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We are going nuts… over nuts! Taking over the world by storm, nuts are essentially one of the healthiest snacks to reach out for when you are feeling a little peckish. We’re talking about locally made nut-based products like nut milk and nut spreads.

So, we found some healthy, interesting and delicious nutty concoctions from various artisans brands that you can get right here, on our sunny little island.

1) Baking Blocks

Baking Blocks’ has an amazing collection of Pure Hazelnut, Pure Almond and Pure Pistachio Pastes.

Credit: Naiise
Credit: Naiise

Made with nuts and only nuts, a jar of their nut paste is loaded with healthy and creamy goodness, without those nasty additional additives.

Open a jar of their nut paste and there – a whiff of fragrant, nutty aroma that you are so gonna love. Are you a baker? Use these nut pastes in your homemade baked goods. Or just spread a dollop of them generously onto your morning toast.

Credit: Naiise
Credit: Naiise

Be careful though, because eating them straight right out of the jar is an addictive vicious cycle.

Baking Blocks
$13.50 to $28.50 per 250g jar

2) Wild Butter Co

Fresh batches of nut butters churn out from Wild Butter Co’s kitchen every Saturday.

Credit: AsiaStyleAsia
Credit: AsiaStyleAsia

With a new batch available every week, you can be sure that what you get is the freshest deal. 

Available in several interesting flavours, Wild Butter Co will not disappoint the adventurous and crazy side of your palate.

Credit: Musings by Rachel
Credit: Musings by Rachel

If you are going to only choose one item from Wild Butter Co, it will undoubtedly be their Earl Grey Peanut Butter.

The combination of freshly ground Earl Grey tea leaves with a base of peanut butter is so going to be love at first taste. Yum!

Wild Butter Co
$11.95 to $15.95 per 250g jar

3) Nuts About Butter

Nuts About Butter is just about every almond lover’s heaven.

With almond spreads regularly handmade in small batches, they are by all means the real deal.

Credit: Nuts About Butter

Fret not, it is not just about the good ol’ almond butter, because they have quite a few awesome nutty flavours in their collection.

Credit: Nuts About Butter
Credit: Nuts About Butter

The Almond Macadamia flavour is the bomb! Naturally rich and creamy macadamia nuts are added into their original almond spread to create a pleasant and delicious taste.

Nuts About Butter
$14 to $22 per 350g jar

4) A Juicery

Aside from healthy and delicious cold-pressed juices, A Juicery takes pride in their nut milks as well!


Besides the fact that they are 100% raw & cold pressed, made to order, and are free from additives, they also come in interesting flavours. Think Choco Sutra, Chai Express and Longan Loco.


Longans are one of our favourite tropical fruits. A Juicery hit the nail on the head by infusing those sweet and juicy longans into a base of cashew milk.

The end product? A decadent healthy and sweet treat that relieves insomnia while keeping a healthy heart.

A Juicery

5) Gorilla Press

Gorilla Press’ Nut Mylks are made from a blend of almonds and cashews, resulting in a perfectly rich and velvety nut beverage.

They use the traditional hang-squeeze and double-filtration method to produce their nut milks. By doing so, they retain the maximum nutritional values in their products.

Credit: Gorilla Press Co
Credit: Gorilla Press

Lightly sweetened with medjool dates (one of the healthiest natural sweetener in the world), a bottle of nut mylk from Gorilla Press Co is packed full of energy and hence, makes a really great pre-workout meal or snack.

Credit: Gorilla Press Co
Credit: Gorilla Press Co

Inspired by their Asian roots, flavours such as matcha and black sesame are blended into their nut milks to give them that extra oomph and creaminess.

Ditch that green tea latte from Starbucks and give their matcha nut milk a try!

Gorilla Press

6) HIC

HIC pays a lot of attention to what goes into their nut milks.

Each and every single product is designed and certified by their very own in-house nutritionist in the hopes of bringing quality to their customers.

Credit: HIC

Taking such great care in perfecting their product formulations, the end products are a collection of high-quality and nutrient-packed beverages.

A great dairy-free perk-me-up from HIC is their coffee nut milk.

Credit: HIC
Credit: HIC

It’s a really simple blend of almond milk, cold brew coffee and medjool dates. Now, you can perk yourself up the healthy way!

Cafe by HIC: #01-104, The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238843
Cafe by HIC: #02-63, Triplefit, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
HIC POPUP: #B2-K6, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
The Shop by HIC: #02-470 Suntec City North Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
The Pantry by HIC: #B1-K09 Raffles City Mall, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Click here for opening hours

7) Antidote

Antidote has stated that they choose their ingredients really carefully and use only top quality raw nuts in their beverages.

The result? Nut milks pumped with body-loving superfoods.

Credit: Antidote
Credit: Antidote

A bottle of nut milk from Antidote is essentially a body-fueling nutritional powerhouse.

So abundantly filled with nutritional superfoods, a bottle is great enough to fuel your body for a workout, or until your next meal.

Credit: Antidote
Credit: Antidote

Antidote’s Real Cacao Milk consists of a blend of almond milk with superfoods such as raw cacao, maca powder and cinnamon.

Unlike the usual chocolate milks that are filled to the brim with sugars and preservatives, Antidote uses raw cacao to give their nut milk that rich, chocolaty flavour.

Raw cacao is also extremely rich in antioxidants, so ladies, drink more of those to retain that youthful look!

A bonus: Maca root powder helps to keep you in shape by regulating the fat distribution process in your body!

$99 for 6 bottles, 5ooml each

Different kinds of nuts have slight differences in their nutrition credentials, but they are all usually packed with protein, fibre and essential fats.

Sounds like a sure treat – healthy yet delectable nut milks or spreads!

Header Image: Antidote

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