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Still recovering from last month’s Oktoberfest? Well, the Alchemist Beer Lab might just be the cure for this hangover – more beer for you!

Alchemist Beer Lab

Located at the snazzily glamorous Beach Road, this first and only beer lab in Asia may look very experimental. However, they’re actually the brainchild of the team behind Little Island Brewing Co. at Changi.


Rest assured that they know what they’re doing!

What is Infused Beer?

The idea of infused beer may sound new, but it has been around for a while in Europe.

Basically, ingredients are first placed into the fusion chamber. Compressed gas is then released before the beer is injected into a tower.


Flavours from ingredients are extracted as pressure is being released from the process. This produces a surprising and delightful twist to the beer.

If this sounds too rocket science for you, just think of it as cold pressed juice, but the beer version.

For Those Who Love Classics

At Alchemist Beer Lab, a whopping 16 infused beer towers are available for brewers to experiment.

Out of the 16 glass towers, eight taps consist of familiar creations by Little Island Brewing Co., such as Sister Golden Ale, Singapore Pale Ale and the award wining That Old Black Magic, that clinched a Gold Medal at the 2016 Asia Beer Awards.


Other popular flavours such as sweet and semi-dry cider, red and white wines are also available for drinkers who prefer classics.

If you’re up for some funk, any choice of the remaining eight towers would make for a great pint of beer.

New & Best Flavours to Try 

It’s all about experimenting!

The infused beer for the eight towers are refreshed every week. This means you get to try new flavours all the time.


What caught our attention is ‘Obama‘, a dry Irish stout infused with marshmallow, vanilla pod and mint leaves!


On top of that, we heard a crowd favourite is the Ugly Sister Golden, a combination of ale infused with grilled pineapple and anise, a type of eastern Mediterranean spice.

If those sounds too avant-garde for you, go for the 50 Shades of Pink, a pretty safe yet fun mix of cider and pink guava.

One word of advice – we know it’s super satisfying to gulp your drink down but when it comes to these test tubes of alcohol, its best to take it slow and savour every single sip.

For The Peckish Drinker

It’s normal to get the hunger pangs when drinking and fortunately Alchemist Beer Lab has got some grub to fill your tummy up.


From Sticky Thai Chicken Wings, Duck Fat Chips to even Smoked Wagyu Brisket Tortilla, you can count on these tapas to complement your drink.


If you’re feeling really hungry, or so happen to drop by the place around lunch time, you would not want to miss their set lunch menu priced from $15.90++.

Why Visit?

The beer (duh), the food, and of course the ambience! The place is really intimate and cosy, perfect for a date or a catch up sesh with your friends.


It’s quiet enough for conversations and the decor is modern and edgy.


All beers are priced at $12 before 7pm and $15 after 7pm.

If you’re there with a couple of friends, go for the party pack. You’ll get to pick 3 beers and enjoy them at a price of $30 (before 7pm) and $38 (after 7pm). Red and white wine are priced at $12 all day, everyday.

Overall, Alchemist Beer Lab is the new hangout spot for all beer and tapas lovers. With such interesting and experimental infused beers, you’d surely want to grab your buddies for a night out!

Alchemist Beer Lab
Address: 26 Beach Road, #B1-16 Singapore
Contact number: +65 6386 4365
Operating Hours:
12pm -12am (Mon- Thurs)
12pm- 2am (Fri)
4pm -12am (Sat)
Closed on Sunday
Facebook: Alchemist Beer Lab

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