It’s Halloween and while most of us won’t be dressing up for this spooky occasion, some of us might get invited to some awesome Halloween parties. While ghouls and ghosts are pretty creepy, it doesn’t beat these 10 truly terrifying Singaporean themed Halloween costumes.

You’ve been warned. These costumes might just give you nightmares.

1. Walking ERP

Walking ERP

Drivers and riders will take one look at you and turn as pale as a white parking fine. Don’t blame us if no one wants to stand near you!

2. “You Need A Very Small Space To Have Sex.”

“You Need A Very Small Space To Have Sex.”

With HDBs shrinking and property prices climbing, this might actually come true. Bad side? You’re going to have trouble walking around!

3. All ‘C’ Report Card

The All ‘C’ Report Card

A nightmare for all Singaporean students, going home with an all ‘C’ report card is akin to dragging your family name through the mud. Remember the literal and figurative lashings you received? Yes. OUCH.

4. Being Single During Big Family Occasions

The ‘Auntie, Why You So Kpo?’

Nothing is more annoying and slightly hurtful than when some super kpo auntie corners you during Chinese New Year/Hari Raya/ Family Wedding and asks the most awful question you will ever be asked in your life.

5. Song Joong Ki Getting Married

Every Song Joong Ki fan girl’s nightmare

Singapore’s favourite flower boy getting married?! You can actually hear the distant sound of fan girls fainting at the mere utterance of that. Don’t be surprised if girls start openly weeping when they see you.

6. Stuck With Giant Stuff Toys

The ‘My Girlfriend Hates Me Because Toys’

A guy’s worst nightmare. Thinking you bought cute little Snorlax stuff toys for your girlfriend/wife to find you purchased A GIANT Snorlax stuff toy and now your girlfriend/wife is threatening to go back to her mother’s house. Yeah, like i said NIGHTMARE.

7. Trump For Singapore’s President

Please. NO.

Need we say more?

8. Owning And Using A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phone

Samsung: Brave vs Loyal

Owning an exploding phone? You’re either incredibly brave or incredible loyal. We’ll let you decide.

9. Hire Me PLEASE

The ‘It’s A Horror Story Based On Real Life Events’

Bachelor’s degree? Check. Awesome resume that highlights all your achievements and personal traits? Check. Been jobless for 6 months? CHECK.

10. ‘I Live In Yishun’

The Perfect Last Minute Halloween Outfit

Minimal effort with maximum spook potential? This costume is perfect for you! Be warned, do not wear this outfit in front of someone who actually does live in Yishun.

With these 10 Singaporean themed halloween costumes, you’re bound to get some hearts racing. And if no one faints from fear, at least you’ll definitely be the spotlight of the party!

(feature image: Urbanwire)

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