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  • This Pop-Up Exhibition Will Show 16 Game Of Thrones-Themed Pencil Sculptures That Are Stunningly Detailed

    Fans of the gruesome, epic Game of Thrones, here’s a special announcement you’ll definitely appreciate: there will be a pop-up exhibition featuring sculptures from your favourite HBO series on a rather unique medium–pencils! Yep, unlike the large, life-sized structures that probably came to mind, this exhibition features very, very tiny sculptures, carved into the tips of […]

  • Durian Fiesta Is Back With 14 Types Of Durian Dessert You’ll Definitely Want To Try

    Durian lovers, durian season comes early this year at the annual Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel! Back for its 34th run, the event celebrates all things durian, giving the King of Fruit the honour it rightly deserves. This year’s festivities stretches from 10 March to 31 July, boasting a total of 14 premium confections featuring […]

  • 10 Uniquely Singaporean Cocktails You Can’t Find Anywhere Else In The World

    In the 1900s, the first cocktail with a local twist was born: the Singapore Sling. Fast forward 100+ years later, and we are seeing a new wave of locally inspired cocktails handcrafted all over bars in Singapore!  These unconventional concoctions are the genius works of Singaporean bartenders who have delved deep into their roots to create drinks […]

  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima To Come To Singapore In March!

    GUYS! Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima will be here in Singapore on 10 March, IN THE FLESH. This is not a drill! Here to launch VS’s new Body by Victoria collection at its flagship store in Mandarin Gallery, the sultry Brazilian supermodel with abs of steel will also be signing autographs from 6 – 8pm […]

  • A Super Insta-Worthy and Trendy Hotel Has Just Opened In Singapore

    Looking for a new place for a quick stay-cay? Look no further than the trendy and very insta-worthy Warehouse Hotel that just opened at Robertson Quay! The hotel recently opened in January this year, and used to be a heritage building that was built in 1895. The warehouse, previously know as a ‘godown‘, was originally owned by one of the […]

  • 7 Crazy Things You Won’t Believe Singaporeans Would Eat (Or Sell!)

    Remember the television show ‘Fear Factor’? The show where contestants would face their fears, which often required them to do gross things like bob their heads in tubs of blood or eat live earthworms. Despite it being a blood-curdling, stomach-churning 60 minutes, it was hard to look away. What if you could experience Fear Factor for yourself, […]