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Most people applaud those who have the bravery and heart to hoard as little as possible. That’s why there are books on minimalism, theories on only keeping things that matter, and documentary-slash-interventions on doing away with things you don’t need.

There’s also a certain joy and liberation you get from cleaning, not to mention, the extra space in the house, especially if you’re living in a small apartment.

At least that’s how my friends and I felt when we attended the 41st Singapore Really Really Free Market organised by local social enterprise Post-Museum. The event, which was hosted at art gallery DECK in central-Singapore, celebrates a more sustainable way of living, and sharing what we have.

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This went beyond material goods like clothes, toys, and books. You could also get a tarot card reading for free if you were interested. You could learn to hoola-hoop with strangers if you were feeling a little sporty. Or listen to someone tell a story. For a minute, people forgot about their wallets, the malls, and the tiresome art of negotiating. 


My loot from the free market included a book featuring the twenty arrondissements of Paris (pictured below), which is a charming find for any francophile, a golden bikini top that will go superbly with a trip to Siloso Beach, and a button-down shirt that looks as good as new. What a score!


Best of all, everyone is welcomed. From young children who grabbed secondhand plush toys to couples picking out roller blades and books to the older folks picking out designer clothing. Just don’t forget sunscreen and an open mind.


The next Singapore Really Really Free Market will take place on 19 June 2016. For more information, you can hit up their Facebook page!

*All photographs were taken by the author, unless otherwise stated.

Singapore Really Really Free Market
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19 June 2016
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