, inspired by classic Jurassic movie moments.

[caption id="attachment_34851" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

That’s not all, relive moments from the first Jurassic World movie in a full VR experience.

[caption id="attachment_34852" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

Children can have fun digging in the Sandpit Excavation Site, uncovering plastic dinosaur fossils and eggs. Stand a chance to win exclusive collectible dinosaur trading cards from the JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM movie with 5 different cards to be collected each week!

[caption id="attachment_34853" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

There is also a small exhibition of fossils by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

[caption id="attachment_34855" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption] [caption id="attachment_34856" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

Round off the Jurassic experience by taking a photo with a life-size sculpture of the star of the Jurassic World movie, Blue the Velociraptor!

[caption id="attachment_34857" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

Welcome to Jurassic World.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Adventure
Venue: Plaza Singapura Main Atrium
Date: 25 May – 17 Jun 2018

4. Tinkercademy’s June Holiday Classes

If your kids love robotics and coding and all things tech, then it’s time to take him or her to Tinkercademy.

They conduct classes in coding and digital making in a wide variety of fields such as micro:bit, iOS, Python, Arduino, Node, cyber-security, Unity, and more.

They’re opening holiday classes this June, where beginners can learn the basics of coding and digital making using Bloxels and LittleBits.

There are also robotics classes where you will learn mechanical construction and programming. You can even learn to build your own Minecraft World with Python!

You can find a list of their June holiday classes here.

Parents, coding is going to be a VITAL skill. Just FYI.

Contact no.: 3125 6257

5. Garfield Carnival And Run

The irony of having a Garfield-themed carnival and run. Gosh.

I fell in love with Garfield, reading comics about the life of the fat tabby cat while growing up. For a while the popularity of Garfield died down, but guess not!

[caption id="attachment_34843" align="aligncenter" width="636"] Image Credit: Sentosa[/caption]

The first ever Garfield Carnival Singapore is happening from 8 to 10 June 2018 at Sentosa to celebrate Garfield’s 40th Birthday Bash!

Happening at Palawan Green, Sentosa, everyone is welcome to join Garfield for a weekend of awesome birthday celebrations and a line-up of entertainment, attractions and carnival game kiosks!

Stand to win exclusive Garfield 40th Birthday Bash prizes and take photos in life-size Garfield photo booths!

Garfield Carnival And Run
Venue: Palawan Green, Sentosa
Date: 8 – 10 Jun 2018

6. Children’s Season At National Museum Of Singapore

It’s Children Season at the National Museum of Singapore!

Presented in conjunction with The More We Get Together: Singapore’s Playgrounds 1930 – 2030, Children’s Season will be happening from 26 May to 24 June 2018.

[caption id="attachment_34861" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Children’s Season 2018
Venue: National Museum of Singapore
Date: 26 May – 24 Jun 2018
Image Credit: City Square Mall[/caption]

The Power-Packed Carnival will feature various games and activities such as the Unicorn Hop, Princess Bouncer, Blaze Inflatable Slide and Ball Pit, Dora Light Trail and the Hide-n-Seek.

To redeem your Carnival Pass, spend a minimum of $60 to play in the carnival and stand to win a fun-filled Power Squad Activity Booklet!

Power-Packed Carnival
City Square Mall Level 1, City Green
Date: 25 May – 24 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: Daily: 1pm – 10pm

8. Discover Europe At Changi

Happening from 25 May to 24 June 2018, follow your favourite Sesame Street characters as they take you on a tour through Central and Eastern Europe.

[caption id="attachment_34858" align="aligncenter" width="1136"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Image Credit: Also read McGriddles FINALLY Makes A Comeback In S’pore After 2 Years

(Header Image Source: DiscoverSG)

If You Only Have Half A Day In Singapore, Here Are 10 Places You Must Visit

So you’ve just landed in Singapore for a short weekend getaway.

Splendid choice. Singapore’s a melting pot of cultures so there’re plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food and places to try and visit.

We’ve come up with a list of must-visit places in Singapore regardless of the length of your visit in Asia’s Little Red Dot.

1. Changi Village

Hidden away in the eastern coast of Singapore, on the northern point of Changi, is Changi Village.

[caption id="attachment_34374" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit: Wikipedia[/caption]

It is situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, past the industrial buildings and next to the airport runway. The main reason people even come to Changi Village is for the food, and Pokemon Go. Rare Pokemon spawn here apparently.

The place is hard to get to unless you’re driving and it might seem a bit too out of the way to travel to, but the place possesses a quiet charm.

And that’s not all, it’s also a favourite haunt of NSFs who are posted to Pulau Tekong. After all, the SAF Ferry Terminal is just 5 minutes away.

If you’re there, be sure to head to Changi Village Hawker Centre. Don’t miss the International Muslim Nasi Lemak, easily the most iconic dish of Changi Village.

[caption id="attachment_34375" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: Pinterest[/caption]

Also, hit up 89.7 Supper Club. No it’s not a radio station, but a popular 24-hour halal supper spot. Heads up, they serve really good halal dim sum.

That’s not all, Changi Point Ferry Terminal is also the connecting point for a ferry to Pulau Ubin.

So if you’re looking for some greenery and wilderness, it’s just a boat ride away.

2. Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens By The Bay is one of Singapore’s most popular attractions, and for good reason too. Opened in 2012, the sprawling park is home to some of the world’s most unique plants and flowers.

The Flower Dome is a marvel. Designed to resemble a giant seashell, this cool conservatory houses exotic plants from over 5 different continents.

The Cloud Forest is another spectacle, featuring unique tropical plants as well as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 35 metres. The journey through the conservatory will take you through the mist-filled Cloud Walk and you can even marvel at the views from up top on the Treetop Walk.

