If you grew up watching re-runs of the popular sitcom FRIENDS, you might have heard news of a Central Perk opening its doors on our sunny island! As an avid FRIENDS enthusiast myself (I have VCDs to prove it. Yes, VCDs.), I was a tad skeptical when I first saw the crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.

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The One With The Owner

Let’s be honest a lot of spinoffs and fan-made projects rarely pan out ( I have yet to see a FRIENDS movie, even after 12 years of waiting!) so when I chanced upon a “Central Perk SG Friends Themed Cafe” it attracted my attention but I didn’t have much hope it would pan out.

And boy am I glad I was wrong, the Central Perk SG is the brainchild of Lim Jit Min, 28. The crowdfunding initiative he kickstarted has garnered more than 4,000 pledges with more than $5,000 raised. The Central Perk SG Facebook page has more than 16,000 likes (obviously there are MANY FRIENDS fans here in Singapore)!

Lim Jit Min (like a lot of us), fell in love with FRIENDS back when he was a student in Anglo-Chinese School. He says that he saw Central Perk SG as a place when friends could gather and reminisce about the popular show.

place-2 (image credit: CentralPerkSG)

(image credit: CentralPerkSG)

The One with Central Perk

What we really want to know is what does Central Perk SG look like? Lim Jit Min is bringing in the trademark aspects of the show and original cafe to Central Perk SG. Look out for the coffee bar, the Central Perk logo, a recreation of Monica’s kitchen, Pat the Dog and of course not forgetting the trademark orange couch!

Lim Jit Min, brought the aspect of FRIENDS to the menu as well; cheesecake from Little Mama’s bakery and the “Moist Maker” are just some examples of just how much Lim Jit Min is tying the FRIENDS concept to his themed cafe. If you’re keen on bringing something back to remember your time spent here, get your hands on caps, apparel and mugs printed with FRIENDS quotes!

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Can’t wait to head over to Central Perk SG? You’re going to have wait a few more months! Central Perk SG is expected to open November 24 at Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road, #01-01.

Follow the Central Perk SG for any new updates and sneak peaks:


In the meantime, why not re-watch the whole 10 seasons again!?

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