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For a special twist on the usual dinner date with your romantic partner, a fun business lunch while sightseeing, or a memorable way to show your foreign friend around the country, Gourmet Bus combines restaurant-style dining with Singapore’s iconic sights.


Hop on the luxury coach for a dining experience that is also the first-of-its-kind in Asia. As you recline in the plush seat and relax in the comfy, LED-equipped space, you’ll soon be served a sumptuous spread to keep your stomach happy as you travel across the city.

If you fancy a schedule of eating, sightseeing, eating, then sightseeing again, you’ll definitely want to check out the Gourmet Bus. The lunch menu includes traditional Samsui Ginger Chicken and Cantonese-style Dim Sum, while the dinner menu features Indo-Chinese cuisine, with dishes like Seafood & Chicken Crispy Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice.


As for the sights? You’ll see everything from the Esplanade, to the National Art Gallery, to Chinatown, to Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth. Plus, you’ll be able to hop off after the strategically-timed main course to catch the Light & Sound show at  Gardens By The Bay.

P.S. Apart from seeing the sights, you’ll also be kept occupied at your table- well, sort of. While regular tour buses only have TVs at the front of the bus, where you might have to strain your neck to see, the Gourmet Bus comes equipped with multiple projectors so everyone will have a slide show projected right on each of their tables. How convenient is that?

With all that said, eating and sightseeing sounds like a great itinerary, in our opinion. For a day (or night) of sightseeing atop a luxury bus, coupled with a restaurant-level meal, hop on to one of the Gourmet Bus tours.

Check-in location: DUCK&HiPPO Hub @ Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-330, Suntec Shopping Mall Singapore 038983
Pricing: Lunch Show (1pm – 3pm) – $57 per pax | Dinner Show (7.30pm – 9.30pm) – S$97 per pax
Telephone: +65 6338-6877 (9.00am – 7.00pm)
Email: [email protected]

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(Header image credit: original image by Singapore Gourmet Bus, edited by author.)