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The orgy of high fashion hit all the right notes this year at Singapore Fashion Week 2016. Held at the National Gallery, this year’s style extravaganza topped last year’s venue at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

During the 5-day fashion festival (26 – 30 Oct), the spotlight was trained on an eclectic mix of Asian designers whose collections were showcased on not just one, but two different stages.

This year’s highlights

Indeed, the highlight of this year’s Singapore Fashion Week was none other than its emphasis on Asia; be it Asian-born designers, or designers based in Asia.

Out of nearly 22 featured creations, 20 in the show were from Asian designers – the greatest number in all of 15 years.

This was a distinct departure from the previous year, where American designer Diane von Furstenberg opened the show, and British style meister,Victoria Beckham, closed it.

Today, we bring you a quick round-up of some noteworthy designers at this year’s Singapore Fashion Week and their spectacular collections!

1. Day 1 – Guo Pei opens the event

Kicking off the event on the main stage was designer Guo Pei.

The Chinese born-and-raised dressmaker is best known for dolling Rihanna up in a canary-yellow, floor-trailing gown during the MOMA 2015.


Famous for her outfits laden with brocade, tassels and embroidery befitting of a Chinese dowager, Guo Pei took it light and easy this time – throwing a soft pastel palette into the mix.

SingaporeFashionWeek Guo Pei
Singapore Fashion Week Guo Pei

Channel your inner celestial maiden with these ready-to-wear pieces –  they retain their distinctive sense of oriental regality, yet wouldn’t look out of place on Singapore’s streets.

2. Day 1 – Max. Tan

On the other stage at the Auditorium Foyer, home-grown womenswear designer Max Tan warmed up the floor with his 2017 Spring/Summer Collection.

SingaporeFashionWeek Max Tan
Singapore Fashion Week Max Tan

He played on monochromatic colours, geometric designs, and strong shapes, which echoed the empowered nature of the modern woman.

Max Tan’s darkly adventurous outfits almost appeared to be gender-bending, as he upped the androgyny to challenge the notion of stereotypes.

Day 2 – Emerging local designers

Apart from acclaimed couturiers, the spotlight illuminated up-and-coming designers as well. The ALT-Laselle Showcase, the Art of Shoes Design Competition and the NewGen Fashion Award by Harper’s Bazaar provided a platform for nascent talent to debut their works.

3. Day 2 – Sheranut

On Thursday, Thai actress and singer Namcha Sheranut Yusananda sent her models down the runway, clad in feminine silhouettes juxtaposed with edgy, tribal designs.

SingaporeFashionWeek Sheranut
Singapore Fashion Week Sheranut

The celebrity had proven her mettle in the field of fashion design when her clothing line took off from an Instagram store.

Today, she runs her own shops in Thailand, besides manning her humble Instagram store and online boutique.

Local Talents

Out of slightly over 20 designers, 13 were based in Singapore.

Undoubtedly, it was a significant leap from last year’s event, which featured only 7 local talents.

Below, we’ve picked out two labels by Singaporean designers for their wearability and versatility.

4. Day 3 – Aijek

Aijek, by self-taught designer Danelle Woo, featured elegant, lacey and feminine pieces.

SingaporeFashionWeek Aijek
Singapore Fashion Week Aijek

Perfect for a night out, or for gallivanting around town in casual chic.

5. Day 3 – Exhibit

Exhibit showed up with understated and clean-cut clothes belying its name.

With a fresh, detached and breezy quality, their clothes were reminiscent of Minimalist exhibits in an arts museum.

SingaporeFashionWeek Exhibit
Singapore Fashion Week Exhibit

With their clothes oozing a summery, laid-back vibe, don’t they seem like the ideal outfits for a relaxing Sunday brunch?

Apart from local designers, Day 3 also turned up a surprise in the form of Chi Chi Von Tang, a Singapore-based label kickstarted by international model Lisa Von Tang.

6. Day 3 – Chi Chi Von Tang

If Aijek be the classy, fashion-forward belle, Chi Chi Von Tang by Lisa Von Tang would be the sleek, high-street rebel.

SingaporeFashionWeek Chi Chi Von Tang
Singapore Fashion Week Chi Chi Von Tang

Paying homage to her Asian heritage, designer Lisa Von Tang dreamt up a quirky, youthful take on Oriental fashion.

Expect sporty outfits in luxe fabrics with Chinese knot buttons, eye-popping colours and artful floral motifs.

7. Day 4 – Naeem Khan

Another big name was Naeem Khan, an Indian-American couturier.

Singapore Fashion Week Naeem Khan
Singapore Fashion Week Naeem Khan

Her dresses have been donned by the likes of United States’ First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, and Kate Middleton.

8. Day 4 – Ong Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam, a local womenswear label founded by designer Priscilla Shunmugam, dived into experimental waters.


Its funky re-interpretation of the Chinese cheongsam breathed new life into traditional textiles and Asian designs.

Day 4 – Further debut of local designers

SingaporeFashionWeek From left to right: Arissa Cheo, Nida Shay, Elyn Wong
Singapore Fashion Week
From left to right: Arissa Cheo, Nida Tahir Shaheryar, Elyn Wong

Several other local designers graced the event, such as style icon Arissa Cheo of Arissa X Collection N°1, Singapore-based Nida Tahir Shaheryar of Nida Shay, and Elyn Wong of Stolen.

9. Day 5 – Closing the event with Han Chong

Showcasing his Spring 2017 collection was Malaysian-born Han Chong of London-based label Self-Portrait.

Singapore Fashion Week Han Chong

His models carried off edgy yet feminine designs  consisting of a monochome palette on embroidered lace and sheer overlays.

SingaporeFashionWeek Han Chong's Designs
Singapore Fashion Week Han Chong’s Designs

After Han Chong had awed the audience, in swooped designer Mashizan Masjum onto the stage.

10. Day 5 – Closing the event with Mashizan Masjum

A master of vastly different trades, the shoe aficionado and documentary-maker closed the event with a final flourish.

The multi-faceted designer presented his Spring/Summer 2017 womens’ footwear collection.

Behind each and every shoe, lay stories extracted from architecture that spanned across eras, and landforms that existed since time immemorial.

SingaporeFashionWeek Mashizan
Singapore Fashion Week Mashizan

Intriguingly, designer Mashizan drew inspiration from the extreme landscapes and breathtaking architectural constructions featured in his documentary series Extreme Living.

With this year’s event homing in on Asian designers, local labels and iconic influencers, we can’t help but wonder what surprises the 2017 event has in store for us.

Drunk on all that creative genius and aesthetic allure, we excitedly await next year’s Singapore Fashion Week with bated breath!

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