Laneway Festival Singapore 2017 - 5 Underrated Acts That Even Hipsters Haven't Heard Of!

Laneway has just released its lineup for Laneway Festival Singapore 2017. We’re super psyched to see big names like Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) and Tycho making their return to the Laneway stage.

But what we REALLY want to know are the underrated acts coming to Laneway this January! Let’s be honest, the underrated acts are the ones that are going to be headlining festivals in a couple of years. So why not catch them early?! Here’s our list of the best underrated acts coming onboard with Laneway Singapore!

1. Sampa The Great

If you have yet to listen to Sampa The Great you’re definitely missing out! This Sydney based, Zambia-raised rapper drops tracks made of solid gold. She spits rhymes touching on the ‘real issues’, (That this is democracy/ If the rich are getting richer boy how poor we gona/ Oh how dumb we gona be). Interlaced with her heavenly philosophies are industrial sounding instrumentals coated with old-school funk.

If you’re looking for a female rapper who spits meaningful rhymes paired with music that is a unique mix of light and dance-move inducing, Sampa The Great may just be your new obsession on Spotify.

Perfect For: A casual get together with friends, the soundtrack for a perfect day.

2. Bob Moses

Bob Moses is made up of  duo, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, Canadians who are now based in the New York. They are no newcomers to the music scene. If you’re looking for pop hits or mediocre lyrics look elsewhere, cause Bob Moses is all about live instruments paired with deep house, topped with Tome Howie’s sultry voice.

If you’re on the lookout for deep house tracks interlaced with a hypnotising voice and amazing live instruments Bob Moses has got you covered.

Perfect For: keeping your spirits up while heading home after a long day, a surprise addition to your Spotify playlist

3. Gang of Youths

Need a pick-me-up? Stuck at home doing chores? This indie rock group is your perfect companion. Gang of Youths was formed in Sydney back 2012 and it only took them 2 years before they started laying down tracks at Sony Music Australia.

Their biggest hit ‘Magnolia’ will be an instant addition to your playlist. Beautiful lyrics interlaced with light instrumentals and a killer bass, think Scouting for Girls with a bit more rock edge to it.

Perfect For: the soundtrack of a great night, dancing around the house on a Wednesday night

4. Floating Points

It’s all about the sound for Sam Shepard (known as Floating Points). Hailing from Manchester, this electronic musician-cum-neuroscientist (!!!) has been performing and recording EPs since 2008. Floating Points brings to live a fusion of rock, electronic and jazz. His hit ‘Silhouettes I,II,III’ has no obvious melody or centre, moving seamlessly and shifting between sounds.

Perfect For: Studying or concentrating on a big project, background music at a bar, having friends over for some drinks

5. Sam Rui

If there’s only one underrated act to support it’s Sam Rui. The 20 year old Singaporean whose latest single Better recently topped Singapore’s Viral 50 charts. She’s no stranger to the big stage, she’s opened for The Sam Willows in July. Like most musical acts she started out uploading her own original songs on YouTube and Soundcloud. Her music can be best categorised as Electronic R&B and her raspy voice just adds more depth to her synth heavy tracks.

Perfect For: Tove Lo fans looking for a laid back vibe, starting tracks for a ‘small get together’ playlist.

Let’s be honest most of us are heading to Laneway to catch favourites like Chet Faker, but one thing that’s great about Laneway is that they’re always featuring musical acts that are going to be big! So what are you waiting for?!

Get your tickets here:

21 Jan 2017 (Sat), 10am
The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay

feature image: Straatosphere

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