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As Mother’s Day draws near, we keep an eye out for florists, gifts and online deals, if only to get the best gifts for our mums on that special day. Some mums love flowers, whilst others think of it as a waste of money (it’s going to wilt anyway); some mums love accessories and clothes, whilst others haven’t dressed up since they had us.

Which is why this article recommends gifts based on Mum’s hobbies and tastes – think lululemon for yoga enthusiasts, and a nice chopping board for mums who love to cook.

We’ve compiled a list of 9 Singapore Mum personalities, ranging from the Yogi to the Traveller – and a great gift for each type of mummy this Mother’s Day.

  1. The K-Drama Ahjumma

Credit: All K Pop

Other mums may complain that we spend too much time in front of the screen, but K-Drama lover Mum is just as guilty of that as we are. She’ll stay up till the wee hours to finish her latest rom-com. She remembers the day of the week by the episodes released. Don’t even think of testing her database of cute Korean male leads, she’ll ace it for sure. A true blue K-drama addict, ‘Eomma’ will do anything and everything to get her daily drama fix.

Suggested gift for her: A Descendants of the Sun Poster

Surprise her with memorabilia from this mega-popular series – she’ll treasure your gift forever. If Mum doesn’t know what we’re referring to, then she has not become a full-fledged K-Drama Ahjumma, find something else on this list for her instead. 

  1. Foodie Mum


She may or may not know how to cook, but Mum certainly knows how to eat – and very well at that. Always caught munching on something regardless of the hour, and forever on the prowl for the next café to hop to, Mum lives for food and food only.

Suggested gift for her: A Free Flow Italian Brunch Buffet at Garibaldi for 2

What better way to treat a foodie mum, than a buffet at one of the best Italian cuisine restaurants in Singapore? Forget the usual flowers and decent restaurant meals – Mum deserves to be served only the best, and pampered on this special day. The buffet upgrades include free flow of alcohol, ensuring a merry Mother’ Day for you and Mum.

  1. Yogi Mum


Mum is flexible, in the most literal sense, and it certainly isn’t too much of a stretch to say that she’s absolutely obsessed with yoga. Be it Bikram or Yin, and no matter the pose, she always appears to be in perfect zen – but closer inspection reveals that she’s peeking at the timer and muttering: 30 more seconds…

Suggested gift for her: A lululemon Gift Card

As if Mum doesn’t look awesome enough in those back-breaking poses, adorn her with yoga gear that her fellow yoga buddies will be jealous of with this lululemon gift card. Give your mum the freedom to fill her wardrobe with their esteemed collection.

  1. Cooking Mum


Saying Mum loves to cook is a huge understatement. Deriving immense satisfaction from stuffing her children (lucky you!), she spends her time experimenting with new recipes and different ingredients. Baking, frying, stewing, and force-feeding are peanuts to her, and whipping up a new dish everyday is ‘chicken feet”.

Suggested gift for her: Slice Cutting Board by Qualy Design

Albeit a little cliché, the cuteness and style of this cutting board will make your mum go gaga – cutting vegetables and fruits has never been more satisfying. Available in four different designs, each representing meat, fish, vegetables and cooked respectively, this board makes the best gift for any cook, and will surely show her how much mum and her cooking means to you.

  1. Fashionista


Many follow the latest fashion trend, but Mum is one of the rare few who can ACTUALLY pull it off. From her meticulously styled hair to her chic outfits, she dresses to wow – and much wow she gets.

Suggested gift for her: Rose Tear Drop Necklace 16’’ from Marilyn Tan Jewellery

Mum will never have enough accessories – so fret not about adding this little beauty to her collection. Available in 6 different colours, this locally designed necklace features an elegantly carved rose that will look good on any lady. As an added bonus, instead of gifting it in a box, put it around her neck personally and round it off with a hug to show your love and appreciation for her.

  1. Travel Mum


Family members call her proactive and outgoing, which roughly translates to ‘cannot sit still’ – and you have to agree. Unable to stay in one place, and still bursting with the curiosity of youth (despite her inevitable wrinkles), Mum is a roamer, an explorer of places around the world. The definition of young at heart, she loves travelling and discovering new places – but not as much as she loves you!

Suggested gift for her: JOIK Grapefruit and Mandarin Gift Set

For mums who travel in and out of the country as though it were their front door, gift her a body lotion, soy candle and soap bar – all inside a beautiful gift set that she can bring out on her travels. Soy candles last much longer than paraffin ones, and can fill her room with a scent that’ll remind her of you when she’s away. The lotion can’t return her youth, but at least it keeps her skin smooth and supple after all those hours in the plane! Both useful and stylish, this is a perfect gift for one who travels frequently.

  1. Business Woman


There are housewife mums, stay-home mums, retired mums, and then there’s your Mum. Taking her work seriously, and seriously working her head off, you sometimes wonder how she found the time to have you. I mean, just look at her juggle that laptop, tablet, phone and stack of documents – on one hand.

Suggested gift for her: A5 Soft Leather Journal by Bynd Artisan Atelier

At a size of A5, and handcrafted with natural grain cowhide, this notebook will fit nicely in her extremely cluttered bag (which is probably already overflowing with other things). Perfect for taking notes during her long meetings, as a notebook of to-do lists, or a journal, remind her that you’re always there for her when times are hard and deadlines are pressing! Engraving services are available, so you can print her initials on the notebook – and gift something that is hers and hers only.

  1. Hipster Mum


With great taste and an artistic flair, Mum busies herself with hobbies and interests – usually in the form of a DIY project. Which probably explains why her room is overflowing with the random-est things. Her motto: Huh, buy for what? I make for you la.

Suggested gift for her: Perfume Making Workshop by Je tamie

For mums who relish the challenge of crafting, and the satisfaction of using a product that they made themselves, no less, a perfume making workshop with definitely satisfy her hipster fingers. The workshop is for two, which obviously refers to you and mum, simply because the best memories you can give her are crafting experiences with you. Each participant gets to take home 105ml of perfume: three sample bottles of 10ml and one 75ml perfume in a hand- polished crystal bottle.

  1. Grandma


Grandma is… someone who has a grandchild (duh). Despite the many stereotypes about grandmas, such as their fussiness about the smallest things, Grandma is a wise person who is brimming with love for her children and grandchildren. A ‘next level’ Mother, the mother of mothers, Grandma fully deserves her title of ‘Grand’ Mother.

Suggested gift for her: Premium D24 Durian Puffs

Unless Grandma doesn’t like durians, these puffs are the best gifts for her, simply because they taste awesome. Available in a box of 12 and filled with the creamy goodness of fresh D24 durians, Grandma and the family will be in for a treat this Mother’s Day. Forget the sugary restrictions that the doctor gave and indulge Grandma – just this time.

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