malay food

malay food

Long-Lost Malay Dish ‘Nasi Beringin’ Revived At Yishun: It Was Once Served To Royalty In The 1890s

Nasi Beringin was once sold in Singapore for a short period of time in the 1950s but gradually disappeared from the local Malay food scene.

This Aroi Mak Nasi Ambeng Swaps Rendang And Achar For Green Curry And Mango Salad

Nasi Ambeng is a classic Javanese dish that is usually shared between 3 to 4 people.The dish consists of a mountain of rice in the middle of the platter, surrounded by other traditional Javanese dishes. However, the version at Sticky Rice stands out from the rest with their Thai Style Nasi Ambeng.

These Exotic Ang Ku Kuehs Are On A Kueh-st To Conquer Your ‘grams And Tastebuds

Kueh Ho Jiak hopes to bring the humble kueh to the new 'gram loving, health conscious generation in Singapore by changing up its taste and appearance.