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With the rise in the number of food delivery services in Singapore, eating at home now has a whole new meaning. Today, we can enjoy restaurant quality food delivered to our doorsteps, without even stepping out of the house.

Here are 10 delicious food places that can now be delivered to your home. *You’ll need to check on both Deliveroo and FoodPanda if that particular F&B can be delivered to your address

  1. Nandos

Image Credits: Nandos SG
Image Credits: Nandos SG

Thanks to delivery services like Food Panda and Deliveroo, the world famous flame grilled Peri-Peri chicken is now available for delivery! Founded in 1987, Nandos started out as a small restaurant in the humble town of Rosettenville, South Africa. Well known for its signature spicy Peri-Peri sauce, Nandos won the hearts (& tummies) of many when it opened its first restaurant here in sunny Singapore.

Order the Quarter Chicken ($10.90) or the delicious Espetada ($17.90) for delivery right to your dining table and pick from 4 levels of spiciness, ranging from Lemon & Herb Peri-Peri to Extra Hot Peri-Peri.

Delivery services: Food Panda, Deliveroo
Delivery Fee: $5 (Food Panda), $3 (Deliveroo)
Delivery Time: 10am-10pm

  1. Cedele

Image Credits: Cedele
Image Credits: Cedele

Imagine a plateful of steaming Rosemary Chicken, drizzled with cranberry sauce and a dab of mayonnaise ($8.50), or a warm Turkey, Ham & Bacon sandwich stuffed with melted mozzarella ($9.50). Tempted?

Cedele can now be ordered online through the Deliveroo website and app. Besides sandwiches, Cedele also has a variety of cakes and soups ready to be sent out of the shop and into your home.

Delivery Service: Deliveroo
Delivery Fee: $3
Delivery Time: 11:30am-10pm

  1. Fatboys

Image Caption: Fat Boys
Image Credits: Fat Boys

Move aside fast food burgers; make way for the real fat burgers. With one outlet stationed at Upper Thomson road and the other along Joo Chiat Road, Fatboys is a rare find in Singapore.

Popular for their huge portions and scrumptious burgers, it’s always a struggle to get a seat in their restaurant at dinnertime. Fatboys’ signature Fat Basterd ($19.80) is just one of their many burgers available on the to-order menu.

Delivery Services: Food Panda, Deliveroo
Delivery Fee: $5 (Food Panda), $3 (Deliveroo)
Delivery Time: 3pm-9:30pm

  1. No Signboard Seafood

Image Credits: Burple
Image Credits: Burple

Hungry for good seafood but lazy to make your way to the restaurant and wait for a seat? We feel you. Well, now you can have No Signboard Seafood’s classic Chilli Brown crab ($128) anywhere you like.

Opened in 1970s, No Signboard Seafood started off as a stall in Mattar Road Hawker Centre, without a signboard (duh!). Now, almost 40 years later, No Signboard Seafood has grown to 4 outlets, and you can have their food delivered to you.

No Signboard Seafood
Delivery Service: Food Panda
Delivery Fee: $6
Delivery Time: 11am-10pm

  1. Golden Pillow

Image Credits:
Image Credits:

The name says it all. Golden Pillow is famous for its… golden pillow! At first glance, the golden pillow is just a big bun, but the magic happens when you cut into that big bun. The aroma of the curry can be smelt even before it is cut open. The bun is literally oozing with delicious golden curry.

Choose from 4 different flavours of curry, ranging from the classic chicken curry ($14.80) to mutton curry ($17.80). Their delivery menu also has other dishes such as their Sambal Chicken Drumsticks ($18).

Golden Pillow
Delivery Services: In-house-delivery, Food Panda
Tel: 6323 8933 (in-house)
Delivery Fee: $3 (in-house), $4 (Food Panda)
Delivery Time: 11am-8:30pm

  1. Manhattan Fish Market

Image Credits: Manhattan Fish Market
Image Credits: Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market is a restaurant that is located in most of our neighbourhood malls, island-wide. Serving up crispy batters of fish and chips, pastas, and soups, Manhattan Fish Market is the place to go for a great western meal.

Manhattan Fish Market
Delivery Service: Food Panda
Delivery Fee: $5
Delivery Time: 11am-9:30pm

  1. Timbre

Image Credits: Pexels
Image Credits: Pexels

Craving for a glorious western dinner spread? On their menu, Timbre has a wide variety of western dishes for you to choose from. Order their Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce ($20.50) or their delightful Beef Con Carne Pizza ($20.50) and enjoy the meal at home.

Delivery Service: Food Panda
Delivery Fee: $4
Delivery Time: 12pm-9:30pm 

  1. Maki-san

Image Credits: Maki-San
Image Credits: Maki-San

Located at The Cathay and Katong, this sushi place is taking sushi to a whole new level. Just one roll is enough to keep you full for an entire afternoon.

Maki-san specialises in serving customisable sushi rolls that are packaged in cute little Japanese boxes. Choose from a large list of ingredients and have a say in what kind of meat and vegetables you’d like in your roll. There are also other ready-made recipes that you can pick from which includes the Salmon Says ($9.90), the Roast N Roll ($8.90) and more.

Delivery Services: in-house, Food Panda
Delivery Fee: $8 (in-house), $4 (Food Panda)
Delivery Time: 11am-9:30pm

  1. 4 Fingers

Image Credits: 4 Fingers
Image Credits: 4 Fingers

Craving for some delicious crispy fried chicken? 4 Fingers has just what you need. Choose between their signature soy garlic flavour, spicy hot flavour or their tasty mixed flavour. Be warned though, it doesn’t matter what you choose, because you’ll get hooked.

Order their huge 9 piece drumstick combo ($31.73) and feast like a king, or order their 6 piece combo ($10.23) that comes with fries and a soft drink.

4 Fingers
Delivery Service: Food Panda
Delivery Fee: $5
Delivery Time: 11am-8pm

  1. Rochor Beancurd

Image Credits: Rochor Beancurd
Image Credits: Rochor Beancurd

After every dinner, one must always have dessert. Forget the usual ice-cream and waffles; try the classic beancurd for a change! Perfect for a late night dessert treat or a morning breakfast fix, you can have beancurd at any time of the day.

Rochor Beancurd
Delivery Service: In-house-delivery, minimum order required
Tel: 9734 1562
Delivery Fee: Varies based on location
Delivery Time: 24 hours daily

With so many restaurants and F&B places starting to offer delivery services, having quality food at home is much easier than you think!

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