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If you turned 18 in the past 25 years chances are you celebrated your 18th birthday with a bang at Zouk. Over the years, Zouk has become THE SPOT for many Singaporean youth to celebrate this momentous right of passage.  There’s a pretty high chance you celebrated a slew of weekends at the popular nightspot throwing parties you’ll never forget (or ever live down)!

We take a look at Zouk’s history and how it’s celebrating its move with a bang!

Zouk @ Jiak Kim St

Straits Times

The building which houses Zouk actually consists of 3 warehouses built way back in 1919. The popular nightspot first opened its doors in 1991, back then Zouk (meaning “village party” in French) housed a Mediterranean style restaurant, a boutique, a MTV bar and a dance hall.

25 years later and Zouk has undergone a few major revamps to keep relevant with a constantly evolving music scene and the every changing generations of Singapore youth.

In mid 2014, an announcement was released that the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) were set to transform its premise to a residential and commercial site. This resulted in the launching of a “save Zouk” online campaign which garnered close to 40,000 signatures within 2 months.

Moving Out With A Bang

Zouk has (thankfully) found a new home amongst the bars and restaurants along Clarke Quay, and it’s celebrating the end of its tenure at Jiak Kim Street with a bang! Bringing back all the old-school iconic favourites like Balearic nights, Mambo Jambo, Readyset Glo and TGIW (Thank God It’s Wednesday).

Balearic Nights


A year or two after its conception, Zouk saw the start of Balearic club nights. Celebrating house music associated with Ibiza, the party island of the world, Balearic was the first of many successful themed nights. For the pioneering Zouk community, Balearic night will be the throwback party you’ve been wishing for!

Balearic Presents: Aldrin, DJB, Jeremy Boon & Cher Featuring Maniam
18 Nov, Fri
Admission: Members get in free, Non members $28/$33 (includes 2 drinks)

Thank God It’s Wednesday (TGIW)


Targeting tertiary students and young clubbers, Thank God it’s Wednesday (TGIW) came into Zouk’s weekly lineup in the 2010s. Back then, electronic dance music and hip-hop were already considered radio hits and mainstream favourites for young partygoers.

The Final TGIW At Jiak Kim: Go Pink Or Go Home
Nov 23, Wed
Admission: Women and members get in free, Non members $33
(includes 2 drinks)

Readyset Glo


The 2000s saw indie and electronic centred music coming onto the scene. Readset Glo, saw live acts and synth heavy bands helming the stage instead of Zouk’s usual DJ-centric programming.

Readyset Glo Presents Hong With Wayne The Insane At Zouk
Nov 25, Fri
Admission: Members get in free, Non members $28/33

Mambo Jambo

Today Online

Another favourite theme night at Zouk was the extremely popular Mambo Jambo. Once considered an essential clubbing experience for freshly minted 18 year olds, this weekly 1980s-themed party ran for 20 years!

The Final Mambo Jambo @ Jiak Kim
Nov 30, Wed
Admission: Members get in free, Non members $28/33 (includes 2 drinks)


Zouk has certainly stood the test of time winning several accolades throughout the years. Its newest accolade? Cinching the 6th spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs In The World. Let’s be honest, this extremely popular nightspot is synonymous with the clubbing night life of Singapore. While it may only be moving from its current home to its new grounds in Clarke Quay, Jiak Kim Street is going to be eerily quiet without its longest serving tenant.

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