[caption id="attachment_34373" align="aligncenter" width="6000"] Image Credit: Unsplash[/caption]

That’s not all, step into the SuperTree Grove and stroll through the towering Supertrees. It’s almost as if you’re in the world of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar.

[caption id="attachment_34372" align="aligncenter" width="4016"] Image Credit: Unsplash[/caption]

The Gardens By The Bay is easily one of the most prominent attraction in Singapore, opposite the iconic Singapore city skyline.

Don’t forget your camera.

Gardens By The Bay
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Opening Hours: Daily: 5am – 2am
Contact no.: 6420 6848
Image Credit: Wikipedia[/caption]

It is Singapore’s largest outdoor art gallery and remains as a treasure trove of Asian culture, philosophy, history and religion.

The most iconic attraction in Haw Par Villa is the ‘Ten Courts of Hell‘.

[caption id="attachment_34380" align="aligncenter" width="825"] Image Credit: Ten Courts of Hell
Opening Hours: Daily: 9am – 6pm (Last entry at 5.45pm)

4. Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat, also known as Telok Ayer Market, is one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings in the Central Business District.

[caption id="attachment_34381" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]
Image Credit: Wikipedia[/caption]

If you’re wondering, ‘Lau Pa Sat’ is literally Hokkien for ‘Old Market’ and it was named so because it used to be a wet market when it was still situated in its original location by the waterfront, before it was moved into the financial district.

It was gazetted as a national monument on 6 July 1973 and converted into the hawker centre that it is today.

The hawker centre is a collection of the best local food. You’ll typically find tourists and executives from neighbouring MNCs having a pint here after work, with an accompanying platter of satay.

The Lau Pa Sat hawker centre also has a 24-hour Cheers convenience store, a shoe repair shop, a laundry store and a tailor.

Your Singapore experience isn’t complete without having at least one meal here.

Lau Pa Sat
Address: 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582
Opening Hours: Mon: 10am – 11pm, Tue, Thu – Sun: 10am – 10pm, Wed: 10.30am – 9.30pm

5. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

In the past decade, the most prominent building to rise in the Singapore city skyline is Marina Bay Sands.

[caption id="attachment_34386" align="aligncenter" width="4896"] Image Credit: Unsplash[/caption]

The hotel has become the most iconic building in Singapore and one of the must-visit spots is the Marina Bay SkyPark.

[caption id="attachment_34387" align="aligncenter" width="780"] Image Credit: Marina Bay Sands[/caption]

Sitting at 57 levels above the heart of the city, the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck offers 360 degrees of unblocked panoramic views of Singapore.

If you’re there at night, be sure to stay for Spectra, a 15-minute, free-for-public outdoor light and water show displayed at the Event Plaza along the promenade.

Be sure to bring your cameras because you cannot get any better views of Singapore anywhere else.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark
Address: Level 57, Tower 3, 10 Bayfront Ave, Sands SkyPark
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 9.30am – 10pm, Fri – Sun: 9.30am – 11pm
Price: Adult: $23, Children Aged 2 – 12: $17, Senior Citizen: $20, Children Under 2, Hotel Guests: Free

6. Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre is easily one of our favourite spots to eat.

[caption id="attachment_34383" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Dreamstime[/caption]

A few minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, the food centre is a treasure trove of good food.

While people usually queue for Tian Tian Chicken Rice, we suggest that you ditch the queue and go for something more exciting.

Go for gravy goodness at the Hainanese Curry Rice stall or have a healthier meal with the Sliced Fish Soup from Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon.

[caption id="attachment_34385" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Image Credit: Burpple User Alicia Ho[/caption]

These are our 2 favourite stalls in Maxwell Food Centre.

Maxwell Food Centre has perpetually snaking queues in majority of their stalls. So come early, come hungry, and bring a friend so you can try as many dishes as possible.

Maxwell Food Centre
Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184

7. Mustafa Centre

What initially started out as a store selling readymade garments in 1971 has since grown into a 24-hour, six floor, two-building shopping heaven.

[caption id="attachment_34388" align="aligncenter" width="618"] Image Credit: Pinterest[/caption]

Your first visit here may feel overwhelming as you’re bound to bump shoulders with tens of thousands of people squeezing their way through Mustafa’s narrow aisles.

You’ll find everything from homeware and electronics to clothes and groceries. With over 3,000 products on sale at bargained prices, you’re bound to fill your baskets with snacks, a random pair of sunglasses and perhaps a kettle that you managed to convince yourself that you’ll “eventually” need.

If you find yourself feeling a little peckish while doing your shopping, there’s a 400-seater restaurant called Kebabs ‘n Curries opened at the rooftop of Mustafa’s spanking new wing. You can enjoy everything from naan to dum briyani without the fine dining price tag.

Mustafa Centre is the one-stop place for everything. Just be sure to control your urge to buy everything while you’re here.

Mustafa Centre
Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Little India, Singapore 207704

8. National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is an art gallery that houses the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, with over 8,000 works of art.

[caption id="attachment_34393" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore[/caption]

Located in the Civic District, the National Gallery Singapore consists of 2 national monuments, namely the former Supreme Court and City Hall and is the largest visual arts venue and museum in Singapore.

[caption id="attachment_34390" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: Wikipedia[/caption] [caption id="attachment_34391" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: Wikipedia[/caption]

The National Gallery also collaborates with international museums to jointly present Southeast Asian art in the global context.

Be sure to check out their website for updates on current exhibitions.

National Gallery Singapore
Address: 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 7pm
Contact no.: 6271 7000

9. Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, was opened in 1973.

[caption id="attachment_34394" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: Pinterest[/caption]

The zoo houses over 315 species of animals with about 16 percent considered to be threatened species. Look out for the white tigers!

