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Growing up in my family, getting a milkshake in a restaurant was a pretty big deal for a child. It meant that you were being rewarded with a treat of something other than juice or the rare soft drink. Plus, you got to choose the flavour of the milkshake and revel in a cup of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

Nowadays, milkshakes are a lot more bold and exciting, especially with the creation of ‘freakshakes’ a few years ago! Freakshakes, an extravagant milkshake that may just freak some out with its ingredients, is originally from a patisserie called Patissez in Canberra, Australia. Patissez has recently landed in Singapore with four amazing flavours!

Patissez Singapore

Located on the ground floor of the still fresh Raffles Holland V mall, Patissez Singapore touts slightly extravagant milkshakes better known as ‘freakshakes’. It’s originally from Canberra, Australia. These flavours are mostly a mix of different food items that most people would love on its own, but even more when it’s in a cup together.

This is the second international branch of the original Patissez brand, with the first being Patissez Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. The creator of the Patissez Freakshake said that they are planning to launch in Thailand and China in the future.

The evolution of its logo

Patissez Freakshake

At first glance, Patissez’s signature Freakshakes look almost like they were squeezed into a mason jar too small for what it is — a heavenly, decadent mess. Depending on the type of shake you ordered, you would find whipped cream, peanut butter and chocolate overflowing out of the jar. Patissez Freakshake instantly transports you to Willy Wonka’s magical factory.

A minishake

Patissez Singapore carries four freakshakes: the Muddy Pat, Pretzella, Mint Condition and Sneaky Freak.

As we tried all of these four shakes, it became increasingly evident that these unmistakably unique concoctions are more than just items on the menu. Priced at $16 a drink, each Patissez Freakshake is an experience.

Patissez Freakshake – the Muddy Pat

Image Credit: @leivonne / Instagram
Image Credit: @leivonne / Instagram

We munched down on the Muddy Pat, a chocolate-y shake that comes with vanilla mousse, a heavenly fudge brownie and a marshmallow. As we savoured it, we mm-ed and aah-ed our way, as if experiencing a gastro-orgasmic release.

Patissez Freakshake – Pretzella and Mint Condition

Mint Condition and the Pretzella

My favourite was the Pretzella, a Nutella-meets-pretzels kind of shake that I would, without a doubt, describe as ‘best of both worlds’: salty and sweet. Slurping the shake with a straw, finishing the messy yet beautiful milkshake made me felt cathartic.

You might also find the Mint Condition a good buy, especially if you are a fan of mint chocolate and cookie sandwiches. It would have been even tastier if the cookie sandwich was made out of ice cream, but that might just make it even more over-the-top.

Patissez Freakshake – Sneaky Freak

Since peanut butter isn’t exactly my favourite topping in the cabinet, I have to say that the Sneaky Freak wouldn’t be my first choice. But from what I’ve heard, it is every bit delicious and lip-smackingly good as it is salty and creamy.

Image Credit: @lollapaige/ Instagram
Image Credit: @lollapaige/ Instagram

Patissez Food

Aside from whipped cream-topped drinks, the Patissez also functions as a restaurant with many top-notch dishes to boot. Popular choices include its all-day breakfast selections, from bacon jam toasty to Brekkie Burger to Corn & Zucchini Fritters.

Image Credit: @patissezsg / Instagram
Image Credit: @patissezsg / Instagram

It is also well known for its burgers, all served with fries and Patissez special sauce. Examples include the Freak Burger which is made up of two beef patties, double crispy bacon, bacon jam, American cheddar and housemade BBQ sauce. For the non-beef diners, the Crispy Panko Chicken Burger is not to be missed. It comes with Panko sesame chicken, kewpie mayo, pickled vegetables ad lettuce.

With a wooden-plank ceiling and warm lighting – in low hanging bulbs no less, this cosy cafe will definitely make a good date spot for folks. It’s the best place to relax and enjoy a sinful drink with some good ol’ brunch and company. Just be careful not to overeat!

Patissez Singapore
Address: 118 Holland Avenue #01-06 Singapore 278997
Tel: +65 62623616
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM, Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM – 10 PM Saturdays and Sundays

This was an invited food tasting session

Header image credit: Patissez Singapore

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