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In what must be exciting news for NUS students, NUS has just announced a new partnership with The Technical University of Munich (TUM). This is its 8th NUS overseas college programme.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

The TUM is one of the most innovative universities in Europe and is known for its cutting-edge research in various engineering and science-related fields. This partnership will allow students to gain engineering knowledge by working in “deep tech” start-ups based on scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

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TUM is ranked the fifth most innovative university in Europe
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New NUS Overseas College focuses on engineering knowledge

NUS president Tan Chorh Chuan said TUM, which has produced 13 Nobel Prize winners since 1927, will have a different emphasis from others.

“We want students to gain practical engineering knowledge to be able to start or work in deep technology start-ups. These are start-ups that are founded on a technological innovation or scientific discovery.”

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Center of the Garching Campus
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Highlighting how the NUS overseas college programme underpins the development of a growing start-up community in Singapore, he said that through this programme, NUS aims to be a key driver of the entrepreneurial scene in Singapore.

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Research at TUM enjoys an excellent international reputation
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Echoing his sentiments, TUM president Wolfgang Herrmann said his university, like NUS, emphasises the development of the entrepreneurial mindset in its students and faculty.

“It’s not necessarily about getting students to set up companies, but about developing the entrepreneurial mindset – being innovative and able to recognise opportunities and seize them.

“When they have that mindset, business ideas will come naturally,” he said, adding that in the past 20 years, TUM professors and students have created over 700 spin-off companies.

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Students can opt to take a four-storey high slide instead of the stairs in TUM
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NUS Overseas College (NOC) – creating tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Since 2001, NUS has set up seven overseas colleges – in Silicon Valley, Stockholm, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Israel and Switzerland. NUS sends students to these colleges to take courses in the prestigious partner universities and to work in innovative start-ups.

Colorful bungalows serve as student hostels in the Olympic Village Image Credit:
Colourful bungalows serve as student hostels in the Olympic Village
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With such diverse opportunities awaiting NUS students, will we see the germination of the next Lazada or GrabTaxi anytime soon? We can’t wait!

For more information on NUS’s NOC programme, click here.

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