[caption id="attachment_34395" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Image Credit: The Telegraph[/caption]

Set in a rainforest environment, the Singapore Zoo is known for their ‘open concept’ where animals live in landscapes and environments that simulate their natural habitat.]

That’s not all, they have various live shows featuring Birds of Prey and Sea Lions!

If you’re looking for a world-class zoological experience, then you should pay a visit to the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo
Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Opening Hours: Daily: 8.30am – 6pm
Contact no.: 6269 3411

10. Southern Ridges & Henderson Waves Bridge

Singapore has always been known as Asia’s Greenest City and what better way to experience the natural greenery on our island city, than taking a hike on the Southern Ridges, a 10km trail that connects the parks along the southern ridge of Singapore.

[caption id="attachment_34396" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Image Credit: DiscoverSG[/caption]

The Southern Ridges trail connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park.

Mount Faber Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore and is connected to Telok Blangah Hill Park by the Henderson Waves bridge.

If you’re looking for great photo opportunities and amazing views of the sunset, keep walking until you reach Henderson Waves bridge.

[caption id="attachment_34397" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: @adventureideas[/caption]

It is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge with a unique wave-form design that forms alcoves that double as shelters with seats within.

The wave-forms are lit with LED lamps at night from 7pm to 2am daily, so you can pop by anytime.

It’s quite cathartic to just be there. Do pack bug spray though; mosquitoes are vicious.

Southern Ridges & Henderson Waves Bridge
Address: Henderson Road, Mount Faber Park, Singapore 099203

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(Header Image Source: Unsplash)

Have A Fab February With These 10 Food And Events To Check Out With Bae

It’s about time January came to an end. It felt like we’ve lived through 5 Mondays but February is finally here.

The month of Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. As usual, we’ve got you covered with exciting events and great food for the month of February.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Play & Discover

1. Gina Yashere Live In Singapore

Gina Yashere is coming to Singapore on 3 February 2018, for a one night only live comedy performance at the Esplanade!

[caption id="attachment_33015" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: The Comedy Club Asia (Singapore) Facebook[/caption]

For those who are unfamiliar with the brilliant work of Gina Yashere, she is a stand-up comedian and TV star in the UK who has had appearances on iconic TV shows such as Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo. You might have also seen her recently on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, as a correspondent.

She is also well known in the US for being the only UK comedian to appear on the iconic Def Comedy Jam, as well as her character as Madam Yashere, The Surly Psychic on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Standard tickets go for $40 and can be purchased here.

Don’t miss this hilarious comic live in Singapore!

Gina Yashere Live In Singapore
Venue: Esplanade Annexe Studio, 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore, 038981
Date: 3 Feb 2018
Price: $40

2. NParks Concert Series In The Park: Rockestra

The first NParks Concert for 2018 will be held on 3 February 2018 at the Fort Canning Park.

[caption id="attachment_33016" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: NParks Facebook[/caption]

Concert-goers can expect retro hits from the ’60s to the ’90s, performed by local musicians such as Jack & Rai, JAWN X M1LDL1FE, Shagies, Umar X Dru Chen, O.K Ready, and ShiLi & Adi.

What’s more, you will be able to add songs to the set list by leaving a comment on the NParks Facebook post, with a song from the ’60s to the ’90s!

Admission is free.

Do check the NParks Facebook page for more updates!

NParks Concert Series In The Park: Rockestra
Venue: Fort Canning Park, Fort Canning Green, Singapore, 179618
Date: 3 Feb 2018

3. Glowbeat x Scape

From 9 to 11 February 2018, Scape Playspace will be host to Glowbeat, the hottest destination for great food, live music and games!

[caption id="attachment_33017" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Image Credit: Glowbeat x Scape Facebook[/caption]

There will be over 20 food and beverage booths and retail booths, live music and dance performances, claw machines, carnival games, an Overwatch exhibition match and even an exclusive illuminated ball pit!

Expect performances from local musicians such as Jasmine Sokko, Inch Chua, TheLionCityBoy, and M1LDL1FE!

That’s not all, if you’re feeling hungry, fill up with street food from Katoshka, Ah Lock Tofu, Be Frank, and many more!

Cancel your weekend plans because Glowbeat x Scape will be the hottest spot in town.

Glowbeat x Scape
Venue: Scape Playspace, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore, 237978
Date: 9 – 11 Feb 2018
Time: 11am – 11pm
Image Credit: Website

5. River Hongbao 2018

Usher in the Year of the Dog with the River Hongbao 2018 from 14 February to 24 February 2018!

[caption id="attachment_33023" align="aligncenter" width="1254"] Image Credit: River Hongbao Facebook[/caption]

The River Hongbao is an annual Chinese New Year event held at The Float@Marina Bay and is the biggest Chinese New Year event in Singapore.

Visitors can expect bright and colourful lantern and light displays, impressive firework displays every night, dance and musical performances, an exhibition on the history and tradition of Chinese New Year, street food stalls, and over 30 amusement rides for the whole family!

You can even try your hand at calligraphy, paper-cutting, stamping, and many other traditional handicrafts!

Admission is free.

River Hongbao 2018
Venue: The Float@Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Ave, Singapore, 039805
Date: 14 Feb – 24 Feb 2018
Image Credit: Kumoya[/caption]

The cafe will be completely redecorated with the Care Bears. While it doesn’t exactly resemble Care-a-lot, this will do.

As with all past iterations of character cafes, what everyone is looking forward to is the themed food, and the Care Bears don’t intend to lose out to the Sanrio characters.

For the pasta lovers, there’s the Kumoya’s Star Attraction ($18.90) which is a classic Pomodoro spaghetti with shitake mushrooms, cherry tomato confit, and parmesan cheese.

