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For all Chun Cui He fans, here are 5 other tasty milk tea alternatives that will fill the void in your life.

It may take a while before you can get your hands on a bottle of the popular Chun Cui He drink here again. A food additive not permitted by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) was found in the drink. This famed drink has since been recalled.

Whether you need to fill a void in your life or not, you can grab a bottle of any of these Milk Tea. Because they’re pretty darn good.

1. Kirin Afternoon Milk Tea

Kirin Milk Tea
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Kirin Afternoon is a favourite, go-to drink in Japan. It has a rich taste and a silky texture. Kirin’s milk tea is a refreshing drink and comes in 1.5l. Instantly satisfies all your milk tea cravings.

You can find it at Isetan supermarket at $6.90 for 1.5l.

2. Pokka Premium Milk Tea 

pokka milk tea
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This is 100% real brewed from specially selected premium Ceylon tea leaves and high-quality milk. The creamy taste and sweet aroma of Pokka Premium Milk Tea will linger on to delight your taste buds. This is one of the better milk teas because of its rich tea flavour. Also, no preservatives or colouring have been added.

Available at most supermarkets and convenience stores, $1.40 for 500ml.

3. MineShine Milk Tea Drink

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With carefully selected high-quality tea leaves brewed to perfection, the MineShine Milk Tea Drink tastes similar to those you get from bubble tea shops. Also from Taiwan, this drink claims that it contains powerful tea catechins, a disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant that also reduces fat! You believe? We’re not too sure if this is true.

Anyhow, this drink has its own fans and tastes pretty good. Still worth a try.

Do check them out at 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

4. Unif Premium Assam Milk Tea

unif assam milk tea
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Made from freshly picked Assam black tea leaves from the Himalayas foothills, the Unif Premium Assam Milk Tea is blended with premium milk from New Zealand to create a spicy and rich taste. The fragrance of the tea leaves is strong. The tea was milky and fragrant, not too sweet.

Available at most convenience stores.

5. Bale’ Shake Bubble Milk Tea

Bale shake
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Bale’ Shake Bubble Milk Tea tastes unexpectedly good with a creamy and rich taste. Imported from Uni-President (Thailand) Limited, this brand is uncommonly thought of when it comes to milk tea. If you like your milk tea sugar level at 50%, this is the one to try.

It’s pretty fragrant because of the assam tea leaves. It also has a subtle caramelised taste from the brown sugar.

Craving for some cold milk tea in this hot hazy weather? Head down to your nearest supermarket or convenience store and chug down these drinks.

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