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This December, we were invited to fly over to Thailand on a 3D2N trip. Our ambassador, Valerie, flew over, and she had the opportunity to visit two PlearnWan Panich restaurants. One is located in popular metropolis Bangkok, and the other is located in a town exuding old world charm, Huahin.

Valerie at the branch in Bangkok

What exactly does ‘Plearnwan’ mean?

It means “to play and learn”, and the restaurants are designed to emanate an air of classical romance.

There is a unique theme at each branch. For example, the branch in Bangkok is gorgeously old-fashioned, nostalgic, and full of cute little knick-knacks

Cute little display items at Plearnwan Panich Bangkok

The interior design accentuates the theme and will enrich your dining experience.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Valerie’s experience at the Plearnwarn Panich branch in Bangkok! 

Plearnwan Panich in Bangkok

 The Plearnwan Panich branch is situated at Siam Square 1 in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Blast to the past” best summarises the theme and overall, the restaurant gave off chill hangout vibes.

Just a 30 minutes ride from the airport, this is a great stop over before you head to other parts of Bangkok.

To our delight, the menu is presented in two languages – Thai and English!

When dinner was served, it was no less than a gastronomical fare.

Old school biscuits to go with our drinks

The mains were delish – authentically Thai food, just the right amount of spiciness, and oh-so-good.

Just when we thought the food couldn’t get any better, desserts were served! There are plenty of desserts to choose from, and they were as quirky and cute as the décor.

These were soft, moist and chewy. You can dip them in either condensed milk or kaya!

Last but not least, this dessert comes in corn and coconut flavor. Chewy on the inside, this was a real delight.

All in all, the ambience was delightful and serene. It was like being transported into a different world – back to the past with comfort food and homey décor.

Plearnwan in Huahin

Valerie then took a three-hour ride to Huahin, where she explored the wistful and cutesy village.

There are booths featuring carnival games in the background!

There is a rustic charm to the ambience at both the village and hotel (Piman Plearnwan). Rudimentary elements are even incorporated into the facilities, so you enjoy the old-world charm in its entirety!

A big water tub in the hotel. You’ll have to scoop the water out and shower yourself with it!
The intricately and intriguingly designed hotel room in Piman Plearnwan
The lounge area

Plearnwan in Huahin opened 7 years ago.

Like the Bangkok branch, they serve comfort and homey food at affordable prices. Their food is so genuine, even their coffee beans are sourced locally. If you’re looking for a great place to chill over food, you won’t go wrong at Plearnwan at Huahin.

Valerie loved her breakfast set so much that she had the same set for two days!

Anyone visiting Thailand should set aside some time to visit Plearnwan to soak in some old school nostalgia, whether in Bangkok or Huahin.

And each of the Plearnwan Panich branch is beautiful in its own way. The Bangkok branch’s décor, ambience and food made Valerie feel at ease and contented, especially after a flight.

On the other hand, the village (community) in Huahin is captivating with the traditional carnival booths and sentimental furnishings.

Coupled with good and affordable food, the Plearnwan Panich branches are simply unmissable and must-visit spots!

Plearnwan (Huahin):

Piman Plearnwan (the hotel Valerie stayed at in Huahin)

Plearnwan Panich (Bangkok):

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