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With the recent launch of the Hello Kitty and Pompompurin Cafe, and the upcoming launch of the Pokemon Café later this month (limited time period), character-themed cafes here seem to be facing fierce competition. With so many choices, and so little time, which cafe should you visit? Without further ado, we analyse and compare both cafes, so you can prioritise which to visit!

Pompompurin Cafe

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore - Pompurin and friends
Pompompurin Cafe Singapore - Seating

Fans of Sanrio would probably have heard of this café which opened a few weeks back. Like what its name implies, the Pompompurin café’s décor and food are designed after the yellow canine – from the pancakes to the caramel pudding down to the seats and placemats.

Aside from the limited edition Pompompurin merchandise, selected dishes like the signature Bagel’s Special: Pancake Tower ($21.99, pictured bottom right) comes with a Pompompurin mug which you can take home!


Be prepared for long queues especially during peak hours or weekends but hey for that Instagram worthy snaps and the kawaii-filled moments, it’ll be all worth it.

Pompompurin Cafe
Price range: About $17 – $26 per main dish
Location: Orchard Central #04-08, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Maximum seating capacity: 78 pax
Advantages: Children’s dining sets are available, you may get to bring some items (which come with dishes ordered) home, food and decor are Pompompurin inspired and more suited to children, merchandise available for purchase

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden


Hello Kitty fans rejoice! Now, there is no need to fly overseas to get your Hello Kitty fix because you have a Hello Kitty cafe at your doorstep. And it’s open 24 hours to boot!

Hello Kitty merchandise are displayed and available for purchase. There’s also a limited edition Hello Kitty plushie, which is the first worldwide to feature a double bow, up for grabs (500 pieces only at $49.90 each). Custom Hello Kitty-inspired tea blends ($38.90), and grow-it-yourself plant kits ($34.50) are sold along with other Hello Kitty merchandise.

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore menu and price

Since this café is under Europar Specialty Restaurants (S) Pte Ltd, which is under the subsidiary of ABR Holdings Limited who owns Swensen’s, the gelatos ($6 per scoop) and soft serves ($4.90) are a must try. They are my personal favourites out of the whole menu!

This Garden-themed Sanrio café is open around the clock (the first in the world) so night owls now have a new hang out spot!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe
Price range: About $15 to $24 per main dish
Location: Arrival Hall Central #01-22, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport
Opening hours: Open 24 hours daily
Maximum seating capacity: 84 pax
Advantages: open 24 hours, quality food (as compared to kawaii food), adult-oriented, merchandise available for purchase, beautiful orchids and plants displayed to keep to Orchid Garden theme, subtle Hello Kitty decor and interior

Verdict: Having analysed and been to both cafes, we’ll have to say that each has its own pros and cons. Pompompurin Cafe is certainly very family friendly and great for kids. Their adorable food will coax and please even the fussiest child to eat. On the other hand, Hello Kitty’s decor and menu is more suited to adults, and their location at Changi Airport makes it convenient to stop for a visit and a bite. Conclusion? It’s a draw!

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