[caption id="attachment_32955" align="aligncenter" width="1772"] Kumoya’s Star Attraction ($18.90)[/caption]

If you’re looking for something more substantial, there’s the Cheer-Up Chicken Katsu ($21.90).

[caption id="attachment_32968" align="aligncenter" width="1772"] Cheer-Up Chicken Katsu ($21.90)[/caption]

Were you expecting a chicken cutlet? Because we were. But it’s actually a burger!

A juicy Japanese katsu chicken slathered generously with teriyaki sauce is sandwiched between soft burger buns, topped with a sunny-side up and cheddar cheese, served with a garden salad, crisp fries and mushroom soup.

Every past character cafe has had their own version of Kumoya’s desserts and drinks and this is no exception.

Go for the Rainbow Garden Strawberry Parfait ($18.90) – Strawberry Hokkaido soft serve is served with vanilla pudding, meringue drops, fresh fruits, chocolate sable, a rainbow candy strip and mixed berries sauce.

[caption id="attachment_32979" align="aligncenter" width="1772"] Rainbow Garden Strawberry Parfait ($18.90)[/caption]

That’s not all. End off your meal with their Calpis drinks or special Care Bears teas.

The Cute Cuddly Calpis ($11.90) combines Berry flavoured Calpis with a mountain of fresh cream, while the Magic Mango Strawberry ($11.90) uses Mango Strawberry Calpis with a mountain of fresh cream.

[caption id="attachment_32982" align="aligncenter" width="1772"] Cute Cuddly Calpis & Magic Mango Strawberry ($11.90 each)[/caption]

If you grew up with Care Bears like us, this is one character pop-up cafe that you shouldn’t miss!

Available from 1 February 2018 till 31 March 2018, don’t miss out on a chance to dine in Care-a-lot!

Care Bears x Kumoya
Address: Kumoya, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Date: 1 Feb – 31 Mar 2018

7. Summer Hill

Summer Hill is the newest restaurant to pop up in Sunset Way, serving up affordable French cuisine without GST and service charge.

This cosy bistro serves up simple French fare that is oh-so-simple, yet oh-so-good. Dishes on their Special board as well as sides are rotated weekly so your meal there is always different and exciting.

Must-tries include their Poulet Roti ($23 for half, $45 for whole), the Mustard & Sage Pork Collar ($25), Croque Monsieur ($17.50), and the Orange & Rosemary-Scented Olive Oil Cake With Cream ($3).

The Poulet Roti uses hormone and antibiotic-free chicken that has been marinated with herb butter before it’s roasted to perfection. The result is roast chicken that is juicy yet still retains its skin’s crispiness.

[caption id="attachment_33024" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Muriel A[/caption]

If you’re not a fan of chicken, then the Mustard & Sage Pork Collar is the main dish for you. Tangy, tender, and satisfying. The mustard and sage sauce provides a contrast of flavours, cutting through the heaviness of the tender pork so that you won’t feel jelak.

[caption id="attachment_33025" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Muriel A[/caption]

The Croque Monsieur is basically a levelled-up ham and cheese sandwich. Ham, Swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, and dijon mustard sandwiched between 2 thick slices of grilled sourdough bread.

Sounds like heaven to us. That’s not all, more Swiss cheese is garnished on the top of the sandwich for more cheesy goodness.

[caption id="attachment_33026" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Xing Wei Chua[/caption]

If you’re a fan of French cuisine, or just appreciate comfort food, then you need to drop by Summer Hill next.

Summer Hill
 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-62, Singapore, 120106
Opening Hours: Daily: 11.30am – 9pm
Contact no.: 6251 5337

8. OH MY MANGO Dessert Bar

Hidden away in the suburbs of Jurong West, is OH MY MANGO dessert bar.

This unassuming dessert bar serves up various mango-flavoured food, and one of those is a mean Mango Shibuya Toast ($10.90).

[caption id="attachment_33029" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit: OH MY MANGO Dessert Bar Facebook[/caption]

Soft and fluffy on the inside, while toasted and crispy on the outside, the shibuya toast is topped with mango ice cream, diced mango, almond flakes, drizzled generously with mango sauce, and served with a dollop of whipped cream.

This is basically a mango overload but not in a bad way. If you’re a big fan of mango, you have to try this.

OH MY MANGO dessert bar also has a rather extensive menu of mango-flavoured drinks.

[caption id="attachment_33030" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OH MY MANGO Dessert Bar Facebook[/caption]

A hot favourite among customers is the Matcha Mango Latte ($5.90). A bottom layer of mango bits, followed by a layer of milk, topped off with a layer of matcha.

[caption id="attachment_33031" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Miss Ha[/caption]

This tri-coloured creation might seem like a weird flavour combination, but the slight bitterness of matcha cuts through the sweetness and sometimes too jelak taste of the mango and milk, resulting in a rather interesting flavour.

OH MY MANGO dessert bar is constantly adding new desserts and drinks to their menu, so keep checking their Facebook page to stay up to date!

OH MY MANGO Dessert Bar
Address: Block 762 Jurong West Street 75, #01-334, Gek Poh Shopping Centre, Singapore, 640762
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 10pm
Contact no.: 9066 0426


9. W Market Presents: CNY Pop-up Market

W Market is back again with their CNY Pop-up Market!

From 3 to 4 February 2018, this CNY Pop-up market at Capitol Piazza will feature retail, crafts, and food and beverage vendors.

[caption id="attachment_33032" align="aligncenter" width="1568"] Image Credit: W Market Facebook[/caption]

Patrons can expect to see craft and retail vendors such as Operation Overhaul, Aromamaymay, That Pretty Fairy, Our Bralette Club, BottlesXO, Wild Knots, Sunday Peach, and many more!

