cbd food

cbd food

Hidden Hawker Fare In The CBD, So Lunch Doesn’t Have To Cost Over $5

If you're tired of burning a hole in your wallet from eating $10 lunches everyday, here are some delicious hidden (and not so hidden) hawker gems that will ease the burden on your wallets.

At Just $10 A Bowl, This Wagyu Beef Donburi Will Have You Dashing For It Like A Mad Cow

Newly opened in Amoy Street Food Centre, Gyu Nami only has one item on its menu: Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi, priced at $10 each.

Popular Omotesando Koffee Is Coming To S’pore So We Can Get Caffeinated In Style

The famous Omotesando Koffee which draws crowds in Hong Kong and Tokyo is finally bringing their beans and their brew to our sunny little island.