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Burger Joint is known as THE underground burger joint from New York, and their mysterious “anti-gourmet” burgers have finally reached Singapore.

Located along the hip Amoy Street, look for their neon burger sign and find your way in through the back door at Gemmill Lane. Head in and you’ll yourself in a cosy, diner-style space, with scribbles, posters, and graffiti on the walls. Feel free to leave your mark there too!

Burger Joint prides itself in offering unpretentious, all-American burgers; the complete opposite of fancy gourmet burgers. Simplicity and taste reign supreme at this burger spot, with the highlight of each paper-wrapped burger being the ingredients- juicy patties, fresh vegetables, and melted cheese.–ogGNnou/

Hate tomatoes? Like your beef rare? Customise your burger as per the instructions on the wall, add a few squirts of ketchup and mustard, and voila, you can enjoy your burger exactly the way you want it.

And don’t forget to order up some fries and a milkshake or two. Apart from typical milkshake flavours like strawberry and chocolate, you can also opt for alcoholic versions with additional shots of booze like Baileys and Amaretto.

Speaking of booze, Burger Joint has a selection of craft beers on tap as well. Their selection includes Sweden’s Omnipollo, London’s Weird Beard, California’s Heretic, and more. TGIF, anyone?



While this burger spot has gained fame in The Big Apple, online reviews on the newly opened branch in Singapore seems mixed at the moment, so we say it’s best to try Burger Joint out yourself. And if you do, let us know if you liked it!

For burger fans, this might be your next go-to spot for a good old all-American burger. And with its location along the popular Amoy Street, we’re pretty sure the hipster crowd will be checking this place out too.

Burger Joint SG
Address: #01-03, 115 Amoy St, Singapore 069935
Phone: 6221 8648
Opening hours: 11am – 12am daily

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(Header image credit: original pictures from Burger Joint Singapore, edited by author.)