If you’re hungry, there will also be food from Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar and many others.

For $35 per person, try your hand at the Paint A Doll workshop by LeArty.Sg.

Gather your friends and family and head down to this CNY pop-up market this weekend!

W Market Presents: CNY Pop-up Market
Venue: Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore, 178905
Date: 3 – 4 Feb 2018

10. CNY Market By FUEGO

From 8 to 10 February 2018, FUEGO is bringing their farmer’s market to Changi City Point.

[caption id="attachment_33034" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: Market By FUEGO[/caption]

There will be various food vendors, selling food made by artisans from all over the world, using fresh produce.

That’s not all, there will also be retail vendors selling their handicrafts and wares.

Head down to CNY Market by FUEGO for some pre-CNY festive shopping and food tasting!

Venue: Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore, 486038
Date: 8 – 10 Feb 2018

These events and food will keep you busy till Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year arrives.

Which event are you most excited for?

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(Header Image Source: NParks Facebook)

7 Halal Steamboat Places To Hit Up With Your Muslim Makan Kakis

Many of us Singaporeans love going for steamboats.

A fun dining experience that offers loads more interaction than if you each ordered a main for yourselves, it’s no wonder restaurants like Hai Di Lao are so popular among families and groups of friends. Unfortunately, halal hot pots are hard to come by in Singapore.

We sussed out all the best Halal certified hot pot places in Singapore. Chinese, Thai, Korean-style – we have them all.

Whether you’re someone who has Muslim friends to take into consideration, or are Muslim yourself, here are 7 Halal certified places where you can get your hot pot fix!

1. Farah Diana Restaurant (Closed)

Located at Changi, Farah Diana Restaurant is a short 5 minute walk from Eunos MRT station.

[caption id="attachment_32019" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit:
Farah Diana Restaurant By Farah Diana Catering – FDCS Facebook[/caption]

One thing we love about this place is the price you pay for an all-you-can-eat. Adults pay just $22, while children aged 5 – 12 pay $15.

The steamboat features all the usual suspects: vegetables, seafood (crab, scallops, mussel, squid) and marinated meats (beef, chicken). You can choose from chicken or tom yum soup for your soup base. There’s also cooked food including fried rice, noodles, and traditional malay kuih.

The sambal and chilli here are top notch, so you’ll want to bring plenty of that to your table!

Take note that Farah Diana Restaurant only accepts cash, so you’ll want to make sure you draw money before you head here to eat!

Price: $22 for adults, $15 for children (5 – 12 years old)

Farah Diana Restaurant
Address: 285 Changi Road Singapore 419764 
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 4pm – 11pm; Fri: : 4pm – 12am; Sat – Sun: 2pm – 12am 
Contact no.: 9107 9792

2. Marina Bay Steamboat @ Satay By the Bay

If you’re ever in the Marina Bay Sands area, you need to try out Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat (MBBS), an alfresco concept buffet at Satay By The Bay.

[caption id="attachment_31947" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: Burpple User Kevin Marling[/caption]

Within walking distance of Gardens By The Bay and Marina Barrage, Marina Bay Steamboat offers up a wide spread of fresh seafood including crayfish, crab, scallops, prawns, and bamboo clams. You can also expect a free flow of meats, vegetables, desserts and soft drinks, so you can stuff yourself silly after a whole day of activity!

All ingredients are prepared fresh daily, so you can be sure you’re eating only the good stuff.

Price: Children 5 – 11 years old: $15 nett | Adults, Mon – Thu: $27 nett | Adults, Fri/Sat: $29 nett | Adults, Eve of PH/PH: $30 nett

Marina Bay Steamboat @ Satay By the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Satay By The Bay, #12/13/14 Marina Bay, Singapore
Opening Hours: Daily, 5pm – 11.45pm
Contact no.: 8180 8112

3. Flame Cafe

Flame Cafe is a hot pot place you’ve probably heard of – but did you know it’s Halal certified?

Located at Tai Seng, a stone’s throw from Tai Seng MRT station, this hot pot spot made waves because of its FOUR tier Pagoda steamboat set up.

[caption id="attachment_31956" align="aligncenter" width="1440"] Image Credit: Flame Cafe[/caption]

The top layer of the 4-Tier Cheesy Hotpot & BBQ Pagoda Steamboat is a steamer.

The second tier is a dipping tier (choose from Cheese, Salted Egg or Mongolian dip), and the next is a BBQ hot plate for grilling. Finally, right at the bottom is a hot pot tier that is divided down the middle so you can enjoy two different soup bases (choose from Chicken, Tom Yum, Mala, Herbal Tonic, Tomato). Talk about having options!

Choose from the Supreme ($38.90/pax), Premium ($29.90/pax) and Deluxe ($19.90/pax) Buffet, which entitles you to different kinds of ingredients to cook with your Pagoda steamboat.

Take note that the Pagoda steamboat set is only available after 3pm.

Flame Cafe
Address: Level 1 Centro Bianco Building, 73 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534818
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 10am – 1am; Fri – Sat: 10am – 3am; Sun: 10am – 1am
Contact no.: 6288 6346
Image Credit: Burpple User Alex Chua[/caption]

Lukhon Thai prides itself in its selection of authentic Northern Thai meat marinates and delicious chilli dip. Seriously, the chilli dip is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy and salty, and is super shiok when paired with the food you’re cooking.

For the soup, you get to choose between Chicken and Tom Yum soup (we recommend the latter). Like most Mookata places, you can choose from the pre-set platters, or you can order your favourites individually. They have beef, chicken, seafood, mushrooms – everything you need for a delicious, soul-warming Mookata.

