8 Hidden Places In Singapore Even Hipsters Aren't Aware Of

Are you sick of visiting all those same old places that you see on everyone’s Instagram feed? Or roll your eyes at all mainstream activities?

The fact that Singapore is small worsens the situation because there is simply nowhere cool to go anymore! (Or is it?) We have discovered 8 different secret places for everyone that even the hipsters don’t know about and even we, are really impressed with them! :O

1. Marsiling WWII Tunnel & Navel Base

The Marsiling WWII Tunnel & Navel Base is an abandoned military tunnel built during the WWII by the British. It was used as a storage facility for fuel for the Navy but has not been used since Singapore’s independence. All those curious and adventurous explorers shouldn’t give this a miss!

Image credit: Joy Loh
Image credit: Joy Loh

When you reach the entrance, there’s a rope that you should use to descend and enter the tunnel. Say what?

Image credit: Joy Loh
Image credit: Joy Loh

It can be quite slippery in the tunnel. Do wear proper shoes and always be careful! It is also said that you can spot many geckos and gecko eggs on the ceiling and walls as well.

Image credit: Sunrise Odyssey
Image credit: Sunrise Odyssey

2. Bincho at Hua Bee

This is probably one of the first and only all-in-one dining concept in Singapore which ties in the past, present and future. In the day, Hua Bee is a local kopitiam store selling mee pok and has been around for more than 70 years.

Image credit: Daniel Food Diary
Image credit: Daniel Food Diary

However, once the sun sets, it transforms into a Japanese-inspired Yakitori bistro and bar at the back of the kopitiam. It can only be accessed via the rear exit leading to the back alley.

Image credit: Daniel Food Diary
Image credit: Daniel Food Diary
Image credits: Asia Bars
Image credits: Asia Bars
Image credit: Asia Bars
Image credit: Asia Bars

78 Moh Guan Terrace
# 01-19 Tiong Bahru
Singapore 162078

3. The Library

dressing the sexy gentleman, 1:1.618 x leong t #thelibrarybar #keongsaik #bespoke #menstailor #tailor

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Many people probably walk past this place everyday thinking that it is an ordinary art gallery. With no social media presence or whatsoever, The Library has been thriving solely on word-of-mouth. Only those who know this secret would know that behind the bookshelves is a secret door that leads to a bustling bar. It serves some of the most quirky and fun cocktails.

Here’s the catch, you can only enter with a password. The password is changed weekly. So grab it from The Study‘s Facebook page or from the server at The Library’s sister restaurant, The Study, next to the bar. Shhh, don’t tell anyone we told you.

Tonight's cocktail, Papaya Lava Lava.

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rub a dub dub

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47 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089153

4. Operation Dagger

Image credit: City Nomads
Image credit: City Nomads

Okay, so is this another abandoned building that is rumoured to be haunted?

Closed on Mondays ?

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No, in fact, it’s a place that would transport you Narnia. Okay, we kid. Operation Dagger was named after the late 1950s movement in Singapore to rid the underground secret society in Chinatown. This creepy dark flight of stairs actually leads you to a hidden cocktail bar.

Image credit: The Urban Wire
Image credit: The Urban Wire

Did we mention that you won’t see any familiar labels at the bar counter because all their spirits are house-distilled and are bottled in rows and rows of dark bottles with handwritten labels on it? How cool is that?

Despite their limited menu, the cocktails are all unique and one-of-a-kind, so don’t expect your usual drinks.

? salted egg yolk/ sesame/ yogurt yuzu cocktails

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All the good stuff ? #vsco #vscocam

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7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791

5. Istana Woodneuk

Istana Woodneuk is an abandoned mansion that once belonged to Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor and it was built in the late 19th Century. Having survived bombing by the Japanese in WWII (which killed 700 people) and a history of fires, it has had a rather eventful past. Despite its dilapidation, it is amazing how it survived the test of time. The grim walls deliver a sense of chill and mystery.

Week 11 feels ? In dire need of #azventuretime. #needtohermit #needtowatchTheWalkingDead #istanagram

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Those who are heartless, once cared too much.

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I thought I taw a putty tat – Tweety Bird ?: @eric_zphotography

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Note: Sadly, the place has since been cordoned off by the police as of April 2015 and we do not recommend visiting it.

6. Keppel Hill Reservoir 

This is one of Singapore’s abandoned reservoirs that has been off the map and was rediscovered in 2014. The reservoir still has a working water filtration system and do look out for the many different types of wildlife here. If you stroll further, you will even find a diving board and steps leading to the water body.

Image credit: asiaone
Image credit: asiaone

7. The Projector 

This is Singapore’s new secret hipster cinema hidden within the depths of Golden Mile Tower.

Image credit: asiaone
Image credit: asiaone

Instead of showing only indie movies, The Projector is managed by film-lovers who carefully handpick the movies so you will be assured of quality. They even sell alcohol and snacks for you to enjoy during the movie, much like a normal cinema, just way more hipster! It’s perfect for a date night with your significant other. So make your date night a little different and cosier by snuggling down into those comfy bean bags with your date!

#05-00, Golden Mile Tower
6001 Beach Road
Singapore 199589

8. The Great Escape 

To impress your date further, after your movie at The Projector, why not head to Golden Mile Tower’s carpark for this awesome little gem called, The Great Escape!

Singapore’s new parking lot bar, it occupies about 12 parking lots and is open air. Perfect to end your date night with some drinks and you can even relax and enjoy the view of the Marina Bay skyline.

Wish you could feel this breeze #theprojectorsg #cinemasg

A photo posted by The Projector (@theprojectorsg) on

Image credit: We are space
Image credit: We are spaces

6001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower #05-00
Singapore 199589

Well, I guess being hipster in Singapore is not as hard as you thought it was, am I right? 😉

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