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Amoy St Bloc Party is here to make sure your Sunday is a day of feasting, playing and drinking…in style!

Image source: Not on Orchard
Image source: Not on Orchard

Amoy Street has a special significance in our local culture and dining scene. More so with the recent move of many award-wning F&B brands to the area. As such, they’re throwing a welcome party, so you can get to know these new kids on the block!

The Fun Stuff

Set to take place on the 20th of November, the party will see Amoy Street transform into a street festival filled with fun, food, drinks and community activities.

Cool Music & Art Display

There will be a variety of vendors, exciting activities, and live performances featuring acts by DJ KFC and DJ Roscius hailing all the way from the UK.

Image source: Roscius Official
Image source: Roscius Official

For those who need their art fix, there will also be limited edition prints and paintings from local and uprising artists from The Artling along the street.

Get Your Fit On

We know too much good food will make you guilty, and guilty feet have got no rhythm!

That’s why one of the world’s faster growing studios, F45, is here to whip the guilt out of you.

Image source: F45
Image source: F45

For the curious but intimidated, this is the perfect chance to try a HIIT class.

You’ll get a taste of a legit workout class in an all fun no stress environment. Just go with the flow and enjoy the good vibes.

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Amoy St Bloc Party is not all about eating, drinking and dancing.

Besides taking home Instagram moments, you’ll head back with skills of growing your own edible garden.

Image source: Edible Garden City
Image source: Edible Garden City

Learn a trick or two from our favourite urban farming collective, Edible Garden City, to grow food at under-utilised spaces like roofs and sidewalks.

In-Car Party With Jeep

The best part of all, you can hop on the Jeep Wrangler and it will take you on a ride around the block!

Image source: Autoblog
Image source: Autoblog

Guests can enjoy an in-car party while exploring the area, with music from the main stage streamed within the vehicle!

Sit Back & Relax

For the laid back party goers, get your game on with interactive arcade games or simply just chill in a hammock!

Image source: Uwishunu
Image source: Uwishunu

Think of it as a way to get to know new restaurants and the street better, with a whole lot of fun. And maybe meet some new peeps along the way too!

Meet the New Kids On The Block

There are 8 participating establishments for this party and if you’ve not met them yet…. *drum rolls*

1. Ding Dong

With a hard to miss trademark neon pink signage, Ding Dong celebrates the rustic flavours of Southeast Asia.

Image source: Paper Kitties
Image source: Paper Kitties

Their modern interpretation of Southeast Asian cuisines are executed using progressive techniques with a hint of Western influence.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to try their cocktails too.


Fuelled by chef Diego Jacquet, boCHINChe is all about bold Argentinean flavours.

Image source: bochinchesg
Image source: bochinchesg

Just like us, Argentina is a melting pot of cultures and Argentineans loveeee their food. boCHINChe’s passion is reflected on their menu, prepare your palate for an explosion of flavours.

3. Employees Only (Cocktail Bar)

What?? A craft cocktail bar from New York is in Singapore?

Image source: asia.cocktails
Image source: asia.cocktails

Yes, and it’s one with unpretentious NY vibes, buzzing energy, shoulder shaking music, and mighty fine cocktail techniques (that’s what they’re famed for).

The place can get really busy but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

4. Le Binchotan

What do you get when you combine French and Japanese cuisine? Le Binchotan!

Image source: Franny Wanny
Image source: Frannywanny

Named after the white charcoal used to smoke French-Japanese tapas, this super chic eatery dishes some of the best skewers in town.

There’ll be 10% off selected sake bottles in conjunction with the Bloc party! Now, that calls for a Kampai!

5. Burger Joint

Dubbed the best burger in NYC, Burger Joint is all about yummy burgers done to perfection!

Image source: Kendricljx
Image source: Kendricljx

From cheese to portobello, and of course, bacon burger, their patties are extremely juicy and well seasoned. Top if off with craft beer (there’s a selection of 16 taps!) and that’s how every day should end.

6. Maggie Joan’s

Looking for Maggie Joan’s can be a lil tricky. It’s an underground Mediterranean restaurant located in the alleyway just off Gemmill Lane (literally a hidden gem).

Image source: glen_ballis_autopiloton
Image source: glen_ballis_autopiloton

Famed for their cosy ambience and gastronomical food, every dish here is so pretty that you’ll want to feed your camera first before digging in.

7. Gemmills

Gemmills has a split personality – it’s a cafe by day and a wine bar by night.

Image source: The Silver Chef
Image source: The Silver Chef

Expect a range of fresh pastries, sandwiches and coffee during the day and once the sun is down, bring the vinos out!

8. Birds of a Feather

Sichuan food can be a little intimidating. Just thinking about the flower pepper gives us chills!

Image source: Bing_leow
Image source: Bing_leow

But at Birds of Feather, the Sichuan-ness actually enhances the flavours of the Western cuisine served. And the ambience there will make you feel like you’re in Chengdu… well, minus the giant panda bears!

Party All Night

The event might start at 3pm, but once the sun is down (10pm onwards), step into Ding Dong as the playful restaurant space is reimagined into a retro dance floor on this day!

Image source: Ding Dong
Image source: Ding Dong

Bust a move to 80s and 90s hits at the afterparty and get a Ding Dong Daiquiri or two while you hit that high!

What are you waiting for? Get your peeps together and start planning your Amoy St Bloc Party trail.

Amoy St Bloc Party
Date: 20 November 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm – 12:00am
Venue: Amoy Street
Event page: Amoy St Bloc Party
Instagram: @amoystblocparty

Header image source: Hypebeast

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