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For the first time in ten years, FIJI Water changes the look of its ionic bottle.

So, what changed?


Credit: FIJI Water


FIJI Water

The main features – square shape, blue bottle cap – remain the same, but the labels have changed. The back label now explains the water’s journey from cloud to bottle. Pretty cool, we say.

FIJI Water Presents ‘Cooking with Gourmet Greens’

So, what’s the secret to being a masterchef? Cooking with FIJI Water, apparently!


“[It] is the preferred water of choice for top chefs, restaurants and hotels around the world.”

Together with the launch of its new look, FIJI Water presents ‘Cooking with Gourmet Greens’. It is hosted by Chef Jo Ann, owner of Vanilla Bar & Cafe. Chef Jo Ann is known for her contemporary Japanese creations.


‘Cooking with Gourmet Greens’ is a continuation of the popular Gourmet Green Week organised by FIJI Water last year. This year, FIJI Water plans to champion the pure, pristine taste of vegetable by taking the initiative into home kitchen.

Held at Tools of the Trade (ToTT), be prepared to learn some vegetable-centric dishes, such as the Sautéed   Miso   Pasta   with   Brussel   Sprouts   and   Zucchini   Ribbons, Sambal  Tofu,  Portobello  Mushroom  and  Aubergine  Lasagna.
Classes are priced at $58 per person. Registration is open and can be made here.
This may be your first step to being a true masterchef!
Cooking with Gourmet Greens
Date: 1 Oct 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Location: ToTT @ Dunearn, Cooking Studio 2
Price: $58 per pax
Register here
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