Singapore’s local food is something that will always makes us uniquely Singapore. So much so that we hear foreigners and tourists frequently raving about our culturally diverse local food and its no secret that we are known for our Chilli Crab (even though we know we are definitely more than that 😉 ). And somehow, we always manage to copy food from all over the world, and adapt it to suit our unforgiving Singaporean tastebuds.

Image credit: SG Food on Foot
Image credit: SG Food on Foot

Growing up in Singapore, local food has been an integral part of many of our lives. But for some of us, our immeasurable love for local food haunts us constantly especially when we are overseas. If you are one of those that die die also must have local food, you might find these familiar.

1. You have long mastered the art of ordering Coffee and Tea at the Hawker Centres

“Uncle, one Teh-C siew dai peng dapao!”

Let's Talk Local4-1
Image credit: SGN

You don’t understand how anyone will get confused or won’t know how to order what they want. Aiyo how can? There’s simply no excuse for that!

But you are always eager to help and educate any confused angmoh or foreigner.

Image credit: tumblr
Image credit: tumblr

2. And of course the art of ordering noodles 

Image credit: tumblr
Image credit: SGN

You will actually hunt down Chinese Singaporeans who are clueless over this and give them an hour long lecture.

3. Whenever you are overseas, you only crave for Singaporean food 

That moment when you’ve landed in Europe after a 12 long flight and all you ever want to eat is some Chicken rice, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Prata, Kway Chap… Jialat sia. 

And then you remember this is only the start of the torture of not having local food for the next few days…or weeks…or months.

Image credit: deviant art
Image credit: deviant art

Oh the horror.

4. Forever comparing other countries’ local food with Singaporean local food when you are overseas

Maybe it’s just your undying love for our local food or some psychological belief, but you can’t understand how other countries’ local food can even hold a candle to ours. And you refuse to believe in a difference between Ice Kacang and Bingsu because Bingsu is just the ‘ripoff, act atas’ version of Ice Kacang.



5. You are willing to work for your food 

You are willing to travel all the way from the West to Bedok 85 for Bar Chor Mee and BBQ Chicken Wings. And you are a strong believer that queues are telltale signs of good food.

The longer the queue, the better.

Image credit: Cavin Teo
Image credit: Cavin Teo

You won’t hesitate to queue 45mins for the famous Char Kway Teow. But you never understand people who queue 30mins for Llao Llao.

6. You are like a GPS for good local food

You literally have a mental map of places of good local food all over Singapore.

Image credit: tumblr
Image credit: tumblr

7. Hawker centres bring out the indecisiveness inside you

You want to order everything!

Image credit: I am brony
Image credit: I am brony

8. You contemplate quitting your job or school to become the first ever Singapore Hawker Food Blogger

I mean why not? Local hawker food can also be Instagram-worthy okay!

Image credit: Secret Escapes
Image credit: Secret Escapes

But then again, ain’t nobody got time for that. Just get in my stomach already!

9. You know exact the right type of Chilli and sauces for every local food

This has to be the most important sign!

I don’t think we can certify you as a True Blue Singapore Local Food Lover if you don’t know the right chilli and sauces for each dish!

Photos taken from: Yahoo
Photos taken from: Yahoo, Seth Lui, Food Spotting, Makan Sutra, Tamarind and Thyme

10. After all, you know the best food is always found at the Hawker Centres

Never at some Michelin Star fine dining restaurant.

Or hipster cafe.

And most definitely not at some 5 Star Hotel with a 10-course, $128 per pax meal.

Image credit: College Candy
Image credit: College Candy

And also, try to say no to this.

Image credit: Daniel Food Diary
Image credit: Daniel Food Diary

Did we miss out anything? Let us know your favourite hawker dish in the comments! 🙂

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