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Nestled in the heart of Hong Kong Street, The Kitchen at Bacchanalia isn’t your average fine-dining restaurant. What catches the attention of passers-by is not just the well-decorated interior, but also the stunning open kitchen concept. The cosy 36 seater really makes fine dining a casual yet intriguing affair.

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The Kitchen at Bacchanalia is led by head chef Ivan Brehm. This is Brehm’s first restaurant in Singapore. Born in Brazil, he uses his deep culinary knowledge and experience to create many unique and intriguing dishes. His menu is carefully thought and crafted out. All the dishes I’ve tried did not fail to excite the taste buds.

The entire restaurant exudes a relaxed vibe. The low chatter from the guests and the overall calm ambience makes dining at Bacchanalia comfortable and enjoyable. The waiters adopt a smart-casual look as they are all dressed in shirt and jeans. Upon stepping in, the delicious smell of food wafts through the air while the chefs cook.

The best part? Diners get to watch all the action! From the preparation to the cooking and even to the plating of the dishes.

Chilled capellini pasta, black garlic mayonnaise, American chilli pepper

The capellini pasta was chilled and perfectly al dente. The black garlic mayonnaise and sprinkles of American chilli pepper complemented the pasta and left a sharp and intriguing aftertaste, that wasn’t too overpowering. The black garlic mayonnaise sauce also gave the dish a different texture that wasn’t too soupy or thick.

Hamachi “On Toast” – Cured Japanese Hamachi

Hamachi is traditionally known as Japanese Yellowtail fish. It is commonly used in sushi or eaten alone as sashimi. It is normally found in the northern part of the pacific ocean and can be eaten either raw or cooked. Chef Ivan’s dish – Hamachi “On Toast” – consists of cured Japanese Hamachi atop rice and a rice cracker. Little bits of pomelo is added to balance out the saltiness and gives the dish a touch of sourness. The rice cracker also gives the dish its special crunch. All these aspects come together perfectly to wow my taste buds.


Talk about sending taste buds on an adventure – take the popular appetiser dish “Carrot” for example. The plate is filled with… you guessed it! Carrots. The carrots are cooked in different ways; from seared carrots to carrot jams and carrot sponge cakes. Because the carrots are cooked differently, the dish gave me a different perspective of carrots. I never imagined that a carrot could be so sweet and spongy. If I had to eat one kind of vegetable for the rest of my life, I’d choose to eat Chef Ivan’s carrot dish forever!


Another intriguing dish is the sesame cake that was served for dessert. It is a delicious black sesame almond cake served with pink guava sorbet. The sweetness of the sesame cake is perfectly balanced by the tangy-ness of the guava sorbet. The cake is spongy but it also doesn’t fail to melt in the mouth. Paired with the guava sorbet, the combined flavour of this duo really packs a punch. Overall, it makes for an A-star dessert.

If you’re hungry for food that will satisfy both your taste buds and your tummy, The Kitchen at Bacchanalia is definitely the place to go!

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia
Address: 39 Hong Kong Street Singapore 059678
Tel: +65 9179 4552
Opening Hours:
Lunch – Tuesday to Friday, 12pm – 2:30pm (last order)
Dinner – Monday to Saturday, 6pm – 10:30pm (last order)

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This was an invited food tasting session.

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