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This is Part 2 of meals under $10 in Orchard . For part 1: 7 Best Meals Under $10 In Orchard That You Didn’t Know About! – Part 1

Heading to town but don’t want to break the bank on food? I know I do.

You know that feeling when you’re secretly on a budget but your friends or S.O. suggests an expensive place so you end up going to somewhere expensive with terrible food? Ugh. I hate that too.

It’s a common perception to think that Orchard Road is simply not a good place to eat great food at low prices. Or is it? Tighten up that purse (or wallet) strings because we got your back! The team at Discover SG has compiled some of the best and cheapest meal options you can find in Orchard Road.

  1. Central Hong Kong Café

Serving up an extensive menu of Hong Kong food, you’d be spoilt for choice. At affordable prices, this place is optimal if you can’t decide what to eat as they provide many options. My personal favorites are the dry Braised Beef Brisket Noodles ($6.90), Hong Kong Rickshaw Noodles ($4.50), and the Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop ($8.00).

Central Hong Kong Café
#2-30, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, S(238896)
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 10pm
Contact: 6509 1766

  1. Kim Dae Mun

Popular amongst SMU students who are tired of the same-ol boring uni-fare, this simple foodcourt-style place serves up some of the best and authentic Korean food. Take your pick from fan favorites Spicy Pork ($8.50), Saba Fish ($8.00) or Bibimbab ($8.00). Standard sets comes with rice, kimchi and a bowl of soup.

Kim Dae Mun
Address: #02-17/18, Concorde Foodcourt, 100 Orchard Rd, S(238840)
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 8.30pm

  1. Orchard Yong Tau Foo

Probably offering one of the widest range of ingredients I have ever seen, each piece comes at a decent price ($0.70) and an additional cost ($0.70) for your choice of noodles. The ingredients tasted fresh despite being out in the open, while the soup was fragrant and according to the friendly owners, ‘special’. Well, I can attest that this really does taste good. Be sure to try out the sweet brown sauce and the chili sauce topped with sesame seeds.

Orchard Yong Tau Foo
#01-09, Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Rd, S(228796)
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8am – 6.30pm; Closed on Sundays
Contact: 9067 5245

  1. Fish Tales

A relatively new café, this hidden gem is a great place to hang and chill after a tired day of shopping. At a stunningly low price ($7.90) for their classic Fish and Chips, it’s hard to pass up. At an additional dollar, their best-selling Beaurre Au Citron ($8.90), which gives you an irresistible garlic, lemon and butter sauce on top of your fish makes it a truly wholesome meal. For an Instagram-worthy option, choose the Squid Ink Pasta ($9.90).

Fish Tales
#02-27/02-18B, SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, S(237978)
Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm – 10pm
Contact: 6636 9960

  1. NamNam Noodle Bar

There’s really not much to say for everyone’s favorite casual Vietnamese dining experience. For your fix of affordable Vietnamese cuisine, NamNam is possibly the most hassle-free. Their most popular dishes include the Hanoi Pho with Beef Steak Slices ($10.00) and the Sautéed Lemongrass Pork and Cream Cheese Banh Mi ($6.90).

NamNam Noodle Bar
#B2-02, Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, S(238880)
Opening Hours: Daily: 8am – 9.30pm
Contact: 6735 1488

  1. Tsuru-Koshi Udon

Located in Takashimaya’s Japanese Food Court, don’t miss this little store because this serves the best tasting udon among all others. The Ebi Tempura Udon ($9.00) is my personal favorite. The thick noodles are super chewy, the broth really flavorful, and the fried tempura simply crispy and delightful. Try the Curry Udon ($9.00) too, which is not overly thick.

Tsuru-Koshi Udon
B2,Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Rd, S(238872)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

  1. Thai Tantric

I cannot seem to understand why my friends would flock to Jane Thai instead when Thai Tantric’s food is simply better tasting. The Thai Fried Glass Noodles with Seafood ($7.00) is extremely delicious and the signature Pad Thai ($6.00) is on a whole different playing field. As a sharing option, try the Tom Yum ($10.00), an addictively sweet and spicy soup that really hits the spot.

Thai Tantric
#04-28/30, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Rd, S(238875)
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 3pm; 6pm – 3am
Contact: 9866 9841

  1. Hainanese Delicacy

To complete this list, I’ve saved the best for last because I love chicken rice (hehe). And Hainanese Delicacy is simply one of the best chicken rice in Singapore. Who knew it was located in Orchard? I’ve been here during the era of the ‘Far East Kids’ all the way to my latter years and I never get tired of it. The chicken is extremely tender and the rice absolutely fragrant. At a price of ($4.00) for a plate, you simply cannot resist the urge to order another plate. In one word: Perfection!

Hainanese Delicacy
#05-116, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd, S(228213)
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 8pm
Contact: 6734 0639

We’ve come to the end of this series. All in all, there are 15 great eats and meals in Orchard under $10. We hope this guide will help you to save some cash, yet enjoy great food in one of Singapore’s most expensive shopping districts. You’ll always know what to eat in Orchard now.

If you’ve enjoyed this, let us know what you want featured next!

This is Part 2 of meals under $10 in Orchard . For part 1: 7 Best Meals Under $10 In Orchard That You Didn’t Know About! – Part 1

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