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Though our Singapore island is tiny, the number of stunning green homes you can find is not small. Whether you’re into lush greenery or the use of natural materials in houses, we have sourced out Singapore’s most beautiful green homes.

1. Centennial Tree House / Wallflower Architecture + Design



Images credit: Wallflower Architecture + Design

As the name suggests, the Centennial Tree House features a hundred-year-old frangipani tree. With the intention to create a protective enclosure of solitude, Wallflower Architects designed the house with fixed timber screenings and a lush wall of polyalthia. This combination allows natural breeze to comb through the house, refreshing the sheltered corridors and living spaces.

2. Wall House / FARM



Images credit: FARM

The Wall House has two blocks – a two-storey block with the main living and master bedroom area, and a single-storey block that houses the entertainment areas. The design and inspiration for this house come from classical Chinese Gardens. Views are borrowed through cutouts and vistas, and sight lines and spaces overlap.

3. Maximum Garden House / Formwerkz Architects

maximum garden house by formwerkz3

maximum garden house by formwerkz

maximum garden house by formwerkz2
Images credit: Formwerkz

Building a green home with no compromises in style and comfort is what Formwerkz Architects strives for. As garden spaces are often hard to come by in dense urban places, Formwerkz Architects designed a green curtain wall and green roof.

Not only beautiful and functional, they also serve to improve the building’s performance. The design of the sloping roof is perfect for spending family time outdoors in a creative way. With a design that is both practical and contemporary, Maximum Garden House is a lovely family refuge, where affection and warmth are heavily encouraged.

4. Andrew Road / A D Lab

Andrew Road by A D Lab

Andrew Road by A D Lab3

Andrew Road by A D Lab
Images credit: A D Lab

Singapore’s residential architecture can no longer rely on idyllic sites and spectacular views to inform its spaces. This house is a perfect example – it is situated at a major vehicular intersection along a busy and noisy highway.

The architect addressed this matter by lowering the communal facilities around a sunken garden. This focuses the views inward. As you step inside, all interiors are connected to a central courtyard, where inhabitants can relax. Apart from its aesthetic features, its swimming pool cools the atmosphere during warm days.

5. Cluny House / Guz Architects



Images credit: Guz Architects

This house in Cluny allows inhabitants to live with nature. With lushly planted roof gardens and greenery, Guz Architects creates a space that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding nature.

With its main focus on the central water court, the project sensitively generates a comfortable, luxurious, yet sustainable family home. This house is so huge, you’d feel that you’re living in a holiday villa resort!

6. Winged House / K2LD Architects



Images credit:

Situated on a uniquely shaped triangular plot, the Winged House frames the site with two prominent forms of trapeziums. The home was built around three existing majestic palm trees of 20-meters high which are located in the centre of the plot.

By using vertical timber screens, the house is easily ventilated yet has privacy and protection.

7. No. 100 / Greg Shand Architects

Greg Shand Architects

Greg Shand Architects3

Greg Shand Architects
Image credit: Greg Shand Architects

Located in Singapore’s luxury seaside residential enclave of Sentosa Cove, this house sits on a double plot facing a lake and an island green of Sentosa Golf Club.

The design is based on emphasising the primary views to the rear while maintaining privacy. To create views over the pool to the golf course, the design is anchored around a double height living room space.

8. Meera Sky Garden House / Guz Architects



Image credit: Guz Architects

The Meera Sky Garden House is a multi-layered four-storey house with gardens and greenery at all levels. The front and rear of the building terraces allow each storey to have visual or actual access to greenery.

These stunning green homes sure inspires us to work harder and dream big. Even if your goal is a cosy and manageable house, these green homes sure provide some great ideas for decor and style! If you’ve seen other gorgeous green homes in Singapore, do share it with us!

(Header image by Guz Architects)

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