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Hairy Crab season dawns upon us and Shang Palace of Shangri-la Hotel is getting in on the action!

Master Chef, Steven Ng, created an extensive menu featuring these delightful delicacies for an exclusive period from 17 October to 30 November 2016.

Guest can choose from a six-course hairy crab menu or a choice of nine a la carte items. Don’t miss this opportunity to sink your teeth into these delicious hairy crabs!

Hairy Crab
Credit: Shang Palace

What’s The Hairy Crab Menu All About?

Known for its rich and creamy golden roe, Chef Ng brings out the best flavours of Hairy Crabs through Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang style of cooking. Here, we present a sneak preview of what you can expect in the Hairy Crab menu at Shang Palace!

1) Braised Bird’s Nest, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe

Start your meal with a hearty bowl of delectable bird’s nest with generous toppings of crab meat and roe!

Hairy Crab
Credit: Rachel Lim

Chef Ng shreds the crab meat and mixes it with the roe, so you can enjoy crab meat without getting your hands dirty. We polished this off in no time!

2) Braised Tofu, Meatball, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe

This dish may not look the most appetising, but it tasted like heaven.

Hairy Crab
Credit: Rachel Lim

Tofu was cut into tiny cubes and mixed with minced meat. It was all drenched in crab meat and roe sauce. Scoop up that sauce and bite into the crispy tofu and meat at the same time, for a party in your mouth!

3) Pan-Fried Hairy Crab Meat Stuffed Shell with Shrimp Paste and Pork

Shreds of crab meat and minced pork were mixed with shrimp paste, and stuffed into a crab shell.

Hairy Crab
Credit : Rachel Lim

Oozing with flavours of seafood goodness, chewy, and juicy, this was no doubt, our favourite dish!

4) Crispy Noodles with Sea Caracol, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe

Crispy noodle is doused with crab meat and roe sauce for this dish.

Hairy Crab
Credit : Rachel Lim

Paired with Sea Caracol, this dish was the ultimate representation of the taste of the ocean.

Enjoy the crunch of the crispy noodles, the chewy sea caracol, and the savoury fragrance of crab meat and roe in this one sumptuous dish!

Take a bite now!

Chef Ng has shown that crab meat and roe just about goes with everything! These dishes are not all, specialties like Steamed Hairy Crab with Ginger Tea and Deep-fried Cod Fish with Yuzu Honey Glaze are also available.

If you’d like something more luxe, do also try the Claypot Braised Bird’s Nest Dumpling, and Barbecued Kurobuta Pork with Shredded Lobster Roll!

Head on down to Shang Palace before the Hairy Crab season is over. Don’t just go alone, bring your family and friends and surprise them with this decadent delicacy.

Shang Palace @ Shangri-La
Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
For Lunch, Monday to Friday:  12noon – 2.30pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays : 10.30am – 3pm.
For Dinner, Monday to Sunday : 6pm – 10.30pm
Hairy Crab Six-Course Menu : $138 per person
A La Carte Menu: $24 – $92
Website: Shang Palace

This was an invited food tasting session.

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