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The wait is almost over. Japan’s famous BAKE CHEESE TART will finally be serving freshly baked cheese tarts in ION Orchard starting from 29 April 2016 (Friday)!

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Hailing from the land of the best and yummiest dairy products – Hokkaido, BAKE’s signature cheese tart is created by blending three different types of cream cheese together – two from Hokkaido, and one more from France. The three cheeses go so well together that they form a flavour that is unique to BAKE.
Image source: BAKE

But what makes these cheese tarts so delicious (#queuedfortwohours type of delicious) is the two-step baking method which gives it a distinct crunchy yet fluffy texture. The process starts in Hokkaido. Cheese mousse is piped into freshly baked tart crusts. They are then flown to Singapore and freshly baked in the store to complete the process of creating perfect, delectable cheese tarts.

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Since the inception of their first store in Hokkaido back in July 2011, BAKE has sold over 20 million tarts in Japan and its overseas stores including Hong Kong, Seoul, and Bangkok. The Singapore store will be their fifth store outside Japan, and their flagship store for Southeast Asia. They are counting on Singaporeans and the power of social media to spread the word to the rest of the world.

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BAKE is certainly committed to making the best cheese tarts in the world. This is their only product and they pour their heart and soul into perfecting this dessert treat.

BAKE Cheese Tart’s freshly baked cheese tart will be available at ION Orchard starting 29 April 2016.

Each cheese tart will sell for $3.50, and a box of six is priced at $19.50.

BAKE Cheese Tart
Address: ION Orchard, #B4-33, 2 Orchard Turn
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM

We’re certainly joining the queue on the 29th of April! Will you be joining us? Drop us a comment and let us know!

(Header image credit: Bake Cheese Tart, words by editor)

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