ArchiFest 2016
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The 10th Archifest returns this year with a Pavilion designed by DP Architects. Themed “Exhale”, the festival will be held from 23 September to 9 October in the heart of the CBD at Raffles Place Park.

Credit: Archifest

The theme ‘Exhale’ aims to examine the rapid pace of life within our dense city and to challenge people to dictate their own rhythm of life.

Take time to slow down and breathe while you enjoy the installations and events happening at the festival.

This temporary structure is not to be missed, so what are you waiting for? Come on down and explore the eye catching Pavilion at Raffles Place!


Organised by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (Sila), there are more than 30 events lined up at Archifest this year.

From talks, to workshops, and exhibitions, discover great things at Archifest 2016 with more than 100,000 visitors expected this year.

Of course, the best things first:


Feeling all stressed up at work? Well, design consultancy Chemistry has the right solution for you.

Set against the backdrop of Raffles Place, the team designed #FlipTable. And it truly allows you to flip a table!

Have a go and finally put your words into action!


In all seriousness, it’s actually an interactive installation that provides an avenue for you to vent your frustration in a creative manner.

Take a deep breath and exhale while you do some damage at #FlipTable. It’s all about harnessing negative energy into a positive form.

Raffles Place Park
Date: 23 Sep Fri, 27 Sep Tue, 3 Oct Mon
Time: 11.30am –  2pm

Book Swap & Beer

Books & Beer is Singapore’s first travelling book swap service. You’re invited to bring up to 10 pre-loved books and exchange them for another book!

Books & Beers
Credit: Books & Beers

No books to swap? Simply drop by and browse some books, courtesy of ORO Editions and ONG&ONG Group. These books are free for you to take home.

Bring your own beer and beverages and enjoy your time with Books & Beers!

Book Swap at Books & Beers
Raffles Place Park
Date: 24 Sep Sat
Time: 3pm – 6pm

Barter Market

Barter Market is a collective effort between local makers, artists, and crafters in our community.

The goal? Take money out of transactions.

Credit: Archifest

Bring a little something so you can trade your item for goods or services. No better way to bond with humans, we’d say! Nothing like good old bartering.

Barter Market
Raffles Place Park
Date: 9 Oct Sun
Time: 2pm – 6pm

RGB Pavilion With A Psychedelic Selfie Tunnel

With a structure so vibrant and colourful, this is hard to miss.

The Pavilion is composed entirely of construction site materials; so it’s “zero waste”. There are rows of multi-coloured safety netting and over 70 tonnes of scaffolding pipes.

This structure is a breathtaking 22m tall! Here’s how small we’ll look:

Credit: Archifest 2016 Pavilion
Credit: Archifest 2016 Pavilion

Explore the interior of the Pavilion and you’ll be greeted by a psychedelic selfie tunnel.

Credit: Archifest

There’s so much to do at Archifest 2016! With so many exciting programmes happening this weekend till 9 Oct, be sure to mark this event down on your calendars!

Archifest 2016
Date: 23 September to 9 October
For full details of events and happenings at Archifest, visit their official website here.

(Header image by Archifest)

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