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After trudging through the weekly work mountain, you exhale slowly whilst slamming your laptop shut; it’s finally Friday. It’s been a long week and you’re seriously in need of a recharge. However, instead of binge watching Breaking Bad over the weekends, you’re looking for something a little more invigorating. But besides short getaways, what other activities can you indulge in, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life?

Fret not, Discover SG is here to rescue your tired, working soul! Below is a list of therapeutic weekend activities we’ve come up with, to keep you refreshed for the upcoming workweek(s). Besides keeping you from lashing out at your colleague, these activities will keep you slightly more motivated. Until the next weekend at least.

1. Pick Up Modern Calligraphy

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Always been fascinated with hipster fonts? Here’s your chance to master these fonts. A rising trend, learning the art of modern calligraphy, can help relax and unleash creativity. Plus, nothing makes a more unique gift than a hand-printed card, right? Calligraphers such as The Letter J Supply ($150/3 hours) and Happy Hands Project ($140/hour) conduct ad hoc calligraphy workshops that are usually held in creativity-inspiring cafés. Nothing like a good calligraphy and coffee session to kick start a relaxing weekend, really.

Workshops can fill up pretty fast so do register in advance. Do note that Happy Hands Project is currently on a mini hiatus but do keep a lookout for upcoming workshops!

2. Art Jamming 

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They say life is an open canvas and you’re the artist. For folks like us, we’re more than pleased with an actual canvas and a brush. For now. At café-studios such as Arteastiq and Cups N Canvas, unleash your inner Monet and let your imagination (or pent up stress) go wild. But if you can’t seem to locate your inner artist, worry not as these café-studios offer tutors who will have you discover your artsy side in no time.

Arteastiq is located at Mandarin Gallery, Plaza Singapura and Turf City. Click here to find out more about its locations and online reservations!
Cups N Canvas is situated at 139 Selegie Road, S188309. Click here to find out more about ways to get there!

3. Maketh Your Own Leather Accessories

Image Credit: Maketh
Image Credit: Maketh

 Leather maketh man.

At Maketh, a mini studio dedicated to leather lovers, you’ll get to design and create your own leather products ranging from cardholders to satchels. An afternoon at this studio will have you feeling like a medieval craftsman (in a good way) as you hammer your stress away. The price and duration of each session depends on the product you wish to craft so do contact Maketh beforehand to work out the details or pop by to say hi if you’re in the area.

Maketh is located at 751 North Bridge Road #02-02, S198719.

4.Indulge In Pet Therapy

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 As fellow animal lovers, we understand the wonders of pet therapy. Teeming with pet farms such as the Ericsson Pet Farm and The Animal Resort, Pasir Ris Farmway is the place to be. Let your tension melt away as you visit countless fur balls from different pet farms. To top it off, a relatively unknown Rabbit Headquarters (RHQ) that houses eleven bunny breeds is nestled within Ericsson Pet Farm. The best part? You’re allowed to handle these small cuddly bunnies even if you’re not looking to bring one home (do approach its friendly staff before doing so!). So if you’re looking for a pet therapy, start a pet farm-hopping journey this weekend!

A little tip:

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a bike from Jomando Adventure & Recreations at Punggol Waterway, cycle through Coney Island and to Paris Farmway! This can be helpful for north-easterners who find travelling to the East a hassle.

5. Go Trampoline-ing

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If you’re more of an adrenaline/sports junkie, trampoline is the one for you. It may be a full body workout, but jumping on the trampoline is may be more therapeutic than one thinks (probably has to do with the floating-jumping sensation). With trampoline parks such as AMPED ($10-$12/hour), Katapult ($13-$19/hour) and Zoom Park ($14/hour) scattered across the island, you can now bounce your stress away and work out at the same time.

River Valley – 46 Kim Yam Road #02-11, S239351/
Jurong East – 200 Jurong East Ave 1 (Level 2 Sports Hall), S609789
+65 8228 5961/+65 8126 3801
river/[email protected]

81 Lorong Chencharu #01-011, S769198
+65 6754518
[email protected]

 Zoom Park
200 Pandan Gardens #01-14, S609336
+65 6334 4615

So the next time you’re looking for an activity to take your mind off the long weekdays, you know whom to call upon. We may not be the hero you need, but maybe we can be the hero you deserve.