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Everyone knows the scene in the movies whereby waking up seems to be a dreamy and cheery process. But if you are reading, you probably know that it is far from the truth.

1. The daily struggle to even get out of bed

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The amount of willpower to get you out of bed probably amounts to what it takes to climb Mount Everest.

The only difference is that you don’t get to choose whether you have to get out of bed or not. Whyyyy? 

Image credit: tumblr
Image credit: tumblr

2. Setting multiple alarms because there can never be too many 



And yet you still managed to snooze through every single one of them without fail.

Image credit: Metro
Image credit: Metro

3. That moment when you wake up before the alarm rings 

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And you lie there just waiting and hoping you can fall back asleep before it rings.

4. Morning people annoy the hell out of you 

Every morning when you see all those cheerful and chirpy morning people around you, you just can’t take it. Cause you never understand how can someone have this much energy and you want to scowl at them so badly.

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You hope that they will stay at least 50m away from you because you don’t need this much positivity in your life this early in the day.

5. Anything before noon is too early

You just can’t get your brain to function properly in the morning and there’s this inertia before you can get your engine started. Therefore, your default reply to anything before 12pm is no. Just no. And it is perfectly acceptable.


Except anything related to coffee or food.

6. The daily battle travelling to work 

Squeezing in the MRT trains in the morning is the second WORST part of every morning for you. (the first is waking up)

When you see this every morning, you ask yourself why you do this to yourself.

Image credit: ninetyknot32
Image credit: ninetyknot32

7. What is morning exercise? Can eat one? 

When your friends jio you to go to the gym in the morning and you give them that look.

Image credit: giphy
Image credit: giphy

“Sorry bro, I don’t do mornings.”

8. The only brunch you go for is All-Day Brunch

Brunch is meant to be a meal before lunch, but to you, the only thing that defines it is the food served.

You thank the heavens for places that serve all day breakfast or brunches because whoever said that breakfast needed to be taken before noon?

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9. Coffee is your only BFF in the morning 

Nope sorry, not even your mum, best friend or significant other can make you feel better in the morning.

Only coffee will.

“Uncle, one Kopi-O gao!”

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10. You just want everyone to shut up in the morning

Image credit: ifunny
Image credit: ifunny

11. You regret everything you did last night

Stayed up all night watching your favorite Kdrama or playing DOTA? Or went clubbing the night before?

You regret the choices you made the day before but then again, the cycle repeats itself and you never learn.

Image credit: tumblr
Image credit: tumblr

At least you are productive at night right?

12. The happiest part of the day is when you are finally reunited with your bed 

Bedtime! 🙂

Image credit: Mashable
Image credit: Mashable

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