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  • From Surviving Horrific Monsters To Epic Intergalactic Battles, Escape Reality At V-Room Singapore

    Want to know what the future looks like? With virtual reality, now you can! Experience anything from fighting intergalactic invaders to surviving terrifying monsters with a virtual reality experience. Rather than spend thousands on a lonely VR experience at home (~$2000 for a good gaming PC + ~$600 for a VR headset), have a ball in another […]

  • For The Budget Singaporean: 6 Best Spots To Get Christmas Decorations On The Cheap!

    With Christmas around the corner, it is inevitable to overspend during this festive period. What’s more with Christmas shopping and scrumptious festive food. Hoping to save a few bucks while decorating your humble abode? Fret not, DiscoverSG has collated a list of 6 places where you can get cheap Christmas decorations without burning a hole in your pocket! […]

  • Trick Or Treat In Singapore: The Best 7 Places To Get Spooked This Halloween!

    Unknown to many, the good old Halloween tradition of trick or treating is very much alive here. There are several trick or treat activities and places in Singapore – complete with elaborate decorations and houses that do give out awesome sweets! This Halloween, get your entire family and friends decked out in Singapore-related Halloween costumes […]

  • BAKE Cheese Tart Continues Singapore Invasion At Its Second Outlet In Westgate Mall!

      Cheese. Us Singaporeans love it, give to us on fries, melted from a wheel and even in a tart! Cheese baked tarts have become a Singaporean favourite in the past few months with cheese tarts popping up in bakeries and cafes alike! One cheese baked tart that has been become especially popular with Singaporeans […]

  • Hai Di Lao Tips: Essential Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money, And More!

    Hai Di Lao? Yes, you heard it. When it comes to this legendary hotpot establishment, tales abound. By now, you must have amassed your own encyclopaedia of “black market” Hai Di Lao tips to take your Hai Di Lao experience to greater heights. To add to your plethora of knowledge, we have gone undercover and infiltrated […]

  • Apple iPhone 7 Launch Has Descended Upon Us – Avoid These Places Until The Hype Dies Down

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you must have heard about the iPhone 7. Rumours of the newest Apple iPhone being headphone jack-less and a duel camera proved to be true when Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) introduced our newest obsession (we want it, we need it, we gotta have […]