Lukhon Thai
110 Pasir Ris Central, #02-05 Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, Singapore 519641
Contact no.: 9675 5849

5. Makan Makan (Closed)

Located at the quaint, secluded Punggol Ranch is Makan-Makan.

Decorated with equestrian elements, Makan-Makan lets you cook your food hot pot (choose between a tom yum or chicken soup base) and grill style.

[caption id="attachment_32023" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: Burpple User Raine Liu[/caption]

The buffet line here includes a host of greens, marinated meats like beef, chicken, mutton, and duck, and has an entire section dedicated to seafood! You can expect everything from flower crabs to crayfish, mussels and scallops.

There is also a section of cooked food that includes simple fare like chicken wings, nuggets, and spring rolls! Pair your food with carbs like mee goreng and carbonara, and you’re in for a delicious meal.

Price: $26 on weekdays, $29 on weekends

Address: 900 Punggol Road End, Singapore 829168
Opening Hours: Tue – Fri: 3pm – 11pm; Sat & Sun: 12pm – 12am; Closed on Mon
Contact no.: 8571 0203

6. Yummy Veggie

Another buffet concept, Yummy Veggie International Buffet & Steamboat Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant that plates up a delicious array of international vegetarian cuisine and steamboat, in a buffet concept.

[caption id="attachment_31957" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: 7. Mukshidonna

Muslim folks who love Korean Army Stew, Mukshidonna will be your saving grace!

[caption id="attachment_32022" align="aligncenter" width="960"]
Image Credit: Burpple User Jia Yi Ho[/caption]

Located at Downtown East, Pasir Ris, Mukshidonna is a popular chain restaurant from Seoul that is known for two things: budae jjigae (Korean army stew) with tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes).

Each serving of Army Stew costs $13.90, and comes with tteokbokki, odaeng (Korean fishcakes), vegetables, and gochujang (red chilli paste) stew. You can add all your favourite ingredients into your Army Stew at an additional cost of $3 per serving. Think: dumplings, mussels, sausages, and our favourite – cheese!

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-324, E!Avenue, Singapore 519599
Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30am – 10pm 

The next time you’re in the mood for steamboat, be sure to hit up these restaurants! Many of these are buffet-style, so hang back and don’t leave until you’re sure you’ve had your fill!

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(Header Image Source: Burpple User Kevin Marling)

Have A Furry Merry X’mas At Changi This Year As Hello Kitty And Friends Take Over Our Airport

From Disney to Pokemon, Changi Airport has always been outdoing their own Christmas themes every year. And this year is no different.

Following the opening of the Hello Kitty cafe in May 2016, the Changi Airport group has decided to go with Sanrio characters for this year’s Christmas theme!

[caption id="attachment_31355" align="aligncenter" width="602"] Characters such as Gudetama, Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty will be part of the Sanrio lineup.[/caption]

Hello Kitty will be bringing her other famous friends to Changi Airport Terminal 3 this Christmas!

Say Hello To Hello Kitty And Friends

Starting from 17 November, be enchanted by Changi’s first ever indoor drone show which will feature up to 40 drones working in formation to produce a spectacular light show!

That’s not all, Hello Kitty and her friends will also be performing enchanting songs and dances for everyone!

[caption id="attachment_31358" align="aligncenter" width="533"] Image Credit: Facebook User Alice King[/caption]

If you’re looking for photo opportunities, look no further. Changi’s Mystical Garden will be lined with life-sized Sanrio characters, a gazebo, as well as a treehouse that’s topped with Hello Kitty’s signature ribbon!

[caption id="attachment_31356" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @changiairport[/caption] [caption id="attachment_31359" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit: Changi Airport[/caption]

But wait, there’s more! Sanrio fans and visitors can also purchase the plushies of the characters and participate in fun activities at the event area located opposite the Terminal 3 Check In Row 11!

So gather your friends and families this festive season, and head down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for a very merry Sanrio Christmas!

Hello Kitty & Friends At Changi Airport
Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 3
Date: 17 Nov

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(Header Image Source: Changi Airport)

This Hawker Stall May Be Low-Key, But Its Soy Sauce Chicken Rice Is Hai Kee Amazing

Chicken rice is a dish that’s close to many Singaporeans’ hearts.

A dish that inspires fierce, unwavering loyalty among Singaporeans, many of us chicken rice fans have a favourite stall we rarely stray from.

[caption id="attachment_31026" align="alignnone" width="2936"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

If you love chicken rice, here’s a contender you should definitely check out – Hai Kee.

With two locations – one at Changi and one at Bedok – ‘Hai Kee’, which roughly translates to ‘remember the sea’, is a chicken rice stall that has been around since 1959.

[caption id="attachment_31020" align="alignnone" width="1280"] L-R: Joseph Wang, James Wang (Image Credit: Chee Kuen)[/caption]

Originally located at Upper Cross Street, this hawker stall is easy to spot with its bright red signboard. Specialising in soy sauce chicken rice, Hai Kee is run by a pair of young hawkers – Joseph Wang and his younger brother, James Wang.

Chicken That’s Soy Delicious

It probably goes without saying that the best-seller at Hai Kee is its signature soy sauce chicken.

A Cantonese style of cooking chicken that involves braising the chicken in soy sauce, Hai Kee’s version is tender and packed with delicious savoury flavour.

The chicken is poached to perfection and is left to rest for a few minutes before serving, which is what gives the meat its tender quality.

[caption id="attachment_31023" align="alignnone" width="3024"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

Choose to have your meat with either rice — cooked in a garlic- and ginger-infused broth and chicken fat — or egg noodles.

As with many other hawker stalls, you can order ‘xiao de‘ (small), ‘zhong de‘ (medium) or ‘da de‘ (large).

