Disneyland Singapore – A ‘Could Have Been’ For Singapore

1. Disney Castle
(Image credit: 1. The Walt Disney Company Needed Land

Lower Seletar BEFORE
(Image credit: Vicuna Family Blog)

The Walt Disney companyTheme Park
(Image credit: that theme parks should not be funded by the government and should be essentially run by the private sector (If you didn’t already know, USS is owned by Genting Singapore, a company of the Genting Group).

For a long while, there wasn’t any other news of a Disneyland being built in Singapore. Until 2006, where it was AFter(Image credit: Singapore Through My Eyes)

For now, the Lower Seletar Reservoir still stands with only small developments making it a nice place to sit and chat during cool evenings. While we might just have to settle for Universal Studios for the foreseeable future, I just keep thinking won’t it be AMAZING if a new amusement park was developed at this scenic stretch? It’ll definitely boost Yishun’s street cred!

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