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  • 7 Best Places For Team Sports: Grab Them Buddies & Get Some Exercise!

    Ask any kid what their favourite lesson in school is, and the answer will no doubt be, “PE lesson!” The days of school and PE lessons were undoubtedly one of the fondest times of our lives. I’m sure we all remember how much fun we had bonding and competing with our classmates and teammates in a […]

  • Here’s A Look At Singapore’s First Green And Car Free New HDB Town Tengah!

    Tengah: The Newest Greenest Singapore Estate Just yesterday (8 Sept), the Minister for National Development, Lawrence Wong unveiled plans for Singapore’s 24th HDB town, Tengah (Bet you can’t name all the 24 HDB towns in under 2 minutes!). The new estate is part of Government efforts to transform the West to be Singapore’s next CBD. It’s […]

  • 5 Adult Playgrounds That Will Make You Feel Like A Child Again

    Living in Singapore isn’t just about malls and shopping (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE malls and shopping), you can find some pretty exhilarating and unique things to do on our tiny island. We sourced out some of the best adult playgrounds you can find across Singapore! 1. BOUNCE (Imagre credit: Timeout Singapore) Growing up […]

  • Be The Best With These Rare Pokemon! We Included Their Exact Spawn Locations!

    If you’ve been out playing Pokemon Go all week, you probably know that Pokemon-spawning areas are virtually everywhere. However, where are the rare pokemon locations? There are some specific locales in Singapore that are home to rare and powerful Pokemon. We’re here to let you in on the rare pokemon locations, so you can find all […]

  • Singaporeans Are Going Crazy Over Pokemon Go! Here’s The Evidence!

    When baked cheese tart hit our shores, we thought the queue was crazy. But when Pokemon Go landed in Singapore, Singaporeans take crazy to a whole new level! Day or night, shine or very hot sunshine, Singaporeans are all out Poke-hunting and we have the evidence! 1. Hougang is gungho…real gungho When word about “rare” Pokemon […]

  • Thought You Knew All About Singapore? Here Are 10 Uncommon Places That’ll Guarantee A New Experience

    Even if you’re not going abroad, you can look to our very own humble abode for fun things to do and places to explore. Singapore isn’t just about Orchard Road or Gardens by the Bay. We’re almost as sick of these places as you are! Well, fret not! Come the weekend, you can look forward […]