The Superior Soy Sauce Chicken Rice is $3.50 for a small serving, $4.50 for a medium serving, and $5.50 for a large serving, while the Superior Soy Sauce Noodle is $3.80, $4.80, and $5.80 for a small, medium, and large serving respectively.

[caption id="attachment_31033" align="alignnone" width="3024"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

Even though the soy sauce chicken is the crowd favourite, Hai Kee’s char siew is an absolute must try.

Roasted in-house, Hai Kee uses pork belly meat to make its char siew. The meat is marinated overnight and is freshly roasted daily with Hai Kee’s secret caramelised sauce. Succulent and bursting with flavour, the meat is the perfect mix of sweet and savoury, and will leave you hankering for more.

The Char Siew Rice is $3.50, $4.50, and $5.50 for a small, medium, and large serving respectively, while the Char Siew Noodle is $3.80, $4.80, and $5.80 for a small, medium, and large serving respectively.

[caption id="attachment_31025" align="alignnone" width="3018"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

Any chicken rice lover worth his salt will know that the sauces are just as important as the flavours on the plate – and Hai Kee’s definitely pack a punch.

If you can’t live without your chilli, dip your meats into Hai Kee’s chilli sauce! Prepared with two varieties of chilli – bird eyed chilli and big red chilli – the sauce is finished off with a dash of lime juice, giving it a bright, zingy twist.

Hai Kee has also created two ginger dipping sauces for its customers. Its ‘sha jiang’ ginger is a chunkier dip that is more reminiscent of the ginger sauce we’re familiar with. Aside from that, Hai Kee has also created a sweet-sour version that goes superbly with its chilli sauce.

Hai Kee also serves roasted pork and vegetables such as Oyster Sauce Vegetables ($3/small, $5/large) and Beansprouts with Cuttlefish ($3/small, $5/large) if you want more variety on your plate.

A New School Brand With Old School Flavour

While Hai Kee has undergone a huge rebranding, ditching its original, more traditional signboard for a modern aesthetic, the food and flavours have not changed; the chicken and roast here taste every bit like the Hai Kee Singaporeans have come to know and love, but with an updated presentation.

[caption id="attachment_31024" align="alignnone" width="2881"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

One thing you’ll notice when you eat at Hai Kee is that, unlike many chicken rice stalls these days, it serves its rice in a bowl. The old way of eating rice, the duo wanted to do this because they felt that the rice is more fragrant when eaten like this, instead of on a plate.

At Hai Kee, the food is served in traditional-style crockery, making you feel as if you’re having a comforting home-cooked meal, while also evoking a sense of nostalgia.

If you’re keen to have a taste of Hai Kee’s chicken rice, be warned — both its Changi and Bedok branches see long queues on weekends, so be prepared to wait! Otherwise, your best bet is to drop in on a weekday.

While Hai Kee may be a little out of the way for some of us, you can rest assured that the trip will be well worth your while. And if you can’t travel out for a taste, hey, they’re on all the food delivery apps – Deliveroo, FoodPanda, honestbee, and UberEATS.

With mouth-watering soy sauce chicken and tasty roasts, you’ll be wanting seconds while you’re at Hai Kee!

[caption id="attachment_31214" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Image Credit: Hai Kee[/caption]

Hai Kee
Address: Kim San Leng Coffeeshop, 324T Changi Road S419799
Opening Hours: 9am – 6.30pm, while stock lasts; Kitchen is closed every Friday
Contact no.: 9459 2494

Address: Food Loft Coffeeshop, Blk 217 Bedok North St 01 S460217
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm, while stock lasts; Kitchen is closed on alternate Tuesdays
Contact no.: 9835 0099

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Changi Airport Terminal 4 Automated Not Just The Departure Process, But Also Its Cleaning Aunties

Changi Airport has long been a source of national pride and joy.

A world class airport that’s received multiple awards and accolades, it seems Changi Airport can do no wrong. With the unveiling of Terminal 4, Changi Airport has upped the ante, especially on the tech front.

The theme of Changi Terminal 4 is “vibrant, fun and positively surprising”, and passing through the airport, there are fun, surprising features lurking in places you might not expect. With petal motifs, an eclectic array of chairs and seating surfaces, and rounded lines permeating the space, the vibe of this terminal is certainly a change from that of Changi’s other terminals.

A Fully Automated Departure Process

One key difference between Terminal 4 and the rest of the terminals is that T4 boasts a fully automated departure process – a feature that may be particularly exciting for those of you who are constantly travelling.

[caption id="attachment_28582" align="alignnone" width="6720"] Automated Check-In Kiosks[/caption]

This automation is helped by state-of-the-art facial recognition technology that’s integrated within the self-service stations that span every point of the departure process, from check-in to bag drop, to immigration, to boarding.

The benefit of that to travelers? Less queues, less waiting around, and greater convenience in general.

Many of you may already be familiar with some of these technologies, such as the automated check-in kiosk, automated bag drop and automated immigration gate. While not entirely new, T4 has implemented an added layer of security (i.e Facial Recognition Technology) to several of these self-service stations, i.e. bag drop and immigration.

At these stages, the self-service station will verify your identity with the use of photo captures of your face.

[caption id="attachment_28585" align="alignnone" width="6720"] Automatic Boarding Gate[/caption]

The boarding gate is also automated, and will also comprise a photo verification step. Hopefully, this will mean shorter waiting times when boarding your flight!

Centralised Security Screening

Owing to its relatively small size, Changi’s Terminal 4 will have a centralised security screening. That is, instead of getting your carry-on items checked at your gate, all passengers will have their carry-on luggage screened at one place.

This stage of the departure process boasts some shiny new pieces of tech and a long overdue solution to the bottlenecks that happen in the carry-on items screening process.

