10 Things You Never Knew You Can Do At Changi Airport! #7 Is A Must Try!

  1. The Shopping Experience

We’re all aware that there’s shopping to be done at Changi Airport, but did you had any inkling as to how much shopping can be done? The airport carries no less than 400 brands of products from Uniqlo to Cotton On, and the only worry for the shopaholic should be to keep an eye on their boarding time.

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  1. Enjoy A Massage

Whether machine-operated or a fish spa massage, Changi Airport offers both for the weary traveller. Those yearning for a human touch can find manicures and pedicures at an Airport Wellness Oasis near Gate D on Level 2.

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  1. Resting Areas

The resting areas are scattered across every terminal of the Changi airport for passengers looking to catch a quick forty winks.

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  1. Splash Around In The Rooftop Pool

Located at Terminal 1 on Level 3, Changi Airport’s swimming pool boasts a view of the airport runway and parking bays, where hotel residents can order light refreshments at a poolside bar and get a suntan. Non-residents are required to pay a fee of $13.91 for the use of this deluxe pool.

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  1. Greenery Within Changi Airport

Singapore is referred to as a ‘Garden City’, so is it any surprise that its very own airport is in abundance of gardens? The national flower deserves its very own garden.

Orchid Garden (Terminal 2 Level 2, Transit Area)

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Sunflower Garden (Terminal 2 Level 3, Transit Area)

Where better for a sunflower garden to be situated than above the airport’s long runways?

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Cactus Garden (Terminal 1 Level 3, Transit Area)

Where intellectual thinkers go to do some hard thinking.

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Butterfly Garden (Terminal 3 Level 2 and 3, Transit Area)

A beautiful home to hundreds of butterflies, where you’re likely to witness a birth of a butterfly if you’re patient enough.

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Enchanted Garden (Terminal 2 Level 2, Transit Area)

A technogically-operated garden with LED lightings and motion sensors that’s giving natural gardens a run for its money.

  1. Peranakan Woodblock Rub

The Peranakan woodblock rub stations, located in Terminals 1 – 3 at the Changi Airport, is a remembrance to a popular artform in the early days of Singapore where artists used the technique to print text and images onto paper before the invention of modern print. You can make your own woodblock print with icons inspired by pop culture.

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  1. Singapore’s Tallest Slide

‘The Slide’ is well, the not-so-witty name of a four storey tall tube in Terminal 3, apparently Singapore’s tallest slide according to Changi Airport themselves. A must-ride for the children and the young at heart, or if you’re just fed up with how slow the escalators are.

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  1. Socialise At The Social Tree

At an airport this lavish, anyone would be brimming with urgency to document their experience. The Social Tree is an interactive structure made up of dozens of television sets and aluminium bars as its ‘trunk’, allowing visitors to capture pictures of themselves and store them as virtual memories via the eight interactive booths surrounding it. Unlike natural trees however, The Social Tree is closed 1am – 5am daily for maintenance purposes.

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  1. Watch a movie in the Entertainment Deck (Terminal 2 Level 3, Transit Area)

Cinemas opened 24/7, decked out with the proper theatric sound systems, cushy seats, the whole works, all free-of-charge. If it was anywhere else, you would have to see it to believe it. You’ll find video gaming consoles too.

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  1. Changi airport is almost an art museum in itself


  1. Bonus: A free city tour of Singapore

If you are a transit commuter, you can also register for a free two-hour tour with a selection between the Heritage Tour or a City Lights Tour. Tourists can choose to experience our cultural diversity at the streets of Little India or Chinatown, or if they’d rather, the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay. But with an airport this magnificent, why bother leaving for the city?

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