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  • With Over 1,000 Stalls, This Year’s Geylang Bazaar Will Keep You Coming Back For More

    The month of Ramadhan is a few weeks away and while it holds plenty of cultural and religious significance for Muslims all over the world, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t join in on the festivities. Two cultural events worth checking out every Ramadhan are the annual Hari Raya Light-Up and the Geylang Serai Baazar. […]

  • For The Budget Singaporean: 6 Best Spots To Get Christmas Decorations On The Cheap!

    With Christmas around the corner, it is inevitable to overspend during this festive period. What’s more with Christmas shopping and scrumptious festive food. Hoping to save a few bucks while decorating your humble abode? Fret not, DiscoverSG has collated a list of 6 places where you can get cheap Christmas decorations without burning a hole in your pocket! […]

  • Dessert Buffets In Singapore: So You Can Gorge On Ice Cream, Cakes & Chocolate!

    If you thought that normal buffets were sinful then well, you might want to rethink that thought. In this list, we’ll present you dessert buffets in Singapore because we know everyone loves desserts. We always somehow have space for dessert, no matter how full we are, no? 1. Club 55’s Cheese and Chocolate Buffet Can’t decide between […]

  • What If We Told You, You’ve Been Choosing Your Christmas Gifts Wrong All Along?

    Let’s be honest, while we Singaporeans love Christmas (the lights, the food, the endless parties and get-togethers!), picking out the perfect gifts for family and friends can be pretty tough. We can readily admit that pinning down that unique, extra special and thoughtful gift for a loved one is no easy feat. Chances are, after […]

  • One Kind House: The Modern Kampung That Serves Homely Food

    Singapore’s kampung days might be long gone, but there’s a hole in the wall establishment in heritage-rich East Coast that is hell bent on preserving our unique culture. Enter One Kind House, a modern, 60’s inspired kampung with an eclectic touch. They’re open for food and drinks from Tuesday to Sunday, 8am – 5pm – but […]

  • 6 Kid-Friendly Eateries Perfect For Parents Who Want To FINALLY Enjoy Their Meals!

    Mealtimes can sometimes be a battlefield especially when taking your young ones out to restaurants. For a quiet (and calm) mealtime when dining out, check out these 6 awesome family friendly restaurants with tons of stuff to keep your little ones occupied! Cool de Sac This massive entertainment center for kids is a child’s heaven like […]