Instead of having to use multiple trays and to remove your laptop, phone, and all your devices at this point, at T4, you can just dump all your carry-on items into one large tray, and push that onto the conveyor belt. The items are then passed through a stronger hospital grade Computed Tomography scan for screening.

Bags that are good to go are streamed into one lane, and bags that are flagged are streamed into a second lane, where a security officer will instruct you to open your bag for a manual check. For bags that have no issue, simply remove your item(s). The tray will then disappear down a slot and be returned to the start of the line!

Automated Cleaning Auntie

Another thing – or job – that’s been automated at Changi’s Terminal 4 is cleaning.

[caption id="attachment_28586" align="alignnone" width="6720"] Cleaning Auntie Robot[/caption]

You’ll notice adorable robots like these rolling around the airport, keeping the complex clean.

Dressed in the same yellow uniform as Changi’s cleaning staff, these “cleaning aunties” are able to detect objects in front of them, and will stop when an obstruction is detected; just make sure you don’t get in the way of them doing their jobs!

Immersive Entertainment Experiences

Those of us who’ve been to the airport often enough will know one thing about Changi Airport – it’s big on art.

With T4, Changi delivers a spectacular art-entertainment display in 2 locations – the Central Departure Security Screening Area and the Heritage Zone.

[caption id="attachment_28591" align="alignnone" width="1521"] Image Credit: Changi Airport Group[/caption]

At the Central Departure Screening Area, you’ll find a 70m x 5m Immersive Wall. The LED display will show 1 of 17 different immersive pieces of content, each of which lasts between 2 – 4 minutes. Every 10 minutes, you’ll be treated to either a mesmerising display of ASEAN landmarks, the iconic sights and skyline of Singapore (e.g the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade), or an animation that will delight both young and old!

Another feature that floored us was the Peranakan Love Story at the Heritage Zone.

[caption id="attachment_28580" align="alignnone" width="1738"] Image Credit: Changi Airport Group[/caption]

Upon entering the Heritage Zone, you’ll see a stretch of colourful shophouses. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that if viewed from left to right, it shows the evolution of this style of home, from the Baroque design (1880 – 1900), to the Rococo style (1910-1920), to the Peranakan style (1920 -1936), to Modern decor (1936 – 1950).

A beautiful facade, you wouldn’t think two of these shophouses are in fact LED screens – that is, until it transforms into a theatre.

The digital wall transitions seamlessly into a theatre, screening the stunning Peranakan Love Story. The six-minute musical tells the story of a romance between two next door neighbors who are both passionate musicians. Look closely and you’ll notice familiar faces including Adrian Pang, Benjamin Kheng, Koh Chieng Mun and Amy Cheng. Created in collaboration with Singaporean composer and artiste, Dick Lee, the film is a visual spectacle with its effortless transitions and charming story.

See It All For Yourselves!

Curious to check out the tech and art for yourselves?

You won’t have to wait much longer because Changi Airport Terminal 4 will be conducting an open house from 7 – 20 August!

Head down, check out all the brand new features, and fantasize about your next adventure abroad while you’re there!

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This ‘EZ-Link System’ For Beer Lets You Drink To Your Heart’s Content And Pay By The Millilitre

If craft beers are your thing, you’ll love this down-to-earth establishment in eastern Singapore.

Tucked away in the coastal Changi Village is Little Island Brewing Co., a quaint little bar and bistro with much to say for itself.

[caption id="attachment_27257" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Be your own bartender with LIBC’s most unique feature–beer you tap yourself.

All you’ve got to do is grab a stored value card, pick your poison, and sample as much as you like! Prices are tagged to the volume of liquid goodness you dispense.

[caption id="attachment_27259" align="aligncenter" width="839"] Image Credit:
LIBC originals include the refreshing Pale Ale (Whiter Shade of Pale), Golden Ale (Sister Golden Ale), Red Ale (Ruby Tuesday), Singapore Pale Ale (Oh Yeah) and creamy Irish Dry Stout (Black Magic).

Behind the vats is Stephen Spinney, an award-winning British brew master with more than a dozen years of professional brewing experience.

[caption id="attachment_27258" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit:
His craft beers are nothing short of authentic and delicious. Brewed in small batches on site, they’re all unfiltered, unfined and unpasteurised.

What’s best, with affordability at the heart of the business, you’ll only pay about $2 to $3 for 100 millilitres of happy juice.

That’s prices starting at just $10 a pint!

Succulent Meats

As tempting as it is to fill up on beer, you’ll want to spare some room for the (often beer-infused) food.

The dishes served at LIBC are just as mouth-watering, and are matches made in heaven with the drinks.

[caption id="attachment_27260" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit:
Their top-notch slow-cooked meats is the must-try here.

The signature beer belly pork is marinated in coffee, chilli and cumin, while the 15-hour smoked beef brisket comes with Memphis slaw, horseradish dressing and chimichurri sauce.

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Image Credit: There’s also short rib burger with Monterey jack and air dried Spanish ham, as well as fish ‘n’ chips–beer-battered sea bass fresh from the kelong.

And bite on this: their hearty set lunches go for just $15, while dinner is only $16.

The Venue

Large tanks of beer equipment, concrete counters and communal wooden tables furnish the 10,000 square foot space.

The whole rustic atmosphere, especially the alfresco area, reminds us of an Australian beer garden.

[caption id="attachment_27261" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: The fermentation tanks on display and the ’60s psychedelic-inspired beer labels add an unforgettable quirk too.

With views through the trees and the sea just a stroll away, this is one place where your afternoon could easily leak into a chill evening session.

Little Island Brewing Co.
Address: Block 6 Changi Village Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 509907
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 12pm – 11pm; Fri & Sat: 12pm – 12am
Contact no.: 6543 9100
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