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Winning our hearts with Chinese cuisine since their opening in 2009, our favourite Paradise Inn has since rebranded themselves as Paradise Classic. The intention is to allow everyone to appreciate the art of fine Nanyang-style cuisine.

Inspired by the widespread use of local ingredients and spices, together with the different cooking styles across Asia, a new menu was born. As expected, the dishes are all well-prepared with the hearts of a team of well-trained chefs, bringing you that familiar taste of home-cooked dishes.

The Menu

The nutritious Double-boiled Chicken Soup ($24.80 per pot) is a mainstay on their menu. Kampong chicken, together with seven Chinese herbs, are slowly simmered for more than 4 hours to produce a nourishing and satisfying pot of soup.


So robust and rich in flavours, this soup is a definite must-try.

Craving for something a little more to the classic side?


Try the Crisp-Fried Fish Tossed in Sweet and Spicy Sauce ($6.80 per portion). The balance of sweet and spicy notes is sure to stimulate your palate.



A new addition to their mains is the Espresso Chicken ($13.80 [Small]). Switching things up a little, Paradise Inn has replaced the usual pork ribs with chicken for this dish.

A full hour is needed to condense and reduce the coffee sauce to a glaze, so you can imagine all the efforts their chefs take to perfect this dish.


The Braised Tofu with Crystal Prawns ($18.80 [Small]) has accompanied Paradise Classic since their early beginnings and of course, this simple but wonderful dish will be staying on the menu.

Just look at those succulent prawns perched on top of the soft and silky tofu. What a wonderful combination!


Another returning favourite is their Stir-fried Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd ($13.80 [Small]). Pairing the juicy pork ribs and crunchy bitter gourd with black bean sauce brings out the delightful and unique taste of the dish without overpowering it.

Tantalising Desserts

End the exquisite gourmet Nanyang experience with dessert.

A new dish inspired by our local flavours, the Trio Layered Osmanthus Pandan Cake ($4.20 per portion) looks as good as it tastes.


Layers of coconut milk, pandan and osmanthus jelly come together to create that well-balanced harmony.

Take a bite to relish the interplay of flavours of the three layers.


If that’s still not enough, try the chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lemonade ($3.80 per portion).

This dessert will certainly wow you with its tantalising citrusy note. Perfect for cleansing the palate after a great meal.

Our ambassador, Diana, visited Paradise Classic. Here’s what she had to say:

Yearning to book a table at Paradise Classic already? No one is stopping you, so do it! Enjoy a classic and divine meal that is full of Nanyang’s heritage with your family.

Credit: Paradise Group Singapore

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