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Stashed away on the 2nd floor of International Building along Orchard Road, The Rice Table has been a welcomed mainstay in the area.

It serves up gastronomical dishes created from age-old recipes that evoke the warm taste of home-cooked food and Indonesian hospitality.

Rice Table entrance

You will be instantly drawn in by The Rice Table’s earthly interior tones, wooden panels, tribal motifs, and woven lampshades when you walk into this cosy eatery. They emanate a rustic charm.

At the table, the first thing that draws your attention is the long plate warmer, which is an ingenious way of keeping your little dishes warm and enjoyable for a longer time.


The food

While there are quite a number of restaurants serving specialty Indonesian fare, The Rice Table claims to be the only authentic rijsttafel restaurant, where dishes are laid out in small, sampling portions in the form of a rice table for a feast of the senses.

Taste a plethora of classic Indonesian delicacies without breaking a sweat. And yes, The Rice Table is a Halal restaurant!

Rice Table spread

From the classic curry chicken to the surprisingly tasty fried sweet and sour fish, a variety of 20 delectable dishes are on offer at The Rice Table’s dinner all-you-can-eat buffet (15 items for lunch!).

Credit: The Rice Table
Credit: The Rice Table

Tahu Telor, the perfect match of fried tofu cubes and omelette, done to perfection. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, and topped with The Rice Table’s in-house signature sauce.


The Sate Ayam (grilled chicken satay) is marinated with a secret family recipe. The meat is juicy and oh-so-flavourful. A definite must-try.

Credit: The Rice Table
Credit: The Rice Table

Their umami Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken) is also robust in flavour and very tender. Make sure you savour every spoonful of the traditional Indonesian sweet soya sauce it comes with.

Durian chendol


Drinks and desserts are not included in The Rice Table’s menu. If you still have room for some sweet treats, you absolutely have to give their Durian Chendol a shot.

With generous toppings of red beans, pandan jelly and a thick coat of Gula Melaka goodness atop a finely-shaved bed of durian-pureed ice, there is no better way to conclude your satisfying Indonesian dining experience.

There has to be a reason why The Rice Table has rolled with the punches and survived the ever-changing landscape of Singapore’s restaurant scene. Time to make a reservation for the weekends, head down and find out for yourself!

The Rice Table
360 Orchard Road, #02-09/10 International Building, Singapore 238869
Contact: 6835 3782
Opening Hours: Daily: 12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 21:00
All-You-Can-Eat Set Lunch: $17.85
All-You-Can-Eat Set Dinner: $28.50
Website here

This was an invited tasting session.

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