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What can you do in a minute? You can make your bed, do 20 burpees, stretch your body good, prepare instant coffee… But what if we were to tell you that in one minute you could also save yourself from making a bad dining decision? Not buying the idea? Wait till you check out The Minute List!

What’s unique about The Minute List is that all the venues have been curated by Chefs, Bartenders and Baristas that live and breathe all things food, booze and coffee in the city AND instead of endless words and the occasional photo all the content is Video, all compiled for your viewing and eating pleasure!

Image source: The Minute List

All you have to do is head to their website (The Minute List), choose according to category (restaurant, bar or cafe) and pick one that interests you. A minute long video will pop up. Like what you see? Just navigate to the ‘About’ icon to find out about the eatery. You can also click on ‘book’ to make a reservation.

The films are easily viewable on your mobile so you can whet your appetite on the way out the door, share with friends where to grab a drink after work or with the extended content see how the best bartenders in town make a Pina Colada.

Image source: The Minute List
Image source: The Minute List

Let’s be honest. How many of us here have made dining plans and were left disappointed by the quality of the food and ambience?

Image source: The Minute List
Image source: The Minute List

With The Minute List, you’re not only checking out recommendations by the makers and creators behind Singapore’s F&B scene, but you can also scrutinise the ambience of the place for one good minute beforehand. Life is too short for bad food and trust us, you don’t wanna pick the wrong place with the wrong ambience for your date or any other special occasion.

Image source: The Minute List
Image source: The Minute List

The best part of all, if your partner and you can’t decide what to eat, all it takes is just a few videos and minutes to choose where you’ll be heading for dinner. The Minute List, saving you from bad food, a minute at a time.

